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Ok ok ok I know it’s been toooo long since I blogged but I just dont seem to find the time these days. Although I think if I did twitter less then I would, but to be honest Twitter is my daily release. I like blogging but it doesnt have the interaction of Twitter for me. If I’m making something, even if it’s just a sample for a show I can quickly take a pic with my phone and tweet it if I think it’s worth seeing. Whereas blogging is a whole other kettle of fish. This is more a place to ramble methinks.  Also, I think it’s because I’m not a surfer. Far too fat for a board, I couldnt sit on it let alone stand! No, seriously, although I’m online ALL day long and glued to this chuffing desk ALL day long, I cannot surf the web in a casual “lets see whats on this page” kinda way. I wish I could, I know I would find all manner of useless piffling amusing information like the OH does but it BORES me rigid. I end up a million light years in some other internet galazy from where I started not being able to remember what the hell I was looking for in the first place. Only to close the screen in a fit of temper and then remember exactly what I wanted to find and have to reopen it all up again and round and round we go. And lets not even mention Facebook shall we – it’s become somewhere for people to play really crap games that mean nothing and to moan publicly about people and try to humiliate them on the page because they would never dare do it to their face.

Having said that I’ve just moved our Polka Doodles forum off the forum onto Facebook! Well, it had to be done, people do want more interaction these days, so we are now the Polka Doodle Dandies, find us on Facebook.

Anyway what I really came on here to say (just call me Professor Waffle) is that I’ve finally found how to convert my dratted video files into ones you can actually view – HURRRAHHHH!!! Only taken about 4 months that.

SO, if you didnt already know, make sure you check into the Polkadoodles blog between now and the end of August for a fab competition, plus yours truly will be uploading a tutorial every week. This week I even managed the video, wahey!! I’ve been working with Letraset for a while helping them product test some bits and pieces and I was lucky enough to get my hands on the prototype set of brand new Aquamarker colours to play with. My god, they’s lush! The colours are so intense and rich, just lovely. Have had a great time getting back to watercolouring so make sure you check out the competition, you can win the entire set which is worth 80 nicker!

This was one of the cards I made using the Aquamarkers (see tutorial for colouring) and our gorgeous new Stamp Doodles range (if you havent seen all the new products we launched at the Doncaster show yet you’re seriously missing out!).  The papers are from Creative Christmas (Paper Boutique) and the tree paper is from Jingle Jangle Christmas. You can now get an array of different colours of the lovely Doodle Dewdrops from the website too – you all wiped us out of those at Doncaster and were nagging about other colours so go fill your boots!!

Talking of Doncaster, the Summer Crafting show was just awesome! Mega mega busy but I got to meet loads of you peeps and that’s what shows are all about for me, although you kept me so buy yakking for the whole 2 days and demo’ing the CD’s that I only got to make one actual finished card and even that wasn’t very good! Needless to say I could hardly speak by the end of the weekend, but if you popped by and said hello then I thank you, I wish I could have spoken to more of you but it really was non-stop craziness!!AND my OH thanks you as I only had a total of 10 mins for the entire weekend to go and look round everything and that was 10mins before we closed on the Sunday! : (

And I also made something I was pretty smug about the other night (whilst twittering) and I just did a tute for this too as lots of people asked me to when I showed it on Twitter (see, thats why I love it so much!). I liked this so much I sent it to the Crafts Dept at Martha Stewart who tweeted me back, so that is my current claim to fame. Now, Martha – design team, ME, please!!!?? pretty please?? I dont think she will hear me somehow.

I ADORE Martha Stewart products and we now stock the whole range of punches, I love everything about them, the designs, the colour, but most of all the actual quality – until Martha Stewart came along I had NEVER bought a single punch in my life. Now I cant live without them and every time I order new stock for the site it’s one for you, one for me. Then I have to make sure I do all the new product adds before the OH so I can nick mine out of the boxes LOLOL! I am getting quite an obscenely large collecsh and I darent add up the value in the box, that would just be rude.

I shall keep on with my Twitter vs Martha Stewart campaigning.

Right, onwards, here it is, tutorial time – enjoy!! xx

Martha Stewart Punch Flowers

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