…another saga…

23/10/2009 at 5:19 pm (card making)

…well we’re back from Peterborough after the show and I just had to share this time’s little saga. I reckon it cant’ JUST be us that sh*t happens to, and if it does, it means we are both indeed the hand of death and the finger of woe after all. So…After arriving last night and raiding big M’s for a healthy tea (right!)  I got a craving for McNuggets, I LOVES ’em I do!! And the OH also loves the Big Mac too. So after we both concurred that they are only a small portion and to hide our shame after sitting in already, we went and got in the car and went back through the drivethru for seconds!! Greedy fat pigs that we were!! Altho’ I do have to say we hadn’t eaten anything else except a bag of crisps in the car and we didnt actually have full meals so that makes it ok.  So we then had to sneak our calorie-ridden treats into the Hotel which houses the most miserable receptionist ever, so we tiptoed and sniggered our way back to the room and tucked in sharpish. Only  I had no curry sauce so the secret feast was spoiled totally for me and I almost threw a tantrum.  So there I am sitting minding my own business and all of a sudden there’s a shriek next to me. And I mean a shriek! Men are D.U.M.B.      There he is, sat in a chair dripping in caramel McFlurrie.  And I mean DRIPPING, as in dripping everywhere.  He doesnt move, just sits there looking at me like I should do something! And all he was bothered about was it was a brand new top and the first time out and he didnt have a spare with him! TUT!  So after I shouted at him uttering a few profanities, in typical man fashion he decided to stand up and just let it all drip everywhere else. So he got shouted at again.  Next thing,  trainers come flying out of the bathroom  – literally, flying in the air! After a minute or so I couldnt cope with the despair coming from the bathroom so I went in to find him trying pathetically to wash it off and I’ve never seen so much mess – watery ice cream goes a looooong looooong way.  Honestly, you have no idea and no, I do not have enough medals and yes, I do need one – a BIG one. So this was justice for overdosing on the old maccyD’s obviously.

So we get into bed to watch THAT Question Time with scourge of the earth Griffin (haha didnt he show himself up good and proper for what he is), and meladdo (who incidentally has a bottomless stomach and is skinny as a pin) decided to eat a stinky pot noodle. Yuk! My husband grazes constantly.  Anyway, he thought he could hide a certain smell with the stench of the stinky chicken and mushroom but NO! My nose is very sensitive and I protested in a rather loud screech – and, you guessed it, he jumped so much he threw his pot noodle everywhere!   When I tell ya that I despair now you know why.

So we get up this morning and before I leave the room I tripped on fresh air and have lightly sprained my foot. Great. Only me can do that. Whilst we were at the Studio, Kris had an encounter with something unpleasant which I dare not mench here but needless to say he hasn’t stopped going on about it yet and we will be dining out on that story for some time to come, ohhhh how much would some of you pay me to find out the juicy goss, hahahahaha it would be worth a forch! Any bids are welcome! Anyway, we do the show, and stop off in our fave place on the way home for a drink – and as I stirred my lushy strawberry milkshake I say “how funny would it be if I spilled ice-cream all down myself like you did last night”…yep. You guessed it.  So we both came home – in shame – and are clearly worthy of being on Jeremy Kyle. x

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..oo behind behind…as usual!…

21/10/2009 at 11:19 am (card making)

IMGP2803What a morning! Tsk tsk. Firstly I was rudely awakened at 7 with cat fur in my face where Mod had crept up and ensconsed his big ginger fatass on my pillow with my head still on it. Now I would normally shoo him off but I have to admit I quite liked the warm fluffy addition and he must have been feeling lonely as it’s the first time he’s ever done it. So I had a little furry cuddle with him for 10 mins till I had to go to the loo. I was so tired I got back into bed for another half hour but he launched – and I mean launched himself off in a fright.   So I just nodded off again and was woken again to the sound of a Jugonaut the size of Kennedy Space Station outside the house, banging and clashing and making a right old racket.  So I got up again to see what the hell was going off. I stuck my head out the curtains to have a skeggy and some random council worked in grubby overalls was looking at me in a frightened manner from about 10 feet away, I got the frikkin shock of my life!!  He was standing on top of a giant mound of dirt which was on the back of a massive lorry and was parked right outside the house filling in a tiny 2ft square hole they dug out last week, but because he was up so high he was on a level with our window! Good job I had me night attire on!  So I rapidly shut the curtains again not wanting to scare the poor fella, me and my haystack head on a  morning aint good, believe me, and determined to have a little longer snooze I crept back under the duvet. So then, I woke up at 10.30, yes 10.30 ! on a schoolday no less! eeeek! And now I’m all a kerfuffle cos my day is disrupted and I’ve got to go to the hairdressers in an hour or so. Hardly time to start work so I don’t think I’ll bother! I’ll wait till I get back and crack on later, so in the meantime I find a couple of hours spare to do some little bloggypoo’s and other stuff.

So what I’m actually supposed to be doing today is finishing off my demo’s for our Create and Craft show on Friday, which is 10 am, another early start, hurrahhh.  Last time we went down we used our new gadget “the Tom Tom” to find a local craft shop but I don’t think I am allowed to go in this time, I spent an absolute forch! Actually I DAREN’T go in to be honest, it was a lush mountain of irresistable stamps. sigh.  And I must confess I have a plethora of crafty parcels winging their way to me at the moment (they’re for classes, yeah yeah yeah) , and that’s on top of going to the NEC on Friday, think I will just have to make sure I take cash only or I know what will happen!  REALLY looking forward to the NEC, there’s me and 3 of my fave people coming too, I just know we will have a sidesplitting day of fun and food and more hilarity than you can poke a stick at. And aching feet and legs and a  creaking bank account I shouldnt wonder too.  But I’m looking forward to it because I’ve never actually been a VISITOR before so that will be an experience, so if you go and you hear some kerfuffle ahead and can see elbows flying, it will be me, bashing and elbowing my way in, trampling you all with my elephant feet along the way, hahahaha!!  So if you see me and me cronies (and they ARE cronies!LOL!) make sure you come over and say hello, I will be the one bent double like a pack-horse craning under the weight of stash!

Right, I’d seriously better go now, I have a shedload of work to do really and I think I’ve come round now, having just devoured a fishfinger sarnie. yumster!  Don’t forget to watch or record the show Friday, have some cute demo’s lined up including more burgers! xx

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shoe drools again…

11/10/2009 at 5:57 pm (card making)

been drooling again, I sooooooo wish I could wear heels, I NEEEEEEED all of these. Maybe I could have a shoe wardrobe where I can just stroke them and never wear them. Oh yeah, I just remembered I have that already! I am seriously thinking of finding someone who will train me to walk in heels again like whens I was a teenager.

…check these babies out…dontchya just want want want…

and theeeeeese….

Cortesan Round Toe Polka

and theeeeeeeeeeeese I REAAAAALLLY neeed…..

I’m in love, sighhhhhhh…..

and maybe these….

and my babies are STILL waiting for me after alllllll this time, come to me, come to me, I love you I adore you, I need you, you should be mine…..I think it’s fate they are still in stock and available in my size …..

wait for me, wait for me………………………. I’m coming to get you my lovelies…..

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09/10/2009 at 10:00 am (card making)

Well what a busy few weeks I’ve had – life just seems to be totally mental at the moment with not a minute to spare (‘cept the addiction I’ve developed to Restaurant City on Facebook, lol!).

Well I actually managed to join in this week’s challenge over on Polkadoodles Challenges so here it is…


The challenge for today is to follow my sketch and use Jingle Jangle Christmas papers and the Rubber Stamp collection but I failed to enter my own challenge correctly, LOL! Doh, what a div. So I used the Crimbley Doodles download collection instead which I must admit I DO love to bits, it’s so bright and colourful. I actually think this collecsh is good for mens xmas cards.


I’ve cut out the trees from a scrap of the paper and 3d’d them.  The wide message is from the Crimbo stamp set and I coloured it in with Copics.  Now, I went a bit mad with circles. First of all I pur-chased a yummy yummy new border punch the other day from EK Success which is called Swiss Cheese and I am in LOVE with it! So all the little holes around the edge of the card are using that baby and I ran around the edges of the circles with a black pen just to add definition as the papers are a bit busy (in hindsight I wouldnt use that punch on something this busy next time, but you know when you are just desperado to use a new toy, heheh). Then I also cut a hole using a new circle punch I bought the same day (had a total craft blowout, and I MEAN a blowout!) . I put an insert inside the card and stamped the snowflake on the insert, through the circle hole to get the positioning right. I added a bit of colour with copics again and some tidgy crystal gems I found. Then I decided to tie the ribbon thorugh the hole by cutting a small slit with a knife down the spine of the card. I’m in love with that red dotty ribbon it’s Sooo expensive looking and lush.  The Noel circle is also from the stamps and was perfect for the 2nd circle on the sketch.


The colouring on the Noel is  a bit pants, I do find that the Copics bleed a lot if you’re doing fine work. I do like ’em but I’m not sure I don’t like my Tombow pens better and wish I’d bought into that range more now, think I will have to switch! I think Copics are great if you have the entire collection so you can have all the colour tones but I personally think that Promarkers are better cos I like the finer tips, Copic tips are too big for colouring fine detail.  And I am a big watercolour fan and you just can’t beat your waterbrush for getting some great shading. Oh well, no doubt there are trillions of peeps who will be screaming at me now but its just my opinion! (and I do have all 3 brands and Marvy le Plume too).

Right, what else has been happening lately…ooo lots and lots…

Create and Craft are keeping me totally busy with show after show, we seem to be on twice a month at the moment and the CD’s are becoming more and more popular, yayyy, thanks to all of you who have bought one then another and another…thanks everyone.  It makes me feel all squishy inside when I know you all love the designs, as a designer you, well I, am always a bit insecure about my own stuff and I always have a few wobblers when I put a CD together (“I dont think it’s good enough, I need to put more on, I’m not happy with that”) blah blah blah. Luckily Krissy gives me a good hard slap around the smackeroo now and then otherwise I would never make the show, so he keeps me on the straight and narrow bless him.  So this last week we launched Not For Girls which is a brand new Mens collection on a double – yes, double, CD. I have to say, I’m a bit of a mentalist as I really love doing men’s stuff and it was great doing this CD. There are lots of grungey designs on there with some distressing and ephemera with loads of cool tickets and bits and pieced to cut out and ink.  The show itself was really popular and we had to increase stock as it almost sold out within about 10 mins I think, but the show itself almost finished me off before we went on air, I don’t think I’ve ever had such a stressful morning! I don’t want to relive it all again but lets just say it involved a computer from Noah’s ark and a laptop which wouldnt play – as we went live on air I didnt actually know if the PC was going to work or not and we couldnt show the Crimbo CD or Candy Doodles because we couldnt get them to work! Needless to say there was lots of pointing and whispering and shuffling around of the program whilst we were on which is why you all got to see loads and loads of the samples! I can laugh now but I am scared, as I woke up that morning having had a nightmare about the very same things!! I think I am psycho!

So, our next Create and Craft show is 23rd Oct at 10am and there will be a couple of new things on there as always so make sure you check out the show – it’s also a great way to see some of the samples close up and personal too.  Ooo how lovely the postie has just been and delivered my first set of brand new rubber stamps for the next show for me to approve! Oooops I shouldnt have said that! ;D  I love it when things turn up, so I’m off, I need to go play, sorry TEST them out! ttfn campers! xx

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