Busy busy busy!

05/06/2010 at 7:57 pm (card making)

Well, I really should be working right now but it’s scorching hot and quite frankly I can’t be bothered so I’m having  a night off with BGT! spelbound to win, yayy…

Well, we’re soo busy here at Doodley towers with one thing and another, Create & Craft are certainly keeping us busy and with the Doncaster Summer Crafting show coming up there is also lots of other stuff to do, so we’re a little frantic and charred around the edges at the moment! Well I am, anyway, Kris just continues in his usual blase bliss!

I think we’ve also reached that age in life when we start to lose people as they shuffle off this mortal coil, 2010 seems to be the year for funerals unforch. I suppose  you get to that age where your grandparents age is in that bracket, then probably move up a notch to your parents as you get into your 50’s. All inevitable I know but still sad and I’m not good with the whole thing to be frank.  I prefer to keep the last memory I have a nice one so I really detest going to funerals as it spoils my little world, where everyone is still alive, I just don’t see them anymore. I don’t want my last memory to be a funeral, I like to think nice things.  Me, I dont want a funeral, I will insist on a party with sausages on sticks and a cheesy headgehog, with lots of strawberry trifle and strawberry daiquiri’s with straws and little umbrella’s on the side. And of course, there will be bunting as far as the eye can see in pink and lime green polka dots and Frank Wilson’s Do I Love You playing full blast on the stereo.  I want my ashes to be carried on a cream and red polka dot Lambretta (a TV or SX will suffice) at the head of a group of Lammies on a ride-out round Scarborough seafront and want to be chucked off the pier at Scarborough just past where the lifeboat station is – far enough out so I dont flick into someone’s eye down on the beach but where I can still spy the Harbour Bar and Jaconelli’s ice cream.  And there I will be somewhere, swimming around in the p*ss-stained seawater and dirty carrierbags till the tide washes me up on some deserted caribbean island paradise in 30 years time!!

ANYWAY! I am still here live and kicking and going nowhere for now, so I really must blog more often LOL! I had a class today and they were moaning at my lack of instructions that I give them (I figure it makes them think harder about what they’re doing instead of being on autopilot, this they haven’t figured out  yet, lol) and I really must post some of the class projects here. So I will. Another day when I can be more bothered and can find them all!

So my lovelies, the news from Doodle Towers is that we have another show on 10th June at 10am so hope to see you there, followed by the next one on 28th June at 5pm. Plus we’ll see  you at Doncaster where I will be demo’ing allsorts of goodies, many of which will be new!  So I suppose that’s convinced me I havent time for a night off, I’d better go crack on with some work! xx

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