Moving House!

04/11/2010 at 9:32 am (card making)

I have moved my blog over to

Please see my updates from there! xx

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Oh flip…

31/07/2010 at 3:56 pm (blog candy, card making, craft punches, craft tutorials, crafting, crafts, Martha Stewart, Nikky Hall, papercrafts, Polka Doodles, Polkadoodles, scrapbooking, uk craft)

Ok ok ok I know it’s been toooo long since I blogged but I just dont seem to find the time these days. Although I think if I did twitter less then I would, but to be honest Twitter is my daily release. I like blogging but it doesnt have the interaction of Twitter for me. If I’m making something, even if it’s just a sample for a show I can quickly take a pic with my phone and tweet it if I think it’s worth seeing. Whereas blogging is a whole other kettle of fish. This is more a place to ramble methinks.  Also, I think it’s because I’m not a surfer. Far too fat for a board, I couldnt sit on it let alone stand! No, seriously, although I’m online ALL day long and glued to this chuffing desk ALL day long, I cannot surf the web in a casual “lets see whats on this page” kinda way. I wish I could, I know I would find all manner of useless piffling amusing information like the OH does but it BORES me rigid. I end up a million light years in some other internet galazy from where I started not being able to remember what the hell I was looking for in the first place. Only to close the screen in a fit of temper and then remember exactly what I wanted to find and have to reopen it all up again and round and round we go. And lets not even mention Facebook shall we – it’s become somewhere for people to play really crap games that mean nothing and to moan publicly about people and try to humiliate them on the page because they would never dare do it to their face.

Having said that I’ve just moved our Polka Doodles forum off the forum onto Facebook! Well, it had to be done, people do want more interaction these days, so we are now the Polka Doodle Dandies, find us on Facebook.

Anyway what I really came on here to say (just call me Professor Waffle) is that I’ve finally found how to convert my dratted video files into ones you can actually view – HURRRAHHHH!!! Only taken about 4 months that.

SO, if you didnt already know, make sure you check into the Polkadoodles blog between now and the end of August for a fab competition, plus yours truly will be uploading a tutorial every week. This week I even managed the video, wahey!! I’ve been working with Letraset for a while helping them product test some bits and pieces and I was lucky enough to get my hands on the prototype set of brand new Aquamarker colours to play with. My god, they’s lush! The colours are so intense and rich, just lovely. Have had a great time getting back to watercolouring so make sure you check out the competition, you can win the entire set which is worth 80 nicker!

This was one of the cards I made using the Aquamarkers (see tutorial for colouring) and our gorgeous new Stamp Doodles range (if you havent seen all the new products we launched at the Doncaster show yet you’re seriously missing out!).  The papers are from Creative Christmas (Paper Boutique) and the tree paper is from Jingle Jangle Christmas. You can now get an array of different colours of the lovely Doodle Dewdrops from the website too – you all wiped us out of those at Doncaster and were nagging about other colours so go fill your boots!!

Talking of Doncaster, the Summer Crafting show was just awesome! Mega mega busy but I got to meet loads of you peeps and that’s what shows are all about for me, although you kept me so buy yakking for the whole 2 days and demo’ing the CD’s that I only got to make one actual finished card and even that wasn’t very good! Needless to say I could hardly speak by the end of the weekend, but if you popped by and said hello then I thank you, I wish I could have spoken to more of you but it really was non-stop craziness!!AND my OH thanks you as I only had a total of 10 mins for the entire weekend to go and look round everything and that was 10mins before we closed on the Sunday! : (

And I also made something I was pretty smug about the other night (whilst twittering) and I just did a tute for this too as lots of people asked me to when I showed it on Twitter (see, thats why I love it so much!). I liked this so much I sent it to the Crafts Dept at Martha Stewart who tweeted me back, so that is my current claim to fame. Now, Martha – design team, ME, please!!!?? pretty please?? I dont think she will hear me somehow.

I ADORE Martha Stewart products and we now stock the whole range of punches, I love everything about them, the designs, the colour, but most of all the actual quality – until Martha Stewart came along I had NEVER bought a single punch in my life. Now I cant live without them and every time I order new stock for the site it’s one for you, one for me. Then I have to make sure I do all the new product adds before the OH so I can nick mine out of the boxes LOLOL! I am getting quite an obscenely large collecsh and I darent add up the value in the box, that would just be rude.

I shall keep on with my Twitter vs Martha Stewart campaigning.

Right, onwards, here it is, tutorial time – enjoy!! xx

Martha Stewart Punch Flowers

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Busy busy busy!

05/06/2010 at 7:57 pm (card making)

Well, I really should be working right now but it’s scorching hot and quite frankly I can’t be bothered so I’m having  a night off with BGT! spelbound to win, yayy…

Well, we’re soo busy here at Doodley towers with one thing and another, Create & Craft are certainly keeping us busy and with the Doncaster Summer Crafting show coming up there is also lots of other stuff to do, so we’re a little frantic and charred around the edges at the moment! Well I am, anyway, Kris just continues in his usual blase bliss!

I think we’ve also reached that age in life when we start to lose people as they shuffle off this mortal coil, 2010 seems to be the year for funerals unforch. I suppose  you get to that age where your grandparents age is in that bracket, then probably move up a notch to your parents as you get into your 50’s. All inevitable I know but still sad and I’m not good with the whole thing to be frank.  I prefer to keep the last memory I have a nice one so I really detest going to funerals as it spoils my little world, where everyone is still alive, I just don’t see them anymore. I don’t want my last memory to be a funeral, I like to think nice things.  Me, I dont want a funeral, I will insist on a party with sausages on sticks and a cheesy headgehog, with lots of strawberry trifle and strawberry daiquiri’s with straws and little umbrella’s on the side. And of course, there will be bunting as far as the eye can see in pink and lime green polka dots and Frank Wilson’s Do I Love You playing full blast on the stereo.  I want my ashes to be carried on a cream and red polka dot Lambretta (a TV or SX will suffice) at the head of a group of Lammies on a ride-out round Scarborough seafront and want to be chucked off the pier at Scarborough just past where the lifeboat station is – far enough out so I dont flick into someone’s eye down on the beach but where I can still spy the Harbour Bar and Jaconelli’s ice cream.  And there I will be somewhere, swimming around in the p*ss-stained seawater and dirty carrierbags till the tide washes me up on some deserted caribbean island paradise in 30 years time!!

ANYWAY! I am still here live and kicking and going nowhere for now, so I really must blog more often LOL! I had a class today and they were moaning at my lack of instructions that I give them (I figure it makes them think harder about what they’re doing instead of being on autopilot, this they haven’t figured out  yet, lol) and I really must post some of the class projects here. So I will. Another day when I can be more bothered and can find them all!

So my lovelies, the news from Doodle Towers is that we have another show on 10th June at 10am so hope to see you there, followed by the next one on 28th June at 5pm. Plus we’ll see  you at Doncaster where I will be demo’ing allsorts of goodies, many of which will be new!  So I suppose that’s convinced me I havent time for a night off, I’d better go crack on with some work! xx

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HOW long!?…

16/05/2010 at 11:40 am (card making)

My goodness didnt realise how long it’s been since I blogged! Really must manage my time better!

Anyway wont drone on, just popped in to post this…

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Trying new fings…

27/02/2010 at 10:57 pm (card making, crafting, crafts, papercrafts, scrapbooking, uk craft)

It is incredibly important to give new things a try. No matter what it is. This is part of my stash problem. I see something new, I have to do it. Once I do it I move on, usually never to touch that thing again unless it was utterly and totally mesmerising. Call me shallow, I probably am! Hence a shitload of stash and a hubby in despair. Although I have improved and I don’t buy anywhere near as much these days and I am a lot more choosy. Or maybe it’s cos I have so much already!!

Anyway the other week some woman was on Create & Craft with Pergamano. Now, I can hear you all going into metamorphic shock – Nikky and Pergamano, surely not!!  Well, for years I have had my beady eye on the lovely technique but it’s always so fancy schmancy and lacy and victorian which is SO not my thing.  Must be about 10 years ago I had a convo with someone where I said i was going to do it but in a different way. Right-o.  Anyway this woman totally made me crave the beautiful butterflies she  had which were no less than orgasmic. So i bought her kit which had no tools, then had to go off and buy some tools. So all in all I spent a small forch, and I mean a forch. The pattern books came and they might as well be written in the language of the Justified and Ancient from Moo Moo land cos I’ll be jiggered if I can understand it and I aren’t a brick short of a wall really.  I’m not saying what they were, most of you probably know already but I was stunned at the price of what I thought was a bit of old photocopied instructions really. Hardly any nice pics to show what you to do and on the show she said even beginners could do them. Well love, if you ever read this you are a big fat billy liar!! Yes, if you’re a beginner and you’ve bought every bloody Pergamano tool you can find maybe you can, but I think it’s outrageous that in one pattern book that had about 5 or 6 designs in it you needed something like 20 odd different tools and grids!! BUT I remained open-minded and vowed to still have a go and tonight the feeling just came over me, so I pulled out the grid, the 7 tools I’d bought and the patterns and gave it a go.  I had no idea what I was doing and after half an hour of trying to understand the book, I tossed it to a side and went for it on my own.  It’s a bit bolloxy in parts where I went wrong, I’m not the most patient of people but I am when i really want to do something but the book had already annoyed the patience out of me by this point.  Anyway here you are, my very first Pergamano butterfly, totally freestyle aka moi…

I have to say that it looked dead pants and I nearly chucked it but once I cut it out it really made a big difference…very time consuming, this took me about an hour to do, and I think my grid is too big for my tools (it’s a standard size grid) but I think I might have another go another day with one of these babies…see, I’ve done it now, time to move on! x

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Forgot to share…

27/02/2010 at 10:39 pm (card making)

This is the gorge projjie we made at my last class..the gals loved this one so much they took their time and we’re finishing it next time. I acsh demo’d how to make the flowers on one of my Create & Craft shows, they’re so easy and I think look stunning.  The whole thing is easy peasy in itself…

Gorgeous innit??

Now being a tidy crafter (choke!) now I have a proper workspace I do seem to be keeping things a little more orderly, and I sorted out loads of old cards which I had in boxes from the days when I sold them at work. Sadly I have nowhere to sell them anymore! Or the time to make them anyway, haha. But I used to make a tidy sum at work which kept me supplied in stash and as I was sorting the dross from the not-so dross from years of cardmaking, I came across this which was still sitting in tissue paper even though the gorgeous box it was originally in was totally and utterly trashed…

I still really like this and I can remember making it, but it must be a good 7 years old now I think, the box it came out of hadnt been touched in about 5 years and I think I made it for a special Wedding Fayre where I had a stationery table or something. I only remember it because whilst I will spend my last penny and more on stash I am incredibly tight at putting them on a card to give away or even sell, and the fact I went so OTT on this one with all the metals and charms and ribbons gave my proper palpitations at the time.  I used to showcase it in its’ lovely tissue and box and put a hugely overstated price tag on it so no-one would buy it – which obviously worked, hahah!! Anyway I still love it and when i get chance I’m going to hang it on my wall somewhere I think. Otherwise the cat will get it, he’s already had a paw or two on it.


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resolutions smesholushions..

26/02/2010 at 9:34 pm (card making)

so yeah, about that new years ressie to blog more, cough, splutter…hmmm…those of you who blog every day I just dont know how you do it. Either I work more or I waste more time (the latter I would thinks!) but there is just no way hosay that I can blog every day. For a start my life is SO dull there is nothing to say every day. Other than cat tales that is. You know Shirley Valentine “Hello Wall” well that is me! But usually “hello pooter”.

But anyway, I am having an easy night tonight, been sooo busy todat, lots of chair-based arrands and phone calls to make and catch up on, boring admin, insurance cancelling and all that jazz malarky.  And I have just opened a trillion parcels full of Timmie’s stuff which I got suckered into on QVC craft day. Stuff I’ve wanted for ages but just finally gave in and got it all! Now I just need to find a home for it all. My shelves are filling up nicely!! Read his book, was slightly disappointed there wasn’t that much I hadnt seen before but it’s deffo worth getting.  I dont know where he finds all his metal stuff, the junk shops and curiosity shops I go to never have any decent finds such as bootiful keys and frames etc, typically they always seem to do antique stuff better in the States.

So yesterday we launched our latest CD “Paper Boutique” on Create & Craft. OH EM GEEE. I cannot believe how hot this is, it is flying out, our website must be about to go into meltdown, it sold out just as we went off air, we  promised them more stock and I think thats all but gone. Poor Krissy is pulling his last few hairs out at the number of orders he has to try and get through in the next week bless him, I think I’ll have to lend a hand to plough through them. We’re always busy post-show but this time it’s like, MAMMOTH.  We just seem to be getting busier and busier and I know from all your lovely emails, tweets and facebook comments that you’re all collecting so thanks so much for your support it really does mean a lot to us both. And when I’ve wedged my eyes open with a couple of brads in the wee small hours trying to meet deadlines it keeps me going to know you love the designs and collections, I always have jitters before a launch “omg what if they dont like it, what if it doesnt sell” but luckily thanks to you wonderful peeps and your unfeasibly great taste it’s always unfounded, fingers crossed, LOL!!!

Well I will be uploading all the photos of the show samples tomorrow onto the main gallery and when I get chance I will try and put some more on here too. This is only a short post as I’m too whacked to ramble on any more and I’m boring myself, let alone there’s a prog on TV where they’re training some blacksmiths and I’m in awe, we used to have a little smithy about 500 yards from our house when I grew up and I always loved sneaking peeks through the doors…he was a really old gadgey in dark blue overalls and a scruffy old jacket and he must have been there till he was 100, or it seemed so at the time…and I always wanted to have a go even back then when I was on my way to primary school, I remember craning my neck to try and see what he was doing as I went through the school kissing gate. Don’t think I ever told anyone till now but I remember it vividly, the ching ching of his hammering on the metal and all the old crappy horseshoes hanging outside…funny how I detested those horse brass things that everyone in the country had hung up on their lounge walls at the time, SO 70’s and SO naff. Even as a  6 year old I had the heart of a designer I think!!! So i’m off to watch this fascinating prog, BBC2, looks like a new series on craftspeople, check it out…laters peeps xxx

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Get the flippin flags out…

17/01/2010 at 5:22 pm (card making)

So I decided it was time to get my house in order. Not our house, I mine MY houses as in my craft space. Got hubby to buy me lots of storage options carefully selected for their beauty and size, usefulness etc, so I forwent (is that even a word?) niceties at Crimbo in aid of my storage mission. So this weekend thats what I’ve spent 2, yes 2, whole days doing. Went to B&Q on Friday to get some MDF to make a larger desk and did a deal with a bloke so it only cost me £4 instead of £15 and then went to have a look in PC World and drool at a Mac. 2 hours came home with one – oops!! Bank Manager won’t be happy!

Now I’d just like to put an end to some filthy rumours before I go on. A lot of you are under some illusion that we designers live in huge mansions just cos we is on the telly and stuff. SO NOT TRUE! I have yet to meet a fellow designer who lives in such a castle. Me, I live in a 2 up 2 down terrace and work from home, so you can only imagine the chaos. If I lived anywhere other than York no doubt I could afford to live somewhere twice the size and this is something I keep trying to convince his nibs about but he’s having none of it, he loves his precious York. Me, I think its vastly overrated unless you’re a tourist. Anyway…

…woke up yest morning full of intentions and by half nine OH had made me have a row with him and I was off to B&Q again to buy me a proper drill/screwdriver. We have rows over power tools because he has the ability to lose/break anything he touches and it drives me insane. And I mean rage.  So off I stomped in the car, came back armed and dangerous with a beast of a machine chuntering about not needing his help I could do it all myself blah blah blah. He was in a right old mood with me for being such a cow, so he left me to struggle until I asked for help, haha. Serves me right. So we drilled and huffed and puffed, unpacked cardboard galore, got it all sorted and all looking pretty. Just wish I was 6ft 6″ tall so I could reach it all now. Today have set up my brand spanking new iMac which I have saved up months and months for – now it’s like frikkin Mission Frikkin Control in here. PC,Mac,TV all on one desk, lol! Need all 3 cant live without any. The worst thing is…yep, you guessed it, all the lovely gorge storage sitting on the wall is hidden by all the technology and I cant get to anything! I think I will seriously have to buy myself one of those little industrial kickstep things so I can hoist my arse up to the top!!!  The positive thing is I can actually get my feet under the desk and sit and look at all the pretties in front of me now, lol!! No, it is soo much better I actually have room to work and craft and I’m sure I will keep it all much tidier now everything sort of has a home. Still going to be looking at some other solutions though, do we ever not, lol??  weird thing is, since I moved my PC screen it now looks huge compared to how it was before, very strange! But I am at least feeling slightly organised and more inclined to create and work now instead of groaning in despair everytime I sit down.

I’m not posting any piccies of my wonderful Mission Control Station yet, needs a tad more work first before a reveal methinks.

Anyway, so we launched the new Love & Cherish CD last week – OMG the response to this CD has been nothing short of phenomenal, you are all totally loving it and at the moment we can’t keep up with orders, its going so well, Create & Craft keep showing extra repeats and thats making even more of you order it as well, we’re about a week behind on orders at the moment so if it’s taking a while I’m soo so sorry, we are trying!

So tomorrow for me it’s helping out with packing and trying to get on with the next CD, I’m determined to work smarter and faster now I have the Mac, just need to figure out how to use it now, it’s about 5 years since I had one and it’s taking some getting used to I can tell you! Right, thats it for today, sorry no piccies, will try and do some soon. ttfn xx

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Happy New Year!

01/01/2010 at 1:24 am (card making)

Well, before I start to waffle, I sincerely hope 2010 is THE year for you – whoever you are, whatever you’re doing, whatever your hopes and dreams, I hope they all come true big time. AND mine and ours too! And it has to be said I have lots, LOL!

Acsh, that’s a bit of a fib, my whole perspective on life in the last 10 years has totally changed and I have to say I think it’s for the better. A traumatic experience with the OH having a close shave with his maker in 2001 and all its’ consequences and challenges since have made me realise what was really, truly important in life and everything else, quite honestly, is just trivia in my life!  Yep, I have my moods, of which there are many, but they are usually short-lived these days (OH may say something on that subject tho, haha). But generally in the big scheme of things I am a really happy bunny and totally contented with my lot in life. It doesn’t mean I wouldnt like more, but hey, wherever the cookie crumbles as they say. And the last 3 years we have both been to hell and back, and the return journey, we had season tickets I don’t mind telling you, but I’m a big believer in fate, and, touchwood we are both feeling very positive. I have a fave song which I used to play on the home from work in the car at the end of long, bad days (so, most days then, LOL). It’s by a band called Gash and is called “Don’t let the b**tards get you down”. Like I said, a bit of an anthem for me! But I am ever philosophical in my middle age (OMG did I just say that) and what will be will be. People pop in and out of your life all the time.  Most of them pretty insignificant, some pretty important – take the time to see which is which.  Friends come and go for whatever reason, c’est la vie.  Opportunities come and go and you have to grab hold of those and make the most of them whilst you can. No-one can make your life better, you have to do that yourself. And no amount of money can buy you happiness unless you are truly happy with yourself in the first place. So this Crimbo I decided to right a couple of wrong’s in my life and that’s it, job done. Didn’t quite get the result I hoped for with one of them but, hey, like I said, that’s life.  And I have found this year that what doesn’t break you makes you stronger and I know that no matter what is thrown at me I can cope with it in a jiffy, it really won’t phase me. Other than people popping off this mortal coil that is, and I hope there’s none of that to spoil my party! Very inconsiderate! But you also don’t get anything unless you work really really hard and I have to admit, I think I do work really really hard.  I am rapidly becoming that woman who was welded into her chair, where her skin had begun to absorb the fabric and she had to be cut away!!  My sister really surprised me the other week when she said she couldn’t believe how nonchalent I was about everything (think that’s the right word) but I just take everything in my stride – and  a fairly large stride it is too with my size 8’s!  Talking of which I know you all like the shoe drools so here’s the latest…

Flick Flack Kettle Bagok so it’s bag drools, but hey ho!

God, how I wish I could wear heels, I could seriously collect these shoes, I WANTS them ALL!!!

and lastly, anyone who knows me, knows that these are SOOOO me…

So, shoe drools over, my god these are gorgeous! Have a wonderful New Year everyone – my resolutions are to get some exercise in, work less and blog more!  Right, we’ll see how long that lasts, done the blog…

where is my flexibar…

ttfn xxxx

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It’s here!

24/12/2009 at 3:52 pm (card making)

Wow, has it really been a month since I blogged, I am really slipping! Well, this is a mini post just to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We are very lucky to have lovely customers at Polka Doodles and we’d like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your amazing support in 2009, it’s been a hell of a year!

Kris and I are really excited about 2010 but we appreciate that we would not be doing our dream jobs if it wasn’t for all you lovely people buying the CD’s and keeping us going – believe me, it’s you that keeps me inspired!

We have had snow here thick on the ground for over a week although it does seem to be disappearing now after we had loads of fresh flakes this morning. Would you believe I had to go on a mercy mission at 9pm last night in t-shirt, leggings and Birkenstock flipflops in the snow??!! Well, ok I was in the car, but I did run/skid down the street to get to it!

So have yourselves a lovely lovely Merry little Christmas and I hope Father Christmas brings you all lots of pressies and good health for the coming year! (and I promise to try and blog more, but if you want to catch up with me you can find me on Twitter and Facebook!) …big snowy hugs…. xxx

Snapped this piccy of my bamboo outside all encapsulated in icy crystals…bootiful…

and here is  a piccy of my Crimbo cards this year – 60 all handmade (had problems glueing the pompom ribbon because I made the mistake of stretching it and it kept pinging off!! Of course I then didnt have enough to remake it all so had to do emergency repairs – several times, lol! xx

Pic’s not great, all white on white, the image is the flourish from my Daisy Doodle stamp set which I am totally madly in love with. I wrote Merry Christmas with a Quickie gluepen and then heat embossed with a white flock/puff powder. I do like it if I do say so myself…

Right, I’m off to wrap the last few pressies. Almost forgot to mention it – the next show on Create & Craft is Sunday 10th Jan at 11am, hope to see you there for another new launch – guess who is going to be working hard and staying off the booze all over Christmas and New Year, eh….can still cram the calories down my gullet though….:D  xx

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