Happy New Year!

01/01/2010 at 1:24 am (card making)

Well, before I start to waffle, I sincerely hope 2010 is THE year for you – whoever you are, whatever you’re doing, whatever your hopes and dreams, I hope they all come true big time. AND mine and ours too! And it has to be said I have lots, LOL!

Acsh, that’s a bit of a fib, my whole perspective on life in the last 10 years has totally changed and I have to say I think it’s for the better. A traumatic experience with the OH having a close shave with his maker in 2001 and all its’ consequences and challenges since have made me realise what was really, truly important in life and everything else, quite honestly, is just trivia in my life!  Yep, I have my moods, of which there are many, but they are usually short-lived these days (OH may say something on that subject tho, haha). But generally in the big scheme of things I am a really happy bunny and totally contented with my lot in life. It doesn’t mean I wouldnt like more, but hey, wherever the cookie crumbles as they say. And the last 3 years we have both been to hell and back, and the return journey, we had season tickets I don’t mind telling you, but I’m a big believer in fate, and, touchwood we are both feeling very positive. I have a fave song which I used to play on the home from work in the car at the end of long, bad days (so, most days then, LOL). It’s by a band called Gash and is called “Don’t let the b**tards get you down”. Like I said, a bit of an anthem for me! But I am ever philosophical in my middle age (OMG did I just say that) and what will be will be. People pop in and out of your life all the time.  Most of them pretty insignificant, some pretty important – take the time to see which is which.  Friends come and go for whatever reason, c’est la vie.  Opportunities come and go and you have to grab hold of those and make the most of them whilst you can. No-one can make your life better, you have to do that yourself. And no amount of money can buy you happiness unless you are truly happy with yourself in the first place. So this Crimbo I decided to right a couple of wrong’s in my life and that’s it, job done. Didn’t quite get the result I hoped for with one of them but, hey, like I said, that’s life.  And I have found this year that what doesn’t break you makes you stronger and I know that no matter what is thrown at me I can cope with it in a jiffy, it really won’t phase me. Other than people popping off this mortal coil that is, and I hope there’s none of that to spoil my party! Very inconsiderate! But you also don’t get anything unless you work really really hard and I have to admit, I think I do work really really hard.  I am rapidly becoming that woman who was welded into her chair, where her skin had begun to absorb the fabric and she had to be cut away!!  My sister really surprised me the other week when she said she couldn’t believe how nonchalent I was about everything (think that’s the right word) but I just take everything in my stride – and  a fairly large stride it is too with my size 8’s!  Talking of which I know you all like the shoe drools so here’s the latest…

Flick Flack Kettle Bagok so it’s bag drools, but hey ho!

God, how I wish I could wear heels, I could seriously collect these shoes, I WANTS them ALL!!!

and lastly, anyone who knows me, knows that these are SOOOO me…

So, shoe drools over, my god these are gorgeous! Have a wonderful New Year everyone – my resolutions are to get some exercise in, work less and blog more!  Right, we’ll see how long that lasts, done the blog…

where is my flexibar…

ttfn xxxx


  1. Sarah Turner (notquitemarthastewart) said,

    oh my stars, I adore!!! the pink with flowers shoes and the union jack one…I bet they are a fortune, but if they ever turn up in boundary mill, they are mine!

  2. Krista said,

    I love your honesty about life in general…You are a very strong and hard working lady. I so agree with you about life that no-one can make you successful but YOU….Also, that money isn’t everything or at least it shouldn’t be our focus..The bad thing is that it does make things easier…(HA)!…..Just know you are a huge inspiration to people as you get the job done and do it well…Here’s to a Healthy and Happy New Year to your family and mine…Krista
    Ps…I agree with Saskia, u r pretty funny…

  3. Tip Top said,

    Happy New Year to you both!

    Now I would reeeeeealllllyyy like to see some of those shoe patterns coming to a Polkadoodle cd soon!!! Yeah!!!!

  4. Sue Ramsay said,

    Hi Nikky,
    just wanted to say all the very very best to you both for the coming year, here’s hoping it’s jam packed full of fabby things for you – you’ve been working hard enough heaven knows!.
    I’ve got a friend ( don’t act so surprised! ) anyhow, she reckons 2010 is going to be a FANTASTIC year , something to do with numerology or something, fingers crossed eh.
    Am pleased to see the back of the decade to be honest, it’s not been the best ( hows that for an understatment).
    I’m wittering…………….basically what I wanted to say is HAPPY FREAKIN NEW YEAR.XXXXXX

  5. saskia said,

    Hi Nikky!

    Happy 2010! I hope we’ll keep in touch! Hihi… you’re so wise (?) and so funny (!)…

    Sweet greetings, Saskia 🙂

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