30/08/2009 at 7:42 pm (card making)

Well things have been sooo busy lately I’ve been neglecting MY blog  a bit in favour of Polkadoodles challenges, Forums and loads of other stuff  – phew, talk about a busy few months, since the beginning of May I just feel like my feet haven’t touched the ground. Until this week, that is and I seem to have all of a sudden caught up and de-stressed a bit.  I even got to the point this morning where I had some free time, yipppeeee – needless to say I didnt know what to do with myself! I even cleaned and tidied my craft room/bedroom yesterday (well, ok it was a 2 day job really and still needs a dust) and I am SO proud, I can actually see the carpet now! I had reached the point this week where I couldnt actually walk because I’d spilled an entire box (and I;m talking a BIG box) of brads, jumprings and hinges all over the floor and couldnt be bothered to scrape around in the dust and filth to pick ’em up.  Anyway, dont let this fool you, I DO have loads to do including a tax return which needs some urgent attench but I just decided to kinda take it easy this weekend and I’m just finding it all a little bit weird to be honest!  Anyway, I also realised it’s been ages since I populated this blog with anything of interest so enough drivelling, or is that dribbling, on with the piccies!…


Most of these are actually samples which were made for the TV shows so I suppose I’m cheating a little! heheheh…I love Polly in her Princess cossie here holding her little star…this is obviously from Jingle Jangles but you could use both her and the backing paper for any time of year I think…I’m not really a red and green crimbo kinda girl but I do like this card…


One of my fave bits of the CD is the Festive swirls which is a collection of dreamy papers which give a real frosted effect, I love this collection and again I do think you can use it all year round even though it has holly, it’s soo subtle you just don’t notice it…


I’m massively into paper pleating, rolling, you name it at the mo, feel like I’m getting very “samey” I think and need to change my current stylee!..


This is the card I demo’d on Create and Craft for the CD launch. I just LOVE my owls (sorry if thats really vain but quite often as an artist I find I like something when I create it and then I go off it cos I’ve moved onto the next thing, but I just love these little fellas (you’d never believe I HATE birds would you!)…anyway, this is one of the stampies but if you didnt see the show I traced around him with a Quickie Glue Pen and then heat embossed him so he looks like he’s actually been stamped. A fab technique if you love stamping and the look of stamping.  My 2nd fave thing on the CD is those squirly funny shapey message tablet thingies I made – I adore them! …IMGP3091

Well, I’ve got me a laptop to try and fix before I throw it out the window – MEN! broke it again! So I think that’s enough picfest for today folks! xxx

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30/08/2009 at 7:22 pm (card making)

I just came across these piccies of my two bootiful pud-tads and I do love ’em sooo…who could resist these little faces….IMGP3138I just love all those whiskery bits round their faces, Mod loves it when I stroke his whiskies..he’s sporting a few scratchwounds here…and who can resist this big fat fellah, he is OBSESSED with boxes at the mo, every time I turn round he has ensconced himself into whatever cardboard is around…



but don’t be fooled by all this cuteness these two blighters may look like butter wouldnt melt but the truth is far far from it!…I’m leaving these 2 boxes on the bed in hope that it keeps their fat furry backsides off my duvet…(notice how Scootie’s fatass is busting out of his box, lol!)…


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27/08/2009 at 10:07 pm (card making)

ooo its very exciting over at PD towers lately, we have a brand new forum so now we can all meet lovely lovely peeps of a like-mindedness!

So what are you waiting for, go join! like forumNOW! ….

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22/08/2009 at 9:14 am (card making)

…crikes, 2 posts in one day, get the flags out! Just had to show you this lovely card I got through the post this morning from Ann, how sweet this lovely lady is to make this and send it…she’s used Candy Doodles images here but I think it’s awesome how she’s made the 2 little Fudgey’s hold the ribbon in their mouths, awesome idea! Also, I hope you can pick it up from the rubbish photo’s I took (sorry Ann, bit of a lighting issue this morning, the pic doesnt do you justice) but she’s used embroidery threads for the flower stalks and then knotted them through for the flower centres and they just look gorgeous, what another faberoo idea…thankyou Ann for your lovely card, it’s very sweet of you…IMGP2940IMGP2942

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busy bee…

22/08/2009 at 8:37 am (card making)

…oo I’m sorry I am neglecting my blogeroo lately, have been soooo busy with what seems like one show after another, feel like I’m now a TV slave without being too melodramatic! However, I’ve just made a major change in my life which hopefully means more time for everything, including me and doing the things I love, instead of work work work 19 hours a day as it has been lately.  And with the major change came the ability to waste a tad of time spending the other night doing my other fave pash – shoe drools.  I’m thinking of doing a shoe drool of the week, I know which brand will be up there week in week out though, but anyway take a look at these babies, I really do NEEED to own these. Not to wear, just to look at. This has been confirmed by DH who just wandered in and looked at them and totally unprompted, said “Those are shoes to just have aren’t they, you wouldnt wear them, you would just look at them, I think you need them dont’ you” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My years and years of training him are paying off, he finally understands!! This is a breakthrough for Womankind and the Human Race! Problem is though, I was so shocked I confessed I couldnt have them because I’ve just bought another pair this week instead! Eeeek what am I doing, I need to be more sneaky than that in future! Anyway, here are these droolies, I think I really do nnneeeeeeed them, I would scrap them so does that mean I can justify £60 for a scrap page….hmmmm….I have spent that on stash with a particular layout in the past in my younger more carefree days….oh bugger it I will just log on here every day and worship across the screen instead, I can still stroke the monitor and that way I won’t get drool all over the ricrac trim. Besides, they won’t fit my great big hooves and I wouldnt even be able to totter across the kitchen in them cos my great girth will have the heels snapped under the strain in less than 5 mins….c’est la vie….shoes….ohhhhhhhhhhhhh orgasmic shoes I am not worthy……………………….your bid is my command…………………………..

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06/08/2009 at 8:36 pm (card making)

…funny old day really. Soz, still have no piccies, no time to mess about with camera this week! Promise will do some soon! Found out last night my cousin has died which is really sad, he was 2 weeks younger than me and we sort of grew up together so it was a bit of a shock. Still, life goes on doesn’t it and it has occurred to me lately that I’ve reached that time of life when funerals become more common because you and everyone around you is much older now.

Anyway, it’s been a weird day. Woke up far too early this morning after a really late night and then discovered a tarantula with a gammy leg in the bath.  It amazes me where they come from. So Frank had to dispose of it in the backyard, it was way too big to bash, I think the cats would’ve just run off, although it did make me wonder if one of ’em had a paw in giving it a bad leg.   Then I got into trouble.  Yesterday the fridge door, today, the crack in the bath which apparently, according to the law of Frank, is my fault.  Note how these things always happen when you are skint.  So we are going to see if Stix2 silicon glue will seal it, as you do!  I still don’t think it’s my fault, ok so my big lardie arse may have contributed but I think the fact the plastic bath has been in there since about 1980 has probably more to do with it.  Well, thats my excuse and I’m sticking to it!  Well, headache is still here so I’m off to watch some tv and get my pc goggle eyes rested a bit.  ttfn xx

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..ooo betteeee, hnnnn…

03/08/2009 at 7:33 pm (card making)

…some wives do ‘ave ’em.

Me to be precise.  I am living in hell with Frank Spencer. He doesnt look like him, he doesnt talk like him but I swear blind it is him. Which makes me Betty I suppose. Hopefully without the high pitched whiney voice.  Y’see, the old Frankie Spence had the sign of the hanged man hanging over everything he touched. So does mine. And I mean, everything he touches.  Tonight it was the turn of the poor old fridge to be touched by the cursed hands.   Now I love my fridge. It’s big. And although I couldnt afford a nice proper Smeg fridge, this is the next best thing and is a nice big cream and chrome Smeg lookalikey, and it still wasnt cheap.  It’s one of those nice tall fridges that you can get bucketloads of stuff in and it has a big ice compartment the size of a normal fridge. So like, it is BIG.  Old Frankie boy, all he had to do was get the milk out and all of a sudden the fridge decided it had had enough and hey, jack flash, Frank Spencer MKII is stood there in mid kitchen with a bloody fridge door in his hand. Miraculously in some bizarre Final Destination kinda freaky moment it just detached itself from its body.  I mean, you just couldnt make it up could you.  Needless to day, camera batteries weren’t charged or I would’ve run for them straight off to capture the Frank comedy moment.  I bet you don’t know ANYONE else who has suffered a fridge door falling off in their hands.  No, me neither.  Except probably the original Betty. Hey ho it’s like water off a duck’s back in this house, these things are not abnormal anymore.   So, sorry I havent posted any pics lately, as you can see, my time is taken up with sorting Frankie boy and his mishaps out.  x

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