bit busy..

27/06/2009 at 9:36 am (card making)

Sorry all, am a bit tied up with prepping so can’t post at the mo, will be back with a vengeance after the show if I can get away from the marauding fans baying for my autograph, hahahahahahaha!!!! As if!!!!

Anyway it’s very exciting that we’re on this particular day as they are launching Create and Craft onto Freeview so now you don’t need Sky or Cable to watch – so make sure you check it out!!


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…stress vent…

22/06/2009 at 8:36 pm (card making)

…I is stressed folks. I mean REALLY.  I don’t often get stressed but I am really feelin’ it this week thanks to a combination of things. So I’m sorry I don’t have any pics to show today but I just need to vent a bit. So vent I shall…

1. New haircut last week is OK if you are a hairdresser but not if you are in a constant rush and  you have mega curls and your GHD’s are starting to go. Oh, and you really need your hair to be good for upcoming TV show. 😡

2. You really don’t need people shouting at you when you’re stressed, speshally when it’s not for a good reason and you realise it’s been going on for about 2 weeks and you have no idea what the problem is and are not inclined to ask either.

3. GHD’s are going, hence unable to straighten curls meaning you are now sporting a curly bob identical to the one you had 20 years ago instead of nice streamlined elegant bob you came out of the salon with.

4. Printer breaks the one week you REALLY need it. You buy new printer at great cost and it has its own problem which you just don’t have time to sort out at the moment due to impending hair doom.

5. Someone seems to have crept into the house undetected overnight and stolen your bankcard and PIN and emptied your bank account and then put your bankcard back in your purse so it just looks like you ran out of money when you really don’t need to run out of money!

6. GHD’s are going. Hair has mind of it’s own.

7. Nails are shot to pieces just in time for upcoming TV show 😡    Cuticles look like a blunt lawn mower has run across them.

8. GHD’s are going. And you can’t buy new ones because of the horrid robber who stole your bankcard and emptied your account. Which means you will have to carry on sporting your Kelly McGinness/Sybil Shepherd from Moonlighting bob from 1990.

9. No amount of looking in the mirror can convince you that the haircut in No. 8 still looks ok on you now, 20 years later. At 42 you cannot get away with this look even if all the young things flitting around town in their skinny jeans could actually make it look mega trendy. You, in your fat jeans, can’t. Ever.

10. It looks like the cat has slept on your black work trousers for at least a week to ensure maximum ginger moult all over them which took at least 30 mins to remove with parcel tape and at which you point you notice a hole near the hem which you don’t have time to repair.

Right then!! Vent over! I feel Soooooooooo much better now! I now realise of course these are all little minor stresses but when you combine them they mount up. I can definitely recommend blog therapy if u are stressed, I feel so much better!

TTFN peeps, thanks for listening, that’s 20 quid for my wisdom, thankyou very much please and thanks. xx

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…noo barnet…

17/06/2009 at 10:06 pm (card making)

…ooooo I ventured to a new hairdressers tonight. Well, to be honest it is 3 years since I had my hair cut properly I’m ashamed to say, mainly due to a lack of time more than anything else. And my poor barnet was frazzled. I MEAN FRAZZLED FRAZZLED!  This week it seems to have decided to just mat itself into straw bales at the ends.  Anyway, I ventured into a new-ish salon which has just opened up the road, called Kiwi. And, what a wonderful wonderful treat it was!

Now you wouldnt believe it considering it hasnt had a cut for 3 years but I am actually really finicky with my hair. I have mega curls and ringlets which get a bi-weekly GHD blast into oblivion, so as anyone with curls knows, it’s a mare and I’m very fussy where I go and who gets their mitts on me follicles as I can very easily end up looking like Maggie Thatch or Thora Hird, depending on the Eddie Scissorhands in question.  Well, the 2 stylists in the Salon were just fabulous and I am now a converted customer for sure.   FIRSTLY they lavish glasses of wine on you which is a winner in my book, even if I dont drink wine, how bloody lovely is that! Secondly, they were just soooo attentive and lovely and friendly with a bit of banter and a joke, totally made you feel at home.  And thirdly, on top of all that I’d only booked in for a restyle but they FORCED me to have 2 lots of toner added to my gorge locks FREE OF CHARGE! Yes, FREE OF CHARGE! So of course I gave em a nice tip.  So what I thought was going to be a 45 min trip turned into almost 2 hours, and the very cute and fab Leanne did a mega job on getting rid of all the bale-age. All snipped on the floor although she did convince moi to go shorter than I’d planned but I’m an easy touch when I get in that chair, i think it’s the whiff of the bleach sends me all giddy and reckless! Anyway, not convinced whether I love it or not yet but I dont hate it, think it will just take some getting used to. And I’ve had to resign myself to being plaitless until I can grow it again. Think I can still jsut about manage some little mini bunches in there though!! Anyway, if you live anywhere near York you NEEED to go here, it’s truly one of the best ever salons I’ve ever ever been in.  And that is many, my friends! xxx

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lots of giveaways…

14/06/2009 at 5:14 pm (card making)

…well, in celebration of it being Sunday and all that and a nice day (not that I’ve seen any of it) I think the heat has gone to my head.   I’ve just uploaded a mega cute new FREE, yes FREE download bundle for you all to grab, (you have to mooch for this, I have to give you something to do!) no less than 6 sheets and a very cute little bird indeed.  Also, if you spend over £5 on any papers or downloads* on Polka Doodles before 30th June you will receive a FREE copy  of this month’s Creative Cardmaking magazine worth £3.99! I love this mag, it’s by crafters for crafters and it supports independent stores which is something we ALL MUST do, especially in the UK! You get a much better service in your local shop and I am applying this to all aspects of my shopping at the moment, from getting my organic veg from less than 15 miles away and making sure I support my corner shop as much as I can.  Times are hard and this country is nothing without its little shopkeepers, so come on, give Tesco and Asda a miss this week!

Right, lecture over I’m off to soak me plates of meat (yes they do still hurt even after moisturisation!) x

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Friday again…

12/06/2009 at 9:39 pm (card making)

…well its been an up and downie kinda week, don’t know why I’m surprised by that, they generally are I s’pose! DOH.  I need to have a rant now so if you don’t want to be bored stoopid then skip down to the bottom or head off to some other more interesting blog (there are some on my sidebar over there, feel free to nash off I wont be offended).

Doctors.  Need I say more. No. But I will.

I don’t often go, being averse to hypochondria and hating the germ-ridden environment of a surgery with the pink plastic seats (they are obviously for all those who havent heard of Tena and pee themselves cos they’ve waited so long to be seen) and where the people who work seem to think they are better than me and can treat me like something off the sole of their shoe, that is if they even bother to acknowledge you at all when you turn up for the appointment you waited one whole week for. Lets face it, if you are a normal, healthy, working person you could just about bloody die before you get in. Well, at my surgery anyway.

So I managed to get an appointment in the same week I rang and I was damned if I wasn’t going to go, even though I knew by the time I went I would be better. I’ve got bad feet, see.  A very sore lump with a little rash has occurred on the top of each foot and they are killing me, feels like someone’s hit me with a hammer. So NHS Direct told me to head straight down to the GP pronto, don’t delay, could be this that and the other.  As always, being a ladeee of the chunky variety I steeled myself for the usual “lose weight” answer before I even got there and was determined not to get fobbed off as this is not your common or garden water retensh kinda thing.  I mean, you know, dont you.  Well I got a shock today. The slip of a doctor (I must be getting old) shook my hand and said pleased to meet you – WTF???!!!!!!!  Well, still reeling from the shock, I told him about me old plates of meat (of course the swelling HAS gone down today, although it is back again now of course) and he had a little prod in their direction.  Then I was mortified when he commented on the fact my feet are very dry and needed a bit of moisturisation!! What’s this, flipping QVC Beauty hour, mate???! Yes, they are dry cos they hurt and I can’t scrub them very well you eeejit.  So then he asks if I’d like some of this cream and I sorta think, well thats up to you, you’re the doc ainchya? and then he asks if I want some pills, well again, is it too flipping difficult for ya, doc?  So as always, the upshot of all this is I was sent off with a flea in me ear and more or less told to get moisturising and if it doesnt help then go back in a month. Yes, my feet hurt because I don’t moisturise them enough, or I am using the wrong cream (Yes, LOL, it is hysterical, he DID ask me what I used, maybe he was after some product tips??) Oh and that’s not all I need to vent about (sorry).  I told him about something else I needed sorting out, which would’ve been all of a 2 minute convo and was told, very politely, that there wasn’t time to discuss that complaint today, thankyou very much, can you make another appointment to discuss that another day and please close the door on your way out.  Sometimes you are just rendered speechless aren’t you.  The world has gone mad. Or is it just my world. So after a whole what, 4 minutes maybe, off I trotted, or hobbled I should say, armed with me scrip.  I mean, is the NHS on a conveyor belt system now or something?  Are we on time and motion all of a sudden? And then, and then, listen to this,  when I got to the chemists he’d put flipping cream on there which would’ve cost me £7 whatever a prescription is these days so I told the chemist to scrub it off and I would make do with my Molton Brown thankYOU very much you, you, you QUACK!!!!!   Words without expletives escape me right now. Well, I did tell you it was boring.

Anyways, onwards and upwards, things can only get better… so on the old Polka Doodles blog this week there were some bloomin’ awesome awesome fings this week, the girls outdid themselves I think.  Oo hang on I need to kick my birki’s off before they make my feet dry out (!) .  So here is my take on the challenge this week…


Everything on this is from the Sugar Birdies CD and the Lulu Ladybug range.  It was actually a really simple card, just cut the shape then snipped out the inside of a scallop circle, stuck it on and then cut away the card to make the aperture.  I used one of the new Fiskars finger cutters for this.  Thought this was going to be a mega product but to be honest I struggled a bit with it and I dont think I’ll be replacing my scalpel anytime soon.  I do love Fiskars products but I found it didnt really fit my hand very well, it seemed way too big and I have BIG hands for a girl so I think a lot of people will struggle with it, considering it’s supposed to make cutting easier.  Also, they could’ve done with putting a little disgram on the back of how to use the thing too. Anyway, here are some close-ups…nik2nik1

the birdhouse handle is 2 border strips glued together with DST and I made the embellie by fringing one sentiment and distressing it, and then layering it on top of another which was slightly ripped. I added a flower to the centre.  Wire was twisted round a pencil for the coils, and then twisted around the embellishment to keep it in place, and the ladybugs were stuck onto the wires.  The Ladybugs are all finished with Glossy Accents to add shine and extra dimension so they really pop out in real-life.  Finally I did a bit of doodling and a bit of decoration to the inside.

Well, we finally got confirmation about our appearance on Ideal World/Create and Craft this week, so come the 2nd July I will be quaking in my birki’s waiting for my first (hopefully) appearance with the CD and a couple of other goodies too.   So, after 3 years of no profesh haircut, guess where I am going tomorrow…oh noooo a new snipper, I hate it when you have to change hairdressers…

Oh, and I almost forgot, keep your eyes peeled for my new collection which will be out very soon on the PD website, here is a sneaky sneaky peeeeek….


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…USE BY: Friday

05/06/2009 at 9:56 pm (card making)

tfi Friday. I think I say that each and every week actually! I bet most of us do!! And what happened to the lovely weather, hahahahah – I’m freezing tonight!! 😀

Well it’s good ol’ BB time again, yaayyyy one addictive TV show ends and another starts to waste more of my preshy time, the TV addict that I am. Acsh when I think about it I think I have probably lived in the bedroom looking at this blinking screen for the last month, just tootling off down the wooden stairs for an odd pee and poo and something to eat. But not in that order usually.  Jeez I am just watching the news on BBC and I think that anchorwoman Sophie whatsit’s mouth is huger than it ever was, haven’t seen her for ages!! You could post 12 x 12 parcels through that! eeek! scary!

Anyways my luvlie peepsicles, over at blog Doodles this week our challenge was another sketch (we is having a sketchy phase you might notice). When I first drew the sketcheroo I had in mind a criss-cross card and I did start out that way but ended up totally off on a tangent. Cardmaking is not easy right now for moi as my house is bulging at the seams from too much stuff in too small a space and I can’t find a bloody thing! My beloved Fiskars nonstick scissors seem to have trotted off since I cut my fringe last Sunday and I am GUTTED. Thinking about posting a lost advert on milk cartons for safe return. I tell ya, once you use a pair of Fiskars NOTHING else will do, call me a total saddo but I actually find the swishy sound the blades make when you cut totally satisfying. Not in that way, tut!  Anyway I think Mr Trebus has actually snaffled them and right now they may be wrapped up in cling film in a freezer somewhere waiting for a council inspector to declare them 20 years past their sell by date.  Yes, the state my house is in right now, Mr Trebus MUST be living here somewhere underneath all the mess! 

Anyway, back to the card, I digress as usual…here it is…nik3
…so, this is using more of the lovely papers from my Sugar Birdies CD (YES, we will be shipping this v.soon, thanks for your patience!) and the sugarlish Polly Polkadoodles who is also on the CD.  I took a black and pink polka border strip and cut it in half, then concertina’d it to make a ruffle for the front.  I cut a slit in the scallop frame and then slotted Polly through so it looks like she is popping out of the frame. A few doodles as usual and the wooden dragonflies were just to hand amongst the stash chaos…here’s what I did with them…

…I cut a thin strip of acetate and folded it into a square and made a little pop up for the dragonfly so it stand out from the card by about an inch – it’s really hard to see on screen but in life it looks mega 3D and the acetate always pops back (use a heavy grade though).

The lovely Kath from Team Doodle has inspired us all to decorate the insides of our cards this week – to be honest I usually do do something, but generally it’s just down the side as I am a meanie and consider it a waste of stash on the inside!! hahahah…so anyways, I put aside my scroogeness and went for it this week …

…so on the inside I did the same pop-up technique for the dragonfly and the birdiehouse too and I cut away part of the back of the card so Polly lines up down the right when the card is closed.  I have to say I do love Polly and you will be seeing LOTS more of her soon, she’s gone down a storm with the teamies and they all have good taste mwahahhahahahahhahaha! Acsh, she is a self-portrait but in a skinnier form hahahahahahah! 

Right its knocking on 11pm and I need to clear all my sheeeeet (ie stash) off the bed so I can get in without waking up the DH who has been snoring his big sneck off the last half hour. Men are unbelievable arent they, he must have been real tired cos he’s lying there surrounded by a big bin bag , 2 cats, a camera, a huge box of files and a load of other stuff. Only a skinny person could’ve got in there, I couldnt have managed it. Acsh, I’m quite worried that when I move it all I might find Mr Trebus is in there instead of my hubbie!!!!!! eeeeeeek the thought is making me vom!  right, that’s it, I’ll see you later, I’m going in………………….

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…turn it off please…

01/06/2009 at 8:34 pm (card making)

…we’re never satisfied…one minute it’s miserable and cold, the next it’s too bloody warm and I like it cold, me. Yes, I am a freak of nature, I LIKE IT COLD!

So here we are in a mini heatwave and I’m dreaming of ice cream and snowballs and icy snowflakes…ahh well, soon be winter :D. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the sun, just don’t like the heating turned up, I like to keep my bingo wings under wraps thankyou very muchly. So lil ol’ me has been cooped up inside all week finishing off the final bits to my new CD Sugar Birdies which is fine by me. I like to be pale and extra uninteresting, I always do the opposite to everyone else – at least thats what my DH says (why CAN’T you just do as you’re told for once I hear reverberatythingy in my head). Anyway, I have to say I am loving my new Sugar range even if I do say so meself and so it seems are you with the number of pre-orders I have sitting waiting to be posted off. So make sure you check out the polkadoodles blog this week as I think you will see lots more of the new goodies on there now the DT have got there inky sticky mitts on them – and if you’ve pre-ordered, we are hoping to ship the CD’s in the next couple of weeks. Well I am bushed, thanks to the mini migraine this heat has induced today so I am off for an early night (havent been to bed before midnight for about a month eek!) but in the meantime here is Friday’s challenge card which I totally forgot about. mwah and goodnight all. xIMGP2874IMGP2875

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