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29/01/2008 at 10:30 pm (Uncategorized)

Well, I can’t believe how long it’s been since I posted, things have been so hectic over Crimbo and into the New Year, as my DH would say much to my merriment “I’ve been chasing shadows”! (in a Yorkshire accent of course, so it sounds like shadders!)  A phrase he used once which made me roll quite literally off my chair at the time.

Anyway I’d love to say I have lots of exciting news but I don’t, we’ve been busy sorting out our January Sale, our first demo of the year and getting classes back on track.  I think the best thing about Christmas this year was that all my pressies seemed to come in rather lush boxes and packaging all of which has been  saved for some kind of alteration at a later date.  I can definitely recommend the Hotel Chocolat gift boxes for this as they have a magentic closure and are so sturdy they’ll make fab keepsake boxes for someone.  Probably me, as no doubt I will be selfish as usual and won’t part with them!  Nothing changes!  I have to say I think they’re good enough to justify buying myself one when I next feel in need of some comfort chomping! hmmm, valentine’s is approaching…forget the chocs, I just want the box!

Well Spring is approaching believe it or not although the weather has been pretty depressing lately, and I’ve been busy designing Mother’s Day and Easter papers already for those who are so organised they put me to shame.  I do tell everyone not to get carried away with spring fever though as it ALWAYS, without fail, snows within 3 weeks of my birthday, either before or after, and we still have 2 weeks to go yet!  And it’s all a huge reminder that I really should get somemore scrapping done and I really should stock up on my cards but I’m busy trying to find a venue for our next craft day and make some wedding stationery at the same time.  Then there’s that ATC swap I volunteered for last year, the Brownies I volunteered for this week (why do we do it, these things alwasy seem such a good idea 6 months beforehand don’t they, and you think to yourself I have loads of time, i can easily do that!)?, classes over the next 2 weeks, it’s a vicious circle.  I think I get one week about every four where I have no classes and I lull myself into a false sense of security then get in a blind panic again a couple of days before the next class when I realise I still havent come up with projects! Still, I’ve been working the same way for over 4 years now, I’m not going to change I suppose – you would never believe I used to be Little Miss Organised before I started crafting properly!

And onto New Years resolutions…mine are to be nicer, more tolerant to others and to do more arty stuff, especially watercolours and canvases. So we’re nearly in February already and I’ve already failed at all 3 so far!!  Hey ho!

And on that note, it’s TTFN, bed and my good book are calling. And the cat is prodding my leg with a claw cos he wants a cuddle and I cant bear the pain any longer. xx

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