brrrr, it’s cold outside…

17/12/2007 at 10:02 am (Uncategorized)

I just can’t seem to get warm at the moment, I think it must be my age or something!  So we’ve had a very busy couple of weeks around here and I still havent managed to make any crimbo cards, I feel quite ashamed and I really must pull my finger out this week and at least do family ones.  I did think about re-jigging some of my samples but then I think that takes the meaning away from making your own, for family I always have that particular person in mind when I design so it doesnt seem right.

Before I forget, I must just mention Pentax.  In my previous post I was getting rather hot under the collar at their lack of service over the camera but now I can’t praise them highly enough!  I sent the camera off in a parcel back way then in September with a little note of the issues and pointed out that although it was a month out of its warranty I felt that they should still fix it, but big corporates being big corporates these days fully expected to have to pay.  About 3 weeks ago the camera arrived back with all the issues on my list completely fixed and I havent had to pay one single penny!  And there were some pretty major fixes on there I have to say, like replacing the motor for one.  So all I can say to Pentax is I am well impressed with your customer service, well done and I am one happy customer!

Our Christmas party day was faberooni and all the lovely ladies had a great time, even though the day was marred by a few issues with the venue, but in the end it all turned out good as we got a good refund which we then gave to the charity too.  So in all we raised over £400 for York Against Cancer which is a fab result, and everyone enjoyed the day so much they all decided they want to do it again after Easter!  So I think this could turn into a regular event now which is great!

Anyway, I really must crack on with some work, so here’s some pics of my latest offerings…


exbox4.jpg    exbox1.jpg    exbox2.jpg

and here’s this weeks BBTB challenge, an altered soup can…


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