…knock me down with a soggy quiche…

27/05/2009 at 10:27 pm (card making)

…I grew up with Frank Spencer, me. My dad loved him, my mum loved him. I loved him, he was a gem.  

Tonight, there I am having a titchy chatfest with my mate Babs and Joz on Yahoo and I sneaked off for a bit of a graze at the old Quiche Lorraine bar-b-q a la fridge. Now I don’t often buy quiche (or kwitch as my mum calls it, bless) because I am unable to resist its eggy charms, but today I couldnt say no to a Tesco bargain 2 for whatever price. As it was, when I got back to work I ripped the box open and tore a piece off because I was so desperado to get it into my slavvering mush I couldnt possibly wait to go and get a knife or something sensible.

So tonight when I remembered during chat Mr Quicheypoos was sitting in the fridge waiting I had to sneak down for a piece. Acsh, that is a big fat lie as it seemed a shame to leave 2 pieces behind feelin’ all lonely. So I stacked my plate with 3, yes 3 pieces (half in fact) a lovely quiche lorraine (not a huge one though, just normal size (trying to justify myself here)). So up the stairs I plod with my plate carefully balanced on top of my glass of water, eager to get back to my Yahoo buddies and as I get to the bedroom door and step over the lolling furry ginger fat-belly sprawled on the floor (cat, not OH) there it goes, plate-a-bloody-kimbo.  Now, I’m not talking a gentle slide of the plate here, I am talking a super dooper lurching flan fling.  So all 3 wedges of my lovely quiche get flung high in the air and in a slow motion stylee I made the mistake of trying to grab a slice – like you do when you’re desperate – and consequently wished I hadn’t as it squelched in my fingers – how DID I think I could catch soft egg?  Of course, the other 2 slices landed upside down on the pile of dirty sheets which are waiting for the wash.  And what I havent menched is the glass of water which has also gone akimbo and slopped everywhere too, all down me arm and all over the presh quiche.  Nice. Then I look up in dismay to see that there’s chuffin’ eggy stuff all up my cardboard craft drawers and all over a bag of stash which I’m supposed to be sending to my chum Babsie. Nice. It was reminiscent of the phantom fan flinger aka Tiswas in the 70’s.  Anyways, for a split second I think about going and getting a cloth then look at the cat and have to make a decision.  Yep, I scooped it all back up, went back to chat and scoffed it down, removing the hairy bits as I went.  And I enjoyed every last soggy waterlogged mouthful. And yes, I know that’s disgusting, but it was quiche, man! And it was the underneath of the sheet so it’s not like it had had sweaty feet or anything nasty on it. 

What did amaze me was the cat never raised so much as a furry eyebrow and he has no idea how close he came to a personal disaster as it only missed him by an inch – he will be gutted when he realises he’s missed quiche-gate but I left him the eggy remains on the drawers so he can have a passing lick till I get a cloth.  I want the grease mark to stay so its a blunt reminder not to be so bloody greedy next time!! So I think that has to be this week’s Frank Spencer moment.   I generally do have them most weeks.   In fact, I have them most days come to think.  

And to top it all off I have indigestion now too. Perhaps this is Weightwatchers way of telling me it’s time I re-enrolled again!  

xx    oink oink    ;D

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…a good day i think…

23/05/2009 at 10:21 am (card making)

…well my day is starting well I think so far, fingers crossed and all that. The Polka Doodles blog had masses and masses of hits yesterday and seems to have gone down a bleedin’ storm with y’all so I’m well and truly ecstatic that you all seem to likey likey! I think it’s going to be very busy over there, I havent stopped blogging, replying to emails and comments since we went live 24 hours ago, my keyboard is smoookiiiinnnn’…..!

…anyway my day started well because we have a last minute addition to the Team Doodle today and I am soooo pleased because I’ve had secret fingers crossed all week that we were gonna get this lovely talented laydeee of craft, the fab Kath from All That glitters blog. Kath is an avid crafter and her creations are just awesome so we are indeed very privileged to have her join out little motley crew.  As we are everyone on the DT cos I can’t sing all their praises high enough to be honest. And I am honest. And I can’t sing anyway.

So, just one little fing remains and that is to say that the lovely Lindsey who was selected for the Stackies blog candy has been a busy girl and you can see her lovely card here.

…well I must go for now, am supposed to be doing accounts cr*ppety cr*p and in the background I think I can hear DH maybe sorting out the back room for me to move all my stash into (do you think a hoover will be involved? hmmm probably not)…ciao for now peeeps! x

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22/05/2009 at 3:27 pm (card making)

…well I’ve had a very busy day sat on my backside at the screen blogging to kingdom come and this is my last post of the day cos my little fingers are worn to the wick bless ’em…if you havent seen the new polkadoodle blog by now WHAT ARE U PLAYING AT?? and if you have you will know how awesome the Design Team are.  Anyway here is my little effort..


Here I’ve used my Sugar Birdies range which will be available to buy from us at Polka Doodles very soon (make sure you pre-order for a bargain and free shipping). I’ve used 3 different papers and an orange border strip. I took one of the scallop templates and used it to cut the gorgie yellow dot paper and again used the centre to do some faux stitches.  I turned over the top right corner of the card and then turned it back up again and used some sandpaper right round all the edges and on the scallop to give it an aged feel. I wasn’t sure how this would work on a paper printed at home but it still works well! The Bird is one of my digistamps cut out and layered up, with a soft blue pen run round the edges. The flower centres…now, the flower centres…there is a very well known company out there selling a product which is a bigger version of my centres, and they simulate brads. Now to all those of you who bought those – why?? Make your own, get your hole punch out and punch yourself some, that’s ALL they are! And that way they will totally co-ordinate. (I will let you off if you bought them because they are bigger than your hole punch.) The corner of the card has a silver flower brad but I coloured it in with my white opaque pen to tie it in more. Lastly, as I’m totally upside down with all my stash it was a case of use the first ribbons to hand which happened to be these totally awesome Anna Griffin satin ones which I’ve coveted for years and never used as they were way too spesh!! So they are used now, just put two ribbons together and tie for an extra special bow.

phew i’m really tired now, must go and get dressed (yes I am still in me nightie and no nickers) and get me some brain food – as I’ve been workin’ hard I let Mr Foo make me a bacon sarnie at 9am – this resulted in chargrilled bacon which was like cardboard. However this was better than his sarnie, as by the time he made his the bacon was apparently on fire and when I heard a wail from the kitchen he explained later it was actually a result of squirting tomato sauce in his eye from a new bottle. He said it stings so I can’t recommend it to anyone. You can tell he’s a great chef can’t you, I bet you wish you had one like him.  Oh the joys of the foo household!  x

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yayy for Friday and Polkadoodles!…

22/05/2009 at 8:30 am (crafts)

well after a very late night I am still up with the birds (well almost) because I’m SO excited that it’s Polkadoodle day, hurrraaaaahhh!  as we go live a tad later on with the challenge for this week, as a titchy teaser here is some blog candy we are giving away for the launch and this little stash of stash is worth 80 nicker!!! wow! lots of yummy stuff in it too… make sure you leave a comment on the first challenges to have a chance of selection…


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sometimes things get right on my pip…

17/05/2009 at 10:35 pm (crafts)

Well, I haven’t posted properly for a while as I’ve been sooo busy with Polka Doodles and the new Challenge Blog and the Design Team and work and headaches and on top of that, pmt. You just don’t need it do ya.  So apologies but I haven’t made any cards at all this week as I haven’t even managed a sniff of the ol’ glue or a stroke of a paper. Soz.  And now I’m REALLY mad! Mr FooFoo told me to install a registry fixerthingy on my pc and now I can’t get into photoshop and I am SO mad right now I might actually wait up just to give him a piece of my mind!! Meantime I have a stack of work piling up!! grr. Last Sunday a family member passed away and we felt a bit blue on Monday so we decided to go for a ride to the coast and ended up back in my hometown Scarborough. I love Scarborough when I don’t live there! Anyway, I showed Mr FooFoo the mere, which I had to confess I hadn’t visited since I was about 16 myself (probably in the hope of finding some ski-jumping tottie on the lake!).  But I was pleasantly surprised at how much it had changed, mostly for the better.IMGP2809

As you can see, it was a glorious day which for me made it kinda strange considering how pee’d off I was feelin’. It felt like it should have been raining. But I couldn’t resist taking some pics and I was impressed at how well they came out as Mr Sunshine was so bright I couldn’t even see the screen. Now in my day (how old am I) there was a great cafe where you could go and grab a weak milky cup of char and a stale bun but they’ve got rid of that in favour of picnic benches now. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not. But what was REALLY obvious to me was the place had lost all its spookiness as I remembered it. I can remember running as fast as my chubby little legs could go past bushes cos I thought they were in scary dark damp corners and now there is no evidence of this at all – maybe it was just overactive imagination or maybe the man with the strimmer has been busy!IMGP2819

This scary little corner was about as dark as it got!


Just loved the different shapes and colours of these leaves…IMGP2852

and these adorable little fellas scared the living sh*t out of me! lol! How CUTE are they? The parents were keeping a very watchful eye on me getting too close, I was scarily within pecking distance I can tell you…IMGP2817

now, this photo looks a bit mottley in the water but if you look very carefully all those little specks are actually a million gazillion frogspawn with a few newly hatched taddies! I have NEVER seen so much semolina in all my life! We vowed to go back in a week or so to see them all hatched. We did see one patch of lilypads which were adorned with big taddies sunbathing underwater but the pic didnt work…IMGP2826

…and my favourite fleurs the simple gorgeous little common daisy…and I was amazed when this shot came out it was so awesome, the sun was making the lake shine like little glittery diamonds….IMGP2846

and then there were these strange little buggers…all freaky but kinda cute, these are Moorhen babies all nibbling away in the shallows looking for bugs to munch, they were really funny little things with red bald heads and must have only been a day or 2 old cos they were tiny…


…all the way round the mere we kept seeing shells which I thought the seagulls had dropped but it turns out these actually live IN the lake, which is a bit bizarre and makes you wonder how they get there as it is freshwater, was tempted to crack one open and steal the gorgeous pearls which are obviously hidden inside waiting for me…



…and this last pic I had to include for my mate Jozza – this is the landing dock on the island. When we were kids there was a pirate ship which lived on the mere and it used to sail over to the island so all the kids could go and find the hidden treasure. Now this ship was a legend and had it’s own Cap’n Jack (I wish!) but I was way too shy to ever go aboard. And apparently so was Jo, so it seems we both just looked in awe from the side of the lake wishing we could go aboard and find them sparklies! Jo informs me said ship now takes tourists round the harbour so if you are in Scabbie at some point look out for Cap’n Jack!

So after a couple of hours baking in the afternoon sun we then went for the customary fish and chips and I realised being the porcelain white english girl that I am, I’d got a touch of bloody sunstroke with the obligatory headache. And so home to bed we went.

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14/05/2009 at 10:59 pm (blog candy, card making, crafting, crafts, papercrafts, scrapbooking) ()

Well, I’ve had another reet poo week as we lost a very dear family member this week and we have been devastated to say the least.  I’d just like to say thanks to everyone for your lovely comments of support, it’s much appreciated and helped cheer me up a bit.  Anyway, can’t mope about forever and by now he would be telling us to pull ourselves together and look sharp so here we go go go…

I’m sooooo excited about our fabuloso new challenge blog I am almost wetting my big girl pants!

So here we go, over on our brand new blog you can now see the amazingly fantastical awesome brand new Polkadoodle design team, big drum roll please! …. huge round of applause and much admiration all round for these bootiful peeps…


I’m extremely lucky to have these mega talented ladies working with me (I truly am not worthy ladeeees!).  So, if you love to make cards, scrap or do anything remotely creative with paper and a bit of ink, make sure you check out Polkadoodle every week from the 22nd May 2009 – believe me, with some of the nutters on this team we promise there will be lots of fun, leg-pulling and inspiration-a-plenty from the paper A-listers! Oh and we might have a little bit of blog candy on offer too!!

I’d also like to say a huge thanks to all the other lovely peeps who applied, it took me bloody ages to select the team, I was overwhelmed with the response and it’s sooo hard to leave people out, it really is.  Everyone who applied was very talented and I’m sure they’ll get snapped up onto some DT or other very soon, but a huge thanks for the interest and a big hug to you all. I hope you’ll join in with us on the challenges every week instead!

Right now I’ve imparted the excitement I must hit the hay, I’ve had late nights all week and I’m bush-ed. Mwahh xx

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…haven’t forgot…

12/05/2009 at 1:14 pm (crafts)

…just a quick post to anyone following about the design team – haven’t forgotten this, but we had some sad news yesterday. Promise to announce the team later this week but at the mo I’m feeling a little blue.  Think Scooter is too. xIMGP2806

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…and the winners are…

10/05/2009 at 10:00 am (crafts)

Ok, ok, you all left some fab commentary on the Stackies Blog Candy and thanks to everyone who linked up to these.  Sadly there can only be 2 winners and I used a random generator (called a husband)  to select the 2 lucky peeps.  So without further ado, the lucky names are…….drum roll…….ta da……Lythan and……tada……. Lindsey!       So congrats you two lovely laydeees I hope you enjoy using them all, there’s enough in them packs to last you a lifetime!!! lol xx   Right, I’m off to break the news to the lovely ladies in question….

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..nothing better to do on a Saturday night!..

09/05/2009 at 10:18 pm (crafts)

…I have no life other than craft, it has to be said, hence why I am sat here at 11pm on a Saturday night, content with blog-hoppin’ and the chinese I had earlier and a bit of Hannibal Lector on telly to make me have bad dreams later! Anyway this is a miniscule post to say that the quest for the Design Team is now closed and thanks to the many people who emailed me.  I will be announcing the team soon!!  AND I will also be announcing the winners of the lovely BLOG CANDY tomorrow, so if you havent left a comment yet then make sure you do NOW!!!  Anyway, a lie-in tomorrow methinks, I’ve had a migraine today, not great when you’re trying to do demo’s all day! ciao all xx

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quick update..

07/05/2009 at 9:43 pm (card making, crafting, crafts, papercrafts, scrapbooking)

okily dokily, think I am competing with Anice over at Funkyhand this week as she is also asking for DT members too! Typical of me to get my timing wrong!! Anyway, for those of you who havent sent me an email yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!??? I have to say, I have chosen some awesome awesome peeps already and for those of you who are thinkin’ about it I have to say this is going to be an awesome team with some familiar faces!! 😀 But I am still after a couple more creative lovelies so pull your finger out, stop pro-crast-ie-wotsit and send me some piccies now – you gotta be in it to win it! Oh and hurry up please, I’m going to close this this weekend cos I’m going to burst with excitement if I dont announce the team soon!! xxxxdesign-team-call

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