furry choc-fest…

30/04/2009 at 9:38 pm (crafts)

I meant to post a link for you to a few projjies for the blog candy on offer –  i made these ages ago here and I’ve also stolen this pic from my lovely beyatch-chumlie Jozza who made this gorgie card…

jozstack1Lovin’ this one Joz!  So, if you haven’t left a comment yet then you can’t win, so get your name down and all that – best comment wins! Actually, I’m feelin’ VERY generous today so I might actually make 2, yes 2 packs available!! So get scribblin’!!!!

Anyways, you will NEVER guess what happened to me tonight…bloody cat nicked my Cadburys Creme Egg wudjabelieveit, cheekly little monkey!!! There I was, just having a coffee and he was sitting next to me all innocent-like. So I unwrapped the top a little bit, had a tiny nibble, went to put down my cup, turned back to take the rest of the foil off only to find the furry burglar (dressed in a stripey t-shirt with a swag bag over his shoulder) with his gnashers around the top of my egg, licking all the creamy filling out!!!!!!!  SHOCK? I couldnt do anything for laughing at the downright nerve of the 4-legged fiend!  Look, dont lecture me, I know choccie is bad for cats but you try telling him that, he LOVES chocolate and I really didnt have much choice as he pounced whilst I had both hands full, so to speak. 


(Mod on the left, Scooter on the right, pic taken about 5 years ago, dont think either of them will fit their fat backsides into the planters anymore and all those plants have now died from being sat on)

I have to say, this isn’t the first time Mod has stolen food, he has a real sweet tooth.  When he was a kitten he used to steal slices of bread and take kitty-sized bites…one morning last year I came downstairs to find big bites missing from 3 doughnuts we’d left out on the side…and he seems to have turned into a furry Dyson lately, hoovering up any old morsel that gets left behind – I caught him finishing off my ginger & spring onion Chinese takeaway last week.  We have a problem with Scooter being a wide-load feline who is supposed to go to the fat-class at the vets for a monthly weigh-in, but the way Mod is going he will be ballooning soon!  Wish I’d been lucky enough to have batteries in the camera so I could’ve taken a pic of tonight’s choc-fest (note to self, keep batteries charged & loaded at all times, oooer!).  I’m sure I won’t have to wait too long for another opportunity though!  x

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Watch your Waistlines!…

29/04/2009 at 9:48 pm (crafts)

..well I’ve had a reet poo day today and have had sustained grumpiness and I think I might have inadvertently spread my misery.  So just in case I have, I have decided to give some blog candy to a deserving winner.  One lucky peep will get a pack of my lush Stackie Flowers to play with – 6 sheets of delish fleurs to cut and stack (the colours on this don’t really do these justice they are lush pinks, limes, oranges and blues).  Just add a comment to this post before  9th May and I will select a winner. x


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29/04/2009 at 9:39 pm (crafts)

..had a rubbish day but I just found this cute l’il fella hiding in a folder of pics KrissyFooFoo took and I think he’s sooo cool!  What a display! Just had to share him.  Think Kris took this outside the shop somewhere, u don’t think we have anything this fancy in the UK, he looks more like some strange exotic species you’d find in the americas or somewhere.  Might have to scrap him I think it would be a shame to lose this great pic. x


The little fella is a Vapourer Moth apparently which grows up to be this boring old bugger…bet he wishes he could stay young and fluffy!!…


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..to blog or not to blog..

27/04/2009 at 8:13 pm (crafts) (, , , , )

..boy I wish I had more time, or more hours in the day, not sure which would be better, hmmm???…to be honest I’m not a big surfer, I get bored very easily by t’interweb thingy, unlike my hubbie & friend Joz who can both surf forever and find no end of interesting things.  Don’t get me wrong, I love t’interweb and I do believe it is the  best thing to happen ever (although it can also be the worst sometimes too) but lets face it, we all waste no end of hours perusing meaningless drivel we don’t really need to know about! However, the one thing I do love is all the mega craft blogs I come across on me little surfie travels – it’s kinda like noseying through people’s front windows when the lights are on and the curtains are open!  There are certainly some very talented crafters out there and I’m going to make an effort to follow more of them and use more links, my blog is waaaay too boring!  Although there are changes afoot and I’m hoping to be able to do more very soonly, time allowing and all that.  So today’s links are to the following 2 blogs which are both mega and I can’t believe the blog candy debbie is offering here – make sure you get your name down for a chance to win! Actually, NO don’t, it’s more competition for me!  Debbie’s Passion For Crafts Blog.  Now, my next truly truly amaaaazing blogger is this one  Mad Imaginations…this is one very talented laydeee indeed and I absolutely think her work is fabuloso beyond words…and it’s not often I’m stuk for words now is it!!!  Make sure you check ’em both out!  x

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..and out with the old…

23/04/2009 at 9:02 pm (crafts)

…well I am trying SO hard to use my old stash at the moment and I have to say I’m doing quite a good job of it really.  This has also made me realise how much I love stamping and having more or less abandoned my beloved stamps (of which there ARE many!) for some time I’m now treasuring them all again and inking everything in sight!  I also seem to be getting over my “it’s too precious to use” syndrome and am extremely proud of myself at using some REALLY old stuff (I’m talking 5 years?) here.  In fact, I have to say I had to actually open the seals on it all tonight as I’d just left it all there beautifully boxed and unused.  How wasteful, no wonder the world’s in a recession, I was quite disgusted with myself actually. 😦

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19/04/2009 at 10:04 pm (crafts)

…oo I’m mad.  I HATE plaguerism! WHY do people do it? Sorry I just need to have a minor rant for a moment! I posted a bunny proj on the cricut website Easter last year and I’ve just found some bird in the States selling the projjie sheet as a kit, and then found one blog with almost the IDENTICAL bunny claiming it to be hers.  She didn’t even TRY to make it look different. grrrrrr.  I love it when people are inspired by stuff I make but downright robbery is a step too far.  This is one of the reasons I hate Stampin’ Up so-o-o much!  Right rant over now! …

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19/04/2009 at 9:00 pm (crafts)

…so another busy week and as usual an equally busy weekend.  At last we seem to have spring today, not that I’ve seen much of it being cooped up trying to come up with projjies for this coming weekend’s classes. imgp2735Must have been somethin’ in the air though as when I got home Mr Foo Foo had taken it upon himself to tidy up the back yard – no mean feat I can tell ya!!  Shame he couldn’t have thrown the neighbours out with the rest of the rubbish too.  Ooo did I really say that? Shock horror! Like millions of other peeps in the UK we don’t like them lot next door as they are sooo petty, selfish and inconsiderate it’s unbelievable. This is all caused by bin day and the millions of BBQ’s they have as soon as the sun pops her head out. Terraced houses with backyards should not be allowed BBQ’s in our opinion as this causes such inconvenience to your neighbours who then have to close all the doors and windows to shut out the noise and smoke.   However, we do smirk with revenge when the cats decide to poop in their Linda Barker plant pots and curl up on their clean washing when they leave their basket outside in the sun! mwaahhahahahah! 😀  Well, they really shouldnt leave their clean washing out if they don’t want it covered in cat fur should they!!!

Anyway, not much to report this week so on with the more interesting stuff (hopefully?)…


This card was made using backing papers from Patti Picklicious and my own Number Templates.








This next card is again using Patti Picklicious (anyone noticed I really like this CD??!!) – I don’t know if it’s the colours or the swirls on this paper but ir really reminds me of neapolitan ice-cream, mmmmmm!   I made a little candle and decorated with pink gems and a scallop sentiment from my own range.imgp2747







At the risk of being REALLY boring, here is another from the CD (Kirsty, I’m gonna start chargin’ an advertising fee here, babe!!x) I absolutely LOVE this card cos I am SO into gingham and black white and red together so this floatsimgp2749


my boat BIG time.  Actually I have to thank Mr Foo Foo for his mega idea – I only had skinny red satin ribbon and he suggested using 2 strips together with the ric-rac inbetween! Nice one Frissy!  This card reminds me of my very very all time fave top I have which is the same black & white gingham – must delve into the ol’wardrobe and find if it still fits.

Ok, now this next card is a little differentimgp2753 and is a little rough round the edges as I was in a bit of a rush to get this done.  I actually made this all with my Cricut machine and needed to get the idea down before I forgot, hence getting a lorra lorra ink everywhere. You can see more info on this on my cricut blog.  In fact, I’ve noticed lately that I’m becoming very messy when stamping, don’t know if this is something to do with the onset of carpal tunnel which I’m suffering with at the moment.  I keep finding I’m getting spacky hands and seem to be constantly blathered in ink…however, those that know me know there is nothing new there! Well, Monday morning looms so I’m off to drool over Marco and his delish pink veal…x

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16/04/2009 at 7:34 pm (crafts)

…After such a mega craft fest last week where it seemed I was popping cards out like farts, this week I’m finding myself in a creative desert.  Can’t even find inspiration sat here at the pc. 😦     I think I must have exhausted myself!   I’m hoping it returns within the next 24 hours tho’, I have a demo day on Saturday so I really really need some mojo back for that!  Maybe it’s because I’ve tried to have a French Fancie free week, although FrissyFooFoo has just placed a box in front of my squinty little eyes. Although I have to say I can’t stomach even one at the mo as we had chish and fips for tea and I’m still feeling a little icky from all the lovely greasiness. 

Anyway, prior to my cardmakers block it was my gorgie friend Michelle’s birthday last week and I made her a card which I couldn’t post till now.  Lucky girl was on hollies in Jersey with her family for her b’day and I’m soooo jealous, will someone abroad please adopt me into their family?  I always wanted some family abroad as it seems dead glam to me, so my adoption criteria is:

1. You have to live in either the USA, Canada or a really really cold place that gets tons of snow for at least one third of the year.  And that doesnt include anywhere in the UK!!!

2. I can dream of visiting you whenever I like.

3. You send me a pic of where you live.

4. You do lots of crafting so I can come and stay for craft holidays.

In return I promise to be really really good and send you a crimbo card at least once a year.

Reet, anyways, here is the card I made for Michelle, think she liked it…imgp2698My Ladbybird and Magnolia stamps are already fave acquisitions and I did warn that everything would be covered in Ladybirds.  I’ve also decided I am allowed to use my Fastenator now I’ve had it for at least 4 years and was ashamed at how many staples I’d actually bought for it and never used. I think my unspoken stash rule is that if it’s been there over 3 years I can use it even if it is still presh.imgp2697


My inspiration for this was that Michelle is such a girly girl I thought she’d like these lovely colours and I coloured her little shoes bright red as they reminded me of  my fave red wellies I had when I was little (I think they were mine, maybe they were my sister’s?hmmm must ask). The Ladybird on the seat is actually the same as the others, I just inked carefully and changed the shape slightly with a black pen.  Anyway, I’m freezin my pips off here tonight so I’m gonna tuck up into bed and wait for the delish Marco and 9pm on ITV.  Oooooo what a man!!  Unlike grotty Ken from Corrie who, to coin Peter’s corker last night is strutting about like a geriatric tomcat!!!  Hmmm I just realised I AM able an definitely will use that line at work tomorrow as it’s very applicable to someone there!!  cough cough, no names, ok!!  x

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bah humbug…

13/04/2009 at 9:20 pm (crafts)

… and another long weekend is over, sob, back to the grindstone for us mere mortals tomorrow, which could be why I’ve got the blues tonight.  Even Marco I’m A God Sent From Heaven couldnt cheer me up tonight though it did amuse moi to see him make those little celebs squirm!  Oh apparently I’ve just been told I’m not a mere mortal as I’m married to Mr Foo Foo, as if this is meant to impress me, or anyone for that matter!!  That reminds me, I havent pooped any sparklies today (if this confuses you please refer to previous post!!) maybe if I increase my carbon intake this situation will improve? and does that mean that I have to eat more BBQ?  Anyhow I have been busy today working and have made a giant pom pom type thingy from tissue paper and some rather cute birdies which have gone in the shop window.  Hope this display lasts for a few months now, I don’t want to change again till Crimbo!  Right, before I head for my beckoning pillow here is a card I made at the weekend using the loverly Kirsty’s CD again, which I have to say I rrrreeeeaaallly like if you hadn’t noticed.  Must say I do love this card, it’s the funky turquoise colour I think, thats SO my colour this year.


I used my new Magnolia stamp which I snaffled at Harrogate and some of my little Stackie paper flowers and a scalloped oval. I’ve always been into decorative edges so I’m feelin the need to cut into the right hand edges of my cards at the moment – this heart paper off the PP CD was perfect for this.imgp2702




And just for some amusement, have you ever taken an upsidey down pic of yourself, it’s sooo weird.  I think I’d quite like an upside down mouth like this.  Maybe it would come out with more intelligent comments than its counterpart!! x

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12/04/2009 at 6:48 pm (crafts)

so, Easter Sunday…hmmm am not impressed that Frissy Foo Foo hasn’t even pretended to think about getting me an egg. Not that I really want one, I’m perfectly capable of buying my own scrumminess but it’s the principle isn’t it, girls?  So I handed over his nice egg and refused a piece myself (yes, it did nearly kill me but instead the little caramel egg I was leaving him has now been devoured) in an attempt to make him feel guilty, but as usual, subtlety passed him by…why DO we bother, eh?what’s the name of that book? Men are from Mars..hmm just fancying  a little Mars right now, hehehe…anyway eventually his conscience got the better of him and he tried to make up with this little corker, to quote his very words, “you’re so lovely you sh*t diamonds”.   I only wish I did, Mr FF, I wish I did!

Anyway, this behaviour isn’t very Easter-ly is it but hey ho, take me as you find me I say! I’m having a pyjama day (I did have a shower tho’ I’m not a total slob) having woken with a headache this mornin so I’ve spent the day at home for a change.  Crikes, I even made a Sunday lunch, wowser, Mr FF couldn’t believe his luck, he nearly beat the 100m record to the shop to get Yorkie Puds.  We then spent the afternoon catching up on our favest TV on the ol’ Sky+ as we’ve got about a trillion progs stored in there.  It was great for Red Dwarf to be back and as always the cat still gets the best lines, my favourite howler being “you couldn’t even make the cover of mingers monthly”…which made me guffaw so loudly I frightened the cat.  My cat that is.  One I will be using from now on I think, as it takes some insult to beat that one…luckily the MIL doesnt watch it so I can use it there.  Oops, my Easterliness has slipped again! tee hee.  Anyway, I couldn’t let the day go by without doing some work so I’ve spent the last 3 hours doing some more design work and as usual his lordship decided to ruin my day by reminding me I need to think about new Crimbo stuff!! eeeek!!!

Well peeps I promised some more of the cards I’ve made over the break and here they are…



As per the previous couple of posts this one is using my Twittie Collection and lots of lovely cute buttons and some bargain ric-rac I snaffled up at Harrogate.                                                                          

This little orange number is using one of Kirsty’s Daisy papers with one of my Stackie flowers and the faberooni sheep is from Sarah’s Penny Black set which she let me stamp last weekend. He is very cute!imgp27061imgp2707



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