about me…

Hi, I’m Nikky and I live in York, UK.

imgp2727I’m 42(OMG it still scares me?!!) and I own the fab Polka Doodles website and challenge blog with my lovely hubby Kris Waaah (yes, of Burning World fame, he is very talented indeedy). I have no kids but have 2 mad cats called Scooter & Mod which will no doubt be mentioned 1000’s of times on here with their mad escapades. You might realise from their names that I LOVE scooters and am the proud owner of 2 Lambretta’s and a rather crumbling Vespa, and we’re passionate about our music, especially Ska & Two-Tone. My fave bands at the mo include Little Man Tate (all hail, we are not worthy!), The Rumblestrips, Dancehall Crashers not to mention many many more and I seem to be in an Elvis craze at the mo.


  1. Jan said,

    Hiya Nikki!

    Well I just wanted to say a personal hello, I watched you again on C and C today launching your new xmas CD and guess what? the same thing happened as when I watched you launching the Candy Doodles CD, I came onto your online store and bought it!, so now I am the proud and I do mean PROUD owner of two of your flippin’ fantastic CDs

    You might remember that I sent in an email and Martyn read it out on air, when I called you a genius and I do mean it. YOU ARE A GENIUS. I simply love your work and envy your talent no end.

    I would love to be a design team member so I will chance my arm and send in some piccies of my work (one day) when I have enough courage.

    May you never stop producing your wonderful creations and may I always be able to afford them lol. Oh and I do hope I got picked for a card today (had my fingers crossed)

    Kindest regards Jan. xx

  2. nikkyhall said,

    Halloween pencils were all done from the George cart, just using shapes. If you want the template for the pencil part go back to the original post on cricut.com and there are further instructs on there.

  3. Sandi Anderson said,

    Do you have directions for the Halloween pencils?

  4. Enfys said,

    Hey Nikky,
    Boring……………………….NOT! I’ve bookmarked your blog, which is an amazingly techie thing for me to do with my limited computer skills, love your work.

  5. Denise Charles said,

    Boring I don’t think so……….you have more talent in your little finger than most people have in there whole being.
    How I wish you would have been on the MB when I was in Europe this past spring as I would have been to York hunting you and your store down.

  6. nikkyhall said,

    OMG, how boring am I!

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