Stackies Stackies everywhere…

15/03/2009 at 12:38 am (Uncategorized)

Well apparently someone I know is complaining I dont blog enough so I’m trying harder! Anyway, Just a week ago we launched my new Stackies range and they have been sooo popular and I’ve been busy making samples all week so thought I would share.  Apologies as some of these cards aren’t quite finished yet but I love the stax so much I wanted to share…

I’d also like to say my good chumlie Jozza has made a faberooni card for a DCM challenge this week which you can see here… Nice work as usual J! x

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Getting your mojo back at the end of a hard week…

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Well, I have to say it’s been a bit of a cr*ppy week!  Started off on Monday and if I’m being positive I would say it got slightly better from then on cos it couldn’t really have been any worse in all honesty.  Of course, I’m being a right chunky drama queen as usual, as in the general scheme of things what I was mad at really didn’t matter when there are people dying or starving or in bad health around the world.  But you know how it is, we all have a bad day now and then so I’m allowed.

Anyway, ending the week on a good note I restarted my classes today with all my ol’faithful peeps and a couple of newbies too and a damn fine day it was too!  I have to admit, having not taught a class since last August I was feelin the ol’ presh slightly this week and as anyone who regularly came to my classes before knows, I do have a tendency to be a last minute Annie when it comes to class prep and actually making the projects, but I guess I must be one of those peeps who work better under pressure!!  Or thats my excuse anyway! 😀   Anyway at this point I do have to publicly apologise at the long suffering DH for screaming at him on Wednesday just cos he hadn’t been psychic enough to do what I expected him to do without telling him or explaining it properly – after all he is a mere man and how was he to know I wanted it that way. OMG and I almost forgot about the stress of Tuesday night and my episode of B&Q’s revolving door after the MDF we had cut wouldnt fit in the car (OK, so he told me all the way to the checkout that it wouldnt fit but I chose to forget that the car hatch gets smaller at the top – if it had gone in through the opening it WOULD have fit, just like I said it would, stoopid!).  So after going in and out of the store about 10 million times and returning said MDF 5 mins after I’d bought it and then going back in and out a further 10 times again just trying to get out of the bloody place, a kind friend picked it up in his van next day.  Is it just us that has a pilaver wherever we go and whatever we do or is this normal? I often wonder if it’s some kind of syndrome or payback for being naughty, eating too many French Fancies or maybe swearing too much???

Anyway, so back to the classes (soz, got sidetracked, another fault apparently, which was brought to my attention this week; apparently I start a 2nd sentence before I finish the first confusing whomever I’m talking to; according to my book, this is an Aquarian thing, we’re already thinking about the next thing while we’re still doing the first so I just can’t help it OK!)

Anyway, so back to the class! hahah finally…I think we all enjoyed it today despite a little spell of craziness in the morning where it felt like being in the queue at Burger King, but hopefully a bit calmer next time as i’ve extended the class times.  We did two fab folding techniques which kept everyone quiet and busy, except for the usual crazy rowdies on the last class of the day (You know who you are you lot!), and everyone left full of biccies, inspiration and a full bladder. 

So thanks Laydees, I had a lovely day seeing you all again and lets hope we’ve all inspired each other back to crafting more again!  I’m looking forwards to tomorrow now and the next bunch of crazy crafters! Waheey! Anyway, here are the cards we’ve made today…you can see all the other fabbie versions the girls made on the website gallery here.


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07/03/2009 at 9:20 pm (Uncategorized)

Phewee what a week! Lots of very late nights and early mornings this week, mainly due to finishing designing my new range of flower stackies which I have to say I am totally in love with. Don’t be surprised if EVERYTHING over the next couple of months is coated in flowers head to toe!   I’m soo bushed tonight  I couldnt even finish my delish chinese and turned down the Waaah-Boy’s offer of choccie from the shop would you believe!  Anyway, as if being awake at 5am on a Saturday when all you wanna do is have a snooze till 8 (luxury) isn’t bad enough, I do actually have to get up at 5 tomorrow for a show at Don Valley stadium in Sheffield.  Yaaawn, it’s making me tired just thinking about it!  So if you’re in Sheffield, be there or be square!!   Right I’m off anyway, my matchsticks have just broken and are piercing me eyes!  Laters!  xxxxxx

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Must be nearly Monday…

22/02/2009 at 9:41 pm (Uncategorized)

I’ve got that ominous Sunday night feeling where I don’t want it to be Monday morning again.  Pahhh!  And to top it all I’m not feeling too well and the cat has decided to start snoring again.  I don’t know what’s wrong with little scootie whether it’s his age or wot but he’s recently taken to sitting in front of Eastenders, Corrie, the news, anything on tv in fact and it’s getting bloody annoying I don’t mind telling you.  Then at the drop of his furry little hat he just nods off and starts snoring his fat head off!! Proper snoring I’m talking about, full on proper snoring.  Bizarre! Of course, his ears twitch whilst he’s chasing lickle moices in his dreams but the snoring is a new thing.  Maybe I should get one of those nasal clips or something! For him not me by the way!

Anyway, what I really wanted to say was that I have decided to start off my dedicated cricut blog again which you can find here ilovecricutblog

The intention is to post more projects with instructions and also to offer a bit of a technical help guide too so if you love your bug then get over there and have a nosey.  Right I’m off to psych myself up for the Monday morning blues…x

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a lick-le bit of what u fancies…

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shopbunny14I was pondering today about where people get their inspiration from really.  I went to the UK trade show at Birmingham on Sunday where I was demo’ing our funky freddies friends and was expecting to be blown away by lots of inspiring products and stands from my fellow profeshionals.  Didn’t happen really, with the exception of one particular laydee who truly inspires me. Sadly she wasn’t there as I would love to have met her in the flesh.  Anyway, there are a few new ranges about to arrive in the Uk which are a bit lush but not really anything “new new” if ya get me drift.  But getting back to the inspiration bit I was amazed at how much of the stuff on offer was very “samey” and quite frankly, a lot of it is about as inspirational as a dead grannie’s drawers and it don’t float my big girl pants I can tell you.  So I came home with my inspiration between my chunky legs and got out my ol’ faithful friend, Mr Cricut.  And a box of French Fancies which inspire me every time I look at their luscious little squares of yummy pastel niceness. Have I mentioned this before, I’m having a deja vu moment here… anyway, I love all there is about a French Fancie and they did inspire me to get designing some lovelies which should be available within the next week or so as soon as I get my chunky cheeks into gear.

Anyway, until then, here is what Mr Cricut produced, bit boring but I think he’s cuuuuute as a button and it’s cheered the shop window up no end (and I could see the people in their cars smiling as we were putting him in the window which is good enough for me).  Now I’m off for a coffee and the last little square of yumminess and to hell with the calories!…

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are all crafters the same?…

19/01/2009 at 9:18 pm (Uncategorized)


Ok, so I suddenly got the urge to get creative so I ran upstairs then got totally distracted by emails and blogsurfing for 2 hours. And Big Bro and the surprise eviction, wahey can’t wait! But anyway what I was gonna say was I love the internet and email but my goodness it can be a total distraction sometimes – you do one email and before you know it 2 hours or 3 or 4 have gone by – no wonder none of us have any spare time anymore.  Blogs are fatal – you just go from one to the next to the next and then you can’t even remember what you were looking at or have any hope of ever finding it again, it drives me goddamm crazy I tell ya!!!!!  Anyway, in the midst of this I remembered I was feeling creative but as I’m at home right now I don’t have all my most recent stash with me.  So I went to my little set of drawers which have somehow got left behind and havent made it to “shop craft room” status for some reason.  So I opened them…and lo and behold they are a little treasure trove of the most gorgeous things which I had totally forgotten I had and all of which are far too precious to use.  Little mini clock faces, loads of mens embellies, delish charms and…words…(I have a thing about words).  And then I opened the drawer called “Tim Holtz”. Oh My.  The only words.  All these luscious things were stroked lovingly and accompanied by “ooooo” and “awwww” and an odd “that is too nice to use”.  And then they were all placed back in the appropriate hidey holes as they are, in all honesty, far too nice to use indeed.  OH came in at the point of stroking the clocks and totally agreed with this point of view, adding a somewhat curt “well you’re never gonna use those are you but I’d better shutup or i’ll get shouted at” and hot-hoofed it back downstairs.  Don’t know what he’s on about personally.  Of course I will use them ALL on a precious card or page for a precious person.  It’s just that I’m waiting to meet a person THAT precious and one that will deserve and above all, appreciate the loveliness of said paraphernalia.   And with that thought I just realised I still havent made anything have I.  Oo – i just had a great idea! It’s my birthday on Thursday so maybe I could make myself a lovely card!! hehehe  x

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Pre-e-shous fings….mmmmm

16/01/2009 at 1:08 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m just scoffing my lunchtime nosh and it has just occurred to me that I eat wayyy too fast for my own or anyone else’s good. It has reached that dreaded time of year when the ol’  Mini Eggs are stacked heavens high on every shop shelf I come across – I think they must know that I am incapable of passing a packet without it slipping surreptitiously into my basket.  And I think they know that I also can’t wait to delve into those heavenly, precious little choccie eggs and ram ’em down me throat faster than you can scream 15 calories each.  OR 455 calories per bag.  OMG.  I just ate that bag in about 5 minutes flat and it didn’t touch the sides.  Does it count if you also down a litre of Innocent Smoothie to get your 5-a-day at the same time?  hmm thought not, spoilsports.  Oh well, that would be why my scales run out of the bathroom each time I approach these days.  Shucks.  Still, I have come to terms with the fact that at i will now be fat forever anyway and just bloody enjoy those little treats. Trouble is they are usually big treats and not very occasional!  Still, my lunchtime snack has just given me a bit of inspiration to make something lovely tomorrow, looking at those pretty pastel colours on the outside of that scrummy chocolate.  And the strawberry smoothie is such a lush pink it will have to be something to do with the dreaded Valentine’s day coming up soon.  For those of you that don’t have a Valentine this year just use it as an excuse to get all girly and unashamedly make squishy mushy cards and lovely things for a change with no holds barred!   Me, I am going to make ooo no I can’t tell you cos I think I might do it as another kit or a class later this month!!  tee hee!   Well, lunch sorry feeding time is over so I need to go – enjoy yours!! xx

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Cricut, a trollop and a red handbag

11/01/2009 at 7:06 pm (Uncategorized)

Well well, it’s been sooooo long.  Thought I would just write a few lines as I’m feeling a little melancholy at the prospect of another day in hell, sorry I mean work tomorrow 😦   .  Why me???  I wanna just stay home and craft all day every day, I would never ever get bored.  Which leads me to another thing, I’ve decided I want to be buried with my darling Cricut.  Both of them in fact.  Yes, I am a greedy mare and I have both the original and the Expression too and I can’t bear to part with my little baby just in case something untoward happens to the other one.  So today I have had a Cricut day, cutting lots and lots of lovely hearts and playing, to make a nice big Valentine’s heart wreath, which I  just realised because I’m such  bumbo, or bimbo I should say, I didnt take a pic of! DOH!  Another day maybe!

I also bought a Cricut deep blade housing this week and I have to say I’m a bit disappointed, they really should include more instructions and get proper cricut users to test these products before they release them.  It does work but you have to do a lot of pratting about to get the right setting and anyone without the patience of a saint would be tempted to throw it out the window at the nearest passing chav, wiht a hope to impaling their eye on said deep blade.

I’ve been reading Kirsty Wiseman’s blog this week and I think the woman has truly gone off her creative rocker, she’s had me in stitches, maybe it’s Christmas that is still in her system.  It seems to have started with the purchase of a slutty red handbag and I can relate to that as my OH bought me a lovely one for Crimbo.  Kirsty I know exactly what u mean girl!!!!!  Anyway if you’re a crafter and you havent stopped by Kirsty’s blog u really should cos she rocks.  As does my other crafty mate Jozza who I lurve to bits even if she is a bit of a craft trollop! xx

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24/11/2008 at 4:37 pm (Uncategorized)

Wow, I’m so bushed! We’ve had a mega busy few months – in fact I think it would be fairer to say crazy!

We’ve just got back forom Hobbycrafts at the NEC where we launched our brand new Freddies Friends die-cuts – and they went down a storm it seems! I think everyone was so happy to see something modern and contemporary for a change and away from some of the more traditional designs we often see in craft, so it was busy busy busy! And don’t forget if you want to see FF in your local craft shop then nag them to get them in!! (I’m so cheeky!haha!)

So we just got sorted out from the NEC and 5 days later we have just opened our brand new bricks and mortar shop in York, the Craft-Room.  just a stone’s throw away from the old one but in a better location we think, so we hope to see you all soon!

So now it’s even busier with the creep-on of crimbo and I think we will be having a quiet one this year – I intend to snuggle up in my pj’s and slippers and slob for the whole day.  As for making Christmas Cards – well I say it every year but I’m not quite sure if I will manage it this year!  Maybe it’s more realistic to do Happy New Year instead!! 😀


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latest news…

22/08/2008 at 10:25 am (Uncategorized)

I havent’ posted for a while as I’ve been absolutely stacked out with various projects and stuff going on, but as the cat got me up at the crack of dawn I’ve managed to grab a half hour to update the ol’ blog this morning!!   As many of you will know, we have decided to close our York b&m shop.  A tough decision to make, but going forward we want to take a slightly different direction following the huge success of Freddies Friends.  Starting in September you will be able to see us at various shows around the UK, including Hobbycrafts at the NEC in November which is very exciting for us! Obviously we will still be trading online and who knows, maybe 2009 will see us in another b&m shop in a different location!! So watch this space!

In the meantime, it’s a very, very busy period for us and me in particular! We’ve just launched my brand new Crimbo range of Freddies Friends decoupage and in just 3 days since the launch it’s flying out! I think we’re going to struggle to keep this one in stock for Christmas.  I launched FF as I believe there’s a gap in the decoupage market for a younger more modern twist to decoupage – and I’ve also added a touch of good old British humour as well!  I only wish there were more British designed products on the market so we don’t have to make do!  But it seems you all agree with us and we’ve had so many comments from people who don’t like decoupage normally but are loving FF and are having a go, so it seems we achieved our objectives!   We have lots of fab plans for Freddies Friends so again, 2009 will be very exciting in terms of developing the range further and of course, adding additional ones too!!  Below are some of the sample cards so I hope you all love them, they really make us chuckle…



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