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27/02/2010 at 10:39 pm (card making)

This is the gorge projjie we made at my last class..the gals loved this one so much they took their time and we’re finishing it next time. I acsh demo’d how to make the flowers on one of my Create & Craft shows, they’re so easy and I think look stunning.  The whole thing is easy peasy in itself…

Gorgeous innit??

Now being a tidy crafter (choke!) now I have a proper workspace I do seem to be keeping things a little more orderly, and I sorted out loads of old cards which I had in boxes from the days when I sold them at work. Sadly I have nowhere to sell them anymore! Or the time to make them anyway, haha. But I used to make a tidy sum at work which kept me supplied in stash and as I was sorting the dross from the not-so dross from years of cardmaking, I came across this which was still sitting in tissue paper even though the gorgeous box it was originally in was totally and utterly trashed…

I still really like this and I can remember making it, but it must be a good 7 years old now I think, the box it came out of hadnt been touched in about 5 years and I think I made it for a special Wedding Fayre where I had a stationery table or something. I only remember it because whilst I will spend my last penny and more on stash I am incredibly tight at putting them on a card to give away or even sell, and the fact I went so OTT on this one with all the metals and charms and ribbons gave my proper palpitations at the time.  I used to showcase it in its’ lovely tissue and box and put a hugely overstated price tag on it so no-one would buy it – which obviously worked, hahah!! Anyway I still love it and when i get chance I’m going to hang it on my wall somewhere I think. Otherwise the cat will get it, he’s already had a paw or two on it.



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  1. Trish said,

    Okay I have just realised that you have a telly show on crafting. PLEASE come to Australian telly’s so that we also can have a craft show. We have nothing here.

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