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26/02/2010 at 9:34 pm (card making)

so yeah, about that new years ressie to blog more, cough, splutter…hmmm…those of you who blog every day I just dont know how you do it. Either I work more or I waste more time (the latter I would thinks!) but there is just no way hosay that I can blog every day. For a start my life is SO dull there is nothing to say every day. Other than cat tales that is. You know Shirley Valentine “Hello Wall” well that is me! But usually “hello pooter”.

But anyway, I am having an easy night tonight, been sooo busy todat, lots of chair-based arrands and phone calls to make and catch up on, boring admin, insurance cancelling and all that jazz malarky.  And I have just opened a trillion parcels full of Timmie’s stuff which I got suckered into on QVC craft day. Stuff I’ve wanted for ages but just finally gave in and got it all! Now I just need to find a home for it all. My shelves are filling up nicely!! Read his book, was slightly disappointed there wasn’t that much I hadnt seen before but it’s deffo worth getting.  I dont know where he finds all his metal stuff, the junk shops and curiosity shops I go to never have any decent finds such as bootiful keys and frames etc, typically they always seem to do antique stuff better in the States.

So yesterday we launched our latest CD “Paper Boutique” on Create & Craft. OH EM GEEE. I cannot believe how hot this is, it is flying out, our website must be about to go into meltdown, it sold out just as we went off air, we  promised them more stock and I think thats all but gone. Poor Krissy is pulling his last few hairs out at the number of orders he has to try and get through in the next week bless him, I think I’ll have to lend a hand to plough through them. We’re always busy post-show but this time it’s like, MAMMOTH.  We just seem to be getting busier and busier and I know from all your lovely emails, tweets and facebook comments that you’re all collecting so thanks so much for your support it really does mean a lot to us both. And when I’ve wedged my eyes open with a couple of brads in the wee small hours trying to meet deadlines it keeps me going to know you love the designs and collections, I always have jitters before a launch “omg what if they dont like it, what if it doesnt sell” but luckily thanks to you wonderful peeps and your unfeasibly great taste it’s always unfounded, fingers crossed, LOL!!!

Well I will be uploading all the photos of the show samples tomorrow onto the main gallery and when I get chance I will try and put some more on here too. This is only a short post as I’m too whacked to ramble on any more and I’m boring myself, let alone there’s a prog on TV where they’re training some blacksmiths and I’m in awe, we used to have a little smithy about 500 yards from our house when I grew up and I always loved sneaking peeks through the doors…he was a really old gadgey in dark blue overalls and a scruffy old jacket and he must have been there till he was 100, or it seemed so at the time…and I always wanted to have a go even back then when I was on my way to primary school, I remember craning my neck to try and see what he was doing as I went through the school kissing gate. Don’t think I ever told anyone till now but I remember it vividly, the ching ching of his hammering on the metal and all the old crappy horseshoes hanging outside…funny how I detested those horse brass things that everyone in the country had hung up on their lounge walls at the time, SO 70’s and SO naff. Even as a  6 year old I had the heart of a designer I think!!! So i’m off to watch this fascinating prog, BBC2, looks like a new series on craftspeople, check it out…laters peeps xxx

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  1. Enfys said,

    Woohoo, well done you, another mega hit. Hope you get a chance to get some rest over the weekend. a long drinkie and a takeaway sounds good….
    big hugs
    En xx

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