Get the flippin flags out…

17/01/2010 at 5:22 pm (card making)

So I decided it was time to get my house in order. Not our house, I mine MY houses as in my craft space. Got hubby to buy me lots of storage options carefully selected for their beauty and size, usefulness etc, so I forwent (is that even a word?) niceties at Crimbo in aid of my storage mission. So this weekend thats what I’ve spent 2, yes 2, whole days doing. Went to B&Q on Friday to get some MDF to make a larger desk and did a deal with a bloke so it only cost me £4 instead of £15 and then went to have a look in PC World and drool at a Mac. 2 hours came home with one – oops!! Bank Manager won’t be happy!

Now I’d just like to put an end to some filthy rumours before I go on. A lot of you are under some illusion that we designers live in huge mansions just cos we is on the telly and stuff. SO NOT TRUE! I have yet to meet a fellow designer who lives in such a castle. Me, I live in a 2 up 2 down terrace and work from home, so you can only imagine the chaos. If I lived anywhere other than York no doubt I could afford to live somewhere twice the size and this is something I keep trying to convince his nibs about but he’s having none of it, he loves his precious York. Me, I think its vastly overrated unless you’re a tourist. Anyway…

…woke up yest morning full of intentions and by half nine OH had made me have a row with him and I was off to B&Q again to buy me a proper drill/screwdriver. We have rows over power tools because he has the ability to lose/break anything he touches and it drives me insane. And I mean rage.  So off I stomped in the car, came back armed and dangerous with a beast of a machine chuntering about not needing his help I could do it all myself blah blah blah. He was in a right old mood with me for being such a cow, so he left me to struggle until I asked for help, haha. Serves me right. So we drilled and huffed and puffed, unpacked cardboard galore, got it all sorted and all looking pretty. Just wish I was 6ft 6″ tall so I could reach it all now. Today have set up my brand spanking new iMac which I have saved up months and months for – now it’s like frikkin Mission Frikkin Control in here. PC,Mac,TV all on one desk, lol! Need all 3 cant live without any. The worst thing is…yep, you guessed it, all the lovely gorge storage sitting on the wall is hidden by all the technology and I cant get to anything! I think I will seriously have to buy myself one of those little industrial kickstep things so I can hoist my arse up to the top!!!  The positive thing is I can actually get my feet under the desk and sit and look at all the pretties in front of me now, lol!! No, it is soo much better I actually have room to work and craft and I’m sure I will keep it all much tidier now everything sort of has a home. Still going to be looking at some other solutions though, do we ever not, lol??  weird thing is, since I moved my PC screen it now looks huge compared to how it was before, very strange! But I am at least feeling slightly organised and more inclined to create and work now instead of groaning in despair everytime I sit down.

I’m not posting any piccies of my wonderful Mission Control Station yet, needs a tad more work first before a reveal methinks.

Anyway, so we launched the new Love & Cherish CD last week – OMG the response to this CD has been nothing short of phenomenal, you are all totally loving it and at the moment we can’t keep up with orders, its going so well, Create & Craft keep showing extra repeats and thats making even more of you order it as well, we’re about a week behind on orders at the moment so if it’s taking a while I’m soo so sorry, we are trying!

So tomorrow for me it’s helping out with packing and trying to get on with the next CD, I’m determined to work smarter and faster now I have the Mac, just need to figure out how to use it now, it’s about 5 years since I had one and it’s taking some getting used to I can tell you! Right, thats it for today, sorry no piccies, will try and do some soon. ttfn xx


  1. Sally Kendalll said,

    Hi Nikki

    Sounds like your having fun at your house! Hopefully you won’t be making the storage as you are way too busy! LOL

    Take care

    Sal xx

    P.s. Could i have some lovely storage too LOL

  2. Kris L said,

    Nikky you are just toot funny! I remember saying early on that I loved your wicked sense of humor… I can’t wait to see the pix – my room needs Extreme Makeover about now. Unfortunately they don’t so craft rooms-LOL!!

  3. Sharon said,

    I too love storage! I’ve been banned from buying anymore baskets! LOL!

  4. nettie said,

    Well that’s given me a right good giggle. I’m glad I’m not the only one that argue’s with hubby about the same thing and then ends up being pig headed. I’ve started giving hubby a list of diy’s cause he keeps forgeting to do the jobs!! Glad your ready for the launch off now.x

  5. Sue Ramsay said,

    Fancy coming to revamp mine seeing as how youve had some practise? x

  6. Tip Top said,

    Whay-hay for storage!!! Pics?!!

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