Sneak peeks…

29/11/2009 at 4:20 pm (card making)

Well I’ve been away far too long I know, please forgive…got over the old swine flu (thank god I didn’t have it too bad it was bad enough in a mild dose) and then I’ve had to literally shut myself off from the world to finish the new CD. I virtually lost 2 working weeks with the flu so it takes some catching up let me tell you, but it is finally done, just the show prep now for Thursday.

Before I forget the entries for the Design Team are now closed but thanks to everyone who entered, we will be choosing soon, soooo exciting…

It’s quite exciting this week as we’re actually airing on Ideal World for the first time so it will be interesting to see if the larger audience makes a difference to us. I’m also hoping I might get to work with lovely Leonie this week too. So make sure you tune in on 3rd Dec at 2pm.  In the meantime here’s a sneak peek at the new CD…



  1. Chris Painter said,

    I have loads of craft cd’s great fan of them. Just discovered yours and bought the Back to Nature which I love. So have just bought Paper Boutique today and can’t wait for it to come. I keep saying I won’t buy anymore craft stuff as I have run out of space but the temptation was too great!

  2. Sharon said,


    I’ve recently bought this CD from C&C and I have to say I LOVE IT! It’s thr first ever CD I have bought as they haven’t really appealed to me before. But I watched you demo a few weeks ago with Loen and I was immediatly drawn to your images. The peacock has to be my favourite! Gutted I missed out on your design team comp – I’ve only just discovered you have a blog. I will be visiting again!

  3. AcisascemeBiz said,

    Waow loved reading this blogpost. I submitted your rss to my google reader!!

  4. saskia said,

    Hello Nikky!!!!

    Wow… the new cd-rom looks gorgeous!!! You’ve done another great work!!

    I hope you’re doing fine? I miss you all!!

    Sweet greetings from
    ‘The Belgian Chocolate Girl’ XXX

  5. julie said,

    will have to add this to my collection, its not possible to leave one out ,is it???? and it looks fabulous look forward to seeing the show and getting that sneaky looky ju x

  6. colette h said,

    Oh this looks so gorgeous, damn I promised myself I would buy no more craft stuff, oh well what can I do!

  7. Fiona s said,

    Cant’ wait, it looks FABBY!!!

  8. Jozza said,

    OMG!!! I LOVE it! Fabulous!!!!

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