Design Team call…

16/11/2009 at 3:38 pm (card making)

…well I feel pants, I’ve been struck with the dreaded Swine Flu and it’s taking ages to get rid of it. Obviously it’s stinted my ability to work over the past week which has really put me behind with the new CD but hopefully when I get the antiviral today I should be able to kick it once and for all. Needless to say I can only have picked this up from the NEC so thanks whoever that kind person was and if I’ve infected anyone else since, I’m truly sorry! So I’m feelin’ a bit sorry for myself today, it seems to come and go, felt miles better yesterday and thought I was in recovery but today has knocked me for six I don’t mind telling you! BTW if you feel like you have a bad cold you just can’t shift just do the online assessment it only takes a couple of minutes and it’s best to get that medicine fast if you can or it will drag on and on!..

Anyway, the good news for all you guys out there is that we have a new Design  team call…




  1. chriss said,

    this is what i meant by DT xx

  2. Jacqui said,

    Aww.. I do hope that you start to feel better soon.. think it has hit a some people a lot harder than they thought… so get well soonx

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