ooo spookayyy…

08/11/2009 at 11:06 am (card making)

Halloween. It came, it went we were left with loads of sweets – why is it when you forget to get any and be prepared you get loads of kids knocking – when you are totally prepared you get barely any? Oh well, it was still cool, I love Halloween and I want it to be as big here as in the US. I didn’t dress up, I dont need to quite honestly, this mug peeping out from behind the door is enough to scare anyone, but I did make some dead cute little Halloween cones and I did eventually find some pumpkins to carve. Apparently we had the best sweeties and pumpkins for miles, well, yards anyway! lol! It chucked down with rain overnight so we left them out and then we could hear all the kids going to school oohing and aahing at them on Monday morning, bless them. Can’t wait till next year now, bring it on!


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