08/11/2009 at 12:12 pm (card making)

Oh em geee it is ages since I blogged, I really must do it more often, just never seem to have the time when something funny happens and then I forget, as I age I am getting the memory and mind of a gnat. And the bladder too. I love Autumn and I love November – Halloween (yep I KNOW it’s Oct but it’s on the cusp, ok!), Bonfire Night, dark nights, warm radiators and the excitment of leading up to Crimbo. I like the build up more than the actual day – the pressies are always such a let down aren’t they! hahahah not that I’m materialistic or anything!

Anyways I’ve had a rather busy week, went to the NEC Hobbycrafts with me mucker Kirsty on Thursday – might have known it would turn into more of a roadtrip with her in tow, and as for the two of us together it was bound to be fraught with comedy moments. And it was. I set off to her house on what should have been a 1.5 hr journey – I arrived 4 hours later! Bloody Tom Tom – what does he know – nowt, that’s what!! I reckon now  I was less than 2 miles from her house for about 2.5 hours because the flipping technology kept sending me round and round in a circle any crafter would have been proud of. It didn’t help that the traffic was horrendous so every time I went down a wrong road it then took about half an hour to get back to the top of that road again. I seriously thought I was gonna pee my pants in the car and had to make a quick divert into what turned into a dead-end street and relieve myself behind a waste bin. Luckily it was a big one to hid my fat arse (I hope) and to anyone that saw me in the long queue of traffic 20 yards away and is now traumatised – I’m sorry but I just had to. And to the owner of the rubbish bin – I’m also sorry but it just mixed in with all the rat pee and the torrential rain washed it all over my feet anyway.  So eventually after having to get the DH to guide me a la Kirsty’s via a mobile phone lodged on top of me boobs and google earth as a guide, with me snivelling down the phone having gone beyond the point of miserable  I did get there evench. So we set off on another 1.5 hr journey to Birmingham which then took us 3 hours and 2 stops to try and find the elusive Krisy Kreme’s of which there were none and – thankyou all you greedy **** that didn’t leave us any in the services we were not impressed!

Needless to say when we got to the hotel which turned out to be at the airport, not the NEC as we found out, we realised there was only extorsh NCP parking. OMG. At this point I had totally lost the will to live after 7/8 hours of travelling and I didn’t care how much the parking cost me, we’d booked the hotel for 3 of us to share and someone dropped out so it had already cost me an arm and a leg anyway, what’s another 20 quid!  I’ve never seen someone look so pale at parking charges though, LMAO! Anyway we were very relieved to finally get in the room and hit the bar – only to find we couldnt even afford a glass of water between us. Ok, slight exaggeration but almost!  So we had the cheapest snack on the menu we could find and decided to retire. Needless to say this wasn’t without hilarity either (on my part anyway) as the sofa bed collapsed into a pile of  firewood, and for once it wasn’t me that was in it, so I nearly pee’d my pants for a second time in one day.  So up early Friday, we counted the few miserly pennies we had left and off we went, clutching our crumpled tickets, purses in hand! I couldn’t wait to buy all that stash. When I got inside I realised I was so knacked I could have just bogged off home quite happily but I managed to haul myself around all those lovely stands with their sparkly wares and part with a miserly 30 quid. I cannot believe I went to NEC and spent only 30 quid! But, I think the total cost of getting there and having to stay in a hotel had ruined it a bit for me, I kept thinking about how much more stash I could’ve bought with all that moolah the hotel had extracted from my sticky mitts.  Never mind, i had a good time and caught up with lots of peeps (Amanda Bateman you are sooooo racy you little minx, LOL!)  and met a couple of lovely ladies who were PD fans so it made it all worthwhile in the end. On the return journey we did manage to find the elusive Krispy Kreme’s but Kirsty hun, I really didn’t think they were all that!

So it was up early Saturday morning for a class and lucky for me my gals all took pity on me and were easy on me this week, thanks girls! With traipsing round all day my back is killing and my sciatica has returned, yayyy but they let me sit down for most of the class and I spent the rest of the day with my mum and watching X Factor (Lucie to win). So today I’m ensconced on my brand noo mammoth chair and I ain’t moving an inch, except to maybe make sausage and mash for Sunday lunch, yumster.  Anyway, I’ve already bored you to death I know, but here are the projjies we made yesterday, I really like these and I’m going to tidy up in a min and do a tutorial for that tree so check it out later today.

IMGP3321IMGP3322IMGP3323I really like this card and the girls did a great job with their versions. This is all made using the PD Crimbo Doodles rubber stamp set and a die cut strip from Bazzill’s Just The Edge Christmas. The poinsettia’s are coloured with marker pens and then layered up and I cut one flower in half to make the cascading leaves. White pen to doodle around the edge and there ya go…


This fab tree is SOOOOO easy to make and they loved this one.

me1This was made with papers from Jingle Jangles (love the festivities collection, it’s sooo wintery) and a selection of stamps from the Christmas Doodles stamp set to decorate.

Right, sausage and mash is callin, I’m off to fill my face and then I’ll be back to add the tute.


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  1. Enfys said,

    OMG your visit to the NEC sounds, hmmm………..interesting. I live 10 minutes away from the place, so I have a plan, next time you come down, stay with me, save your ££££ for the goodies, I can do krispy kremes for breakfast, and my sofa bed is quite sturdy……. great tutorial ducky,
    En xxx

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