…another saga…

23/10/2009 at 5:19 pm (card making)

…well we’re back from Peterborough after the show and I just had to share this time’s little saga. I reckon it cant’ JUST be us that sh*t happens to, and if it does, it means we are both indeed the hand of death and the finger of woe after all. So…After arriving last night and raiding big M’s for a healthy tea (right!)  I got a craving for McNuggets, I LOVES ’em I do!! And the OH also loves the Big Mac too. So after we both concurred that they are only a small portion and to hide our shame after sitting in already, we went and got in the car and went back through the drivethru for seconds!! Greedy fat pigs that we were!! Altho’ I do have to say we hadn’t eaten anything else except a bag of crisps in the car and we didnt actually have full meals so that makes it ok.  So we then had to sneak our calorie-ridden treats into the Hotel which houses the most miserable receptionist ever, so we tiptoed and sniggered our way back to the room and tucked in sharpish. Only  I had no curry sauce so the secret feast was spoiled totally for me and I almost threw a tantrum.  So there I am sitting minding my own business and all of a sudden there’s a shriek next to me. And I mean a shriek! Men are D.U.M.B.      There he is, sat in a chair dripping in caramel McFlurrie.  And I mean DRIPPING, as in dripping everywhere.  He doesnt move, just sits there looking at me like I should do something! And all he was bothered about was it was a brand new top and the first time out and he didnt have a spare with him! TUT!  So after I shouted at him uttering a few profanities, in typical man fashion he decided to stand up and just let it all drip everywhere else. So he got shouted at again.  Next thing,  trainers come flying out of the bathroom  – literally, flying in the air! After a minute or so I couldnt cope with the despair coming from the bathroom so I went in to find him trying pathetically to wash it off and I’ve never seen so much mess – watery ice cream goes a looooong looooong way.  Honestly, you have no idea and no, I do not have enough medals and yes, I do need one – a BIG one. So this was justice for overdosing on the old maccyD’s obviously.

So we get into bed to watch THAT Question Time with scourge of the earth Griffin (haha didnt he show himself up good and proper for what he is), and meladdo (who incidentally has a bottomless stomach and is skinny as a pin) decided to eat a stinky pot noodle. Yuk! My husband grazes constantly.  Anyway, he thought he could hide a certain smell with the stench of the stinky chicken and mushroom but NO! My nose is very sensitive and I protested in a rather loud screech – and, you guessed it, he jumped so much he threw his pot noodle everywhere!   When I tell ya that I despair now you know why.

So we get up this morning and before I leave the room I tripped on fresh air and have lightly sprained my foot. Great. Only me can do that. Whilst we were at the Studio, Kris had an encounter with something unpleasant which I dare not mench here but needless to say he hasn’t stopped going on about it yet and we will be dining out on that story for some time to come, ohhhh how much would some of you pay me to find out the juicy goss, hahahahaha it would be worth a forch! Any bids are welcome! Anyway, we do the show, and stop off in our fave place on the way home for a drink – and as I stirred my lushy strawberry milkshake I say “how funny would it be if I spilled ice-cream all down myself like you did last night”…yep. You guessed it.  So we both came home – in shame – and are clearly worthy of being on Jeremy Kyle. x


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