shoe drools again…

11/10/2009 at 5:57 pm (card making)

been drooling again, I sooooooo wish I could wear heels, I NEEEEEEED all of these. Maybe I could have a shoe wardrobe where I can just stroke them and never wear them. Oh yeah, I just remembered I have that already! I am seriously thinking of finding someone who will train me to walk in heels again like whens I was a teenager.

…check these babies out…dontchya just want want want…

and theeeeeese….

Cortesan Round Toe Polka

and theeeeeeeeeeeese I REAAAAALLLY neeed…..

I’m in love, sighhhhhhh…..

and maybe these….

and my babies are STILL waiting for me after alllllll this time, come to me, come to me, I love you I adore you, I need you, you should be mine…..I think it’s fate they are still in stock and available in my size …..

wait for me, wait for me………………………. I’m coming to get you my lovelies…..



  1. Becky Hayes said,


    Please couldy you let me know where you have seen these shoes, my daughters would so love them

    Thanks Becky

  2. chriss said,

    Oh wow I lubbbbs them all,

    where did you find those babie,
    Was it at goody 2 shoes in york.

    I was out for the first time last night in a pair of 4inch heals and I had to keep saying to daughter…hey wait for me…I cant walk in these…yet like you I could run on them on the cobble roads in Richmond no probs… I am gona admit it I was scared last night in case I fell off them…lol and driving in them was an art in it’s self…hehehe.

    By the way I can creat ‘stuff ‘ to order for your design team…. me like a challenge as you wel know.

    nice to see you over at mine today.

    chriss x

  3. Tassy said,

    oh my Gosh! The baby blue one is so darling! I would love to wear these! And also, what an inspiration these shoes are…Im already inspired to make a card with black and white stripes and another pattern…plus maybe a dash of red, oh my word.
    Im glad I stumbled across your blog:)

  4. julie said,

    great for inspiration, do they do them in flatties lol cos with heels like that I would be married to a dwarf pmsl who said I am…..

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