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14/09/2009 at 12:08 am (card making)

…sorry been so long! Been mega busy this past couple of weeks preparing for the next Create and Craft show and being doomed with technology too! Any of you following my twitter/facebook etc will know that I am currently titled “The finger of woe” as I seem to be breaking anything that has an electrical pulse at the mo! In the past 2 weeks this has resulted in breaking a laptop, a 32GB SD card which miraculously now only holds 6mb (!!?fuming, only had it a month) and my PC. ANd I MEAN break! All 3 kaput! Had to go to the pooter shop and everyfink! Makes you realise how much some of us, ie me, actually LIVE on our pooters these days, it was like having my arms cut off not being able to get on, and this was with the backup of Noah’s old pc which is relegated to the DH.  Anyway thought my pooter woes were over at last as everything is reinstalled and I managed not to lose too much data thanks to the nice pootman, till today. And then the printer wars restarted. Yes folks, I have now busted my 4th, YES 4th, printer in less than 3 months. I’ve lost the will to live. Honestly.  I feel like hiring a hitman to go into HP and blow the place up.

Anyway, what else…this blogeroo is very piccy light lately but with the acquisition of a rather nifty new camcorder which is (almost) idiotproof I promise to post some more piccies soon as I get chance to wipe my big girl botty and tidy up enough to take some photos of the cards I’ve made recently!

Well, this will be the last post of the week (cough and first) before we hit Create and Craft on Tues 15th at 9am – then the rest of the week will be mental with packing and I’m currently working on the next new thang as we speak. Well not EXACTLY as I’m obviously typing right now but you get my drift.  And talking of new stuff, if you like rubber stamping you really should check out C&C on tues morning as I think you might likey like…there aint much stock on these so you should snaffle em up pronto – most of the design team don’t even have them yet either! (Yes I am in the doghouse over it i think!)

Well it was Haggie show yesterday and I did manage to purchayse a rather luuuurvvleeee Sizzix storage bag whicj I adore. And twas a bit of a bragin I thought. All black and white giant gingham and oh my, I adore it! I didnt buy it for my craft stuff, oh no, it’s too lvoely so it will be my new overnight bag which I desperado need. I also thought if I had a real nice bag instead of a crummy carrier to take my polyfilla down to C&C I might be less inclined to leave half my wardrobe and makeup and straighteners in the green room. Hence NOT having to make a 5 hour round trip to go get them back.  Ta dahhhhh! Another bright idea by me.

Right it’s gone 1am and I have no idea why I’m still sat here I have an early start for the next few days and i need my booty sleep – there are enough bags and sags on this toosh without having Tesco carriers under my red eyeballs too!

So nitey nite, see you the end of the week! xx

p.s. soz about the spelling mistakes, anyone who knows me knows me knows I am  (eats shoots and leaves) a stickler on the old spelling B but I am wayyyy too tired and bleary eyed and besides, spell what I say not as I do and all that so I’m letting this one ride). Please dont hate.


  1. Sue Ramsay said,

    Good luck Nikky, am trying not to really really really not like you cos youve just bought the bag I HAVE TO HAVE grrrrrrrrrr. xxxx

  2. julie said,

    good lucky on Tues I shall be watching if your on my telly ju x

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