30/08/2009 at 7:22 pm (card making)

I just came across these piccies of my two bootiful pud-tads and I do love ’em sooo…who could resist these little faces….IMGP3138I just love all those whiskery bits round their faces, Mod loves it when I stroke his whiskies..he’s sporting a few scratchwounds here…and who can resist this big fat fellah, he is OBSESSED with boxes at the mo, every time I turn round he has ensconced himself into whatever cardboard is around…



but don’t be fooled by all this cuteness these two blighters may look like butter wouldnt melt but the truth is far far from it!…I’m leaving these 2 boxes on the bed in hope that it keeps their fat furry backsides off my duvet…(notice how Scootie’s fatass is busting out of his box, lol!)…



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  1. craftymare said,

    I’m sure the Cat (2nd from top) is the one that sits on top of my car and leaves dirty paw marks all over the windscreen. Tut, it needs to learn to wipe its feet

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