30/08/2009 at 7:42 pm (card making)

Well things have been sooo busy lately I’ve been neglecting MY blog  a bit in favour of Polkadoodles challenges, Forums and loads of other stuff  – phew, talk about a busy few months, since the beginning of May I just feel like my feet haven’t touched the ground. Until this week, that is and I seem to have all of a sudden caught up and de-stressed a bit.  I even got to the point this morning where I had some free time, yipppeeee – needless to say I didnt know what to do with myself! I even cleaned and tidied my craft room/bedroom yesterday (well, ok it was a 2 day job really and still needs a dust) and I am SO proud, I can actually see the carpet now! I had reached the point this week where I couldnt actually walk because I’d spilled an entire box (and I;m talking a BIG box) of brads, jumprings and hinges all over the floor and couldnt be bothered to scrape around in the dust and filth to pick ’em up.  Anyway, dont let this fool you, I DO have loads to do including a tax return which needs some urgent attench but I just decided to kinda take it easy this weekend and I’m just finding it all a little bit weird to be honest!  Anyway, I also realised it’s been ages since I populated this blog with anything of interest so enough drivelling, or is that dribbling, on with the piccies!…


Most of these are actually samples which were made for the TV shows so I suppose I’m cheating a little! heheheh…I love Polly in her Princess cossie here holding her little star…this is obviously from Jingle Jangles but you could use both her and the backing paper for any time of year I think…I’m not really a red and green crimbo kinda girl but I do like this card…


One of my fave bits of the CD is the Festive swirls which is a collection of dreamy papers which give a real frosted effect, I love this collection and again I do think you can use it all year round even though it has holly, it’s soo subtle you just don’t notice it…


I’m massively into paper pleating, rolling, you name it at the mo, feel like I’m getting very “samey” I think and need to change my current stylee!..


This is the card I demo’d on Create and Craft for the CD launch. I just LOVE my owls (sorry if thats really vain but quite often as an artist I find I like something when I create it and then I go off it cos I’ve moved onto the next thing, but I just love these little fellas (you’d never believe I HATE birds would you!)…anyway, this is one of the stampies but if you didnt see the show I traced around him with a Quickie Glue Pen and then heat embossed him so he looks like he’s actually been stamped. A fab technique if you love stamping and the look of stamping.  My 2nd fave thing on the CD is those squirly funny shapey message tablet thingies I made – I adore them! …IMGP3091

Well, I’ve got me a laptop to try and fix before I throw it out the window – MEN! broke it again! So I think that’s enough picfest for today folks! xxx



  1. Boni said,

    These are all so delish and I love the crisp look of your colors!!!

  2. julie said,

    hi there, I seem to have missed so much while I have been away, can you go back and start again from the beginning of aug please I have missed too much lol this new cd looks fabulous keep up the good work but less of the tidying as you may pass it on to us grungees and that isnt aloud have a fun few days….ju x

  3. Lou said,

    Fab to hear you are getting some free time . . . but to then squander it with that awful thing called “house work” . . Nicky, Nicky, Nicky!

    Love your first card with Polly on . . . I’ve used her on one of my samples for you as well !

    Take care & if you feel the urge to” clean” rear its ugly head again, your more than welcome to pop over here !


  4. Tip Top said,

    Ah, glad you are getting some time to yourself. But less of the tidying up eh?!

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