busy bee…

22/08/2009 at 8:37 am (card making)

…oo I’m sorry I am neglecting my blogeroo lately, have been soooo busy with what seems like one show after another, feel like I’m now a TV slave without being too melodramatic! However, I’ve just made a major change in my life which hopefully means more time for everything, including me and doing the things I love, instead of work work work 19 hours a day as it has been lately.  And with the major change came the ability to waste a tad of time spending the other night doing my other fave pash – shoe drools.  I’m thinking of doing a shoe drool of the week, I know which brand will be up there week in week out though, but anyway take a look at these babies, I really do NEEED to own these. Not to wear, just to look at. This has been confirmed by DH who just wandered in and looked at them and totally unprompted, said “Those are shoes to just have aren’t they, you wouldnt wear them, you would just look at them, I think you need them dont’ you” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My years and years of training him are paying off, he finally understands!! This is a breakthrough for Womankind and the Human Race! Problem is though, I was so shocked I confessed I couldnt have them because I’ve just bought another pair this week instead! Eeeek what am I doing, I need to be more sneaky than that in future! Anyway, here are these droolies, I think I really do nnneeeeeeed them, I would scrap them so does that mean I can justify £60 for a scrap page….hmmmm….I have spent that on stash with a particular layout in the past in my younger more carefree days….oh bugger it I will just log on here every day and worship across the screen instead, I can still stroke the monitor and that way I won’t get drool all over the ricrac trim. Besides, they won’t fit my great big hooves and I wouldnt even be able to totter across the kitchen in them cos my great girth will have the heels snapped under the strain in less than 5 mins….c’est la vie….shoes….ohhhhhhhhhhhhh orgasmic shoes I am not worthy……………………….your bid is my command…………………………..


1 Comment

  1. Sue Ramsay said,

    OMG I just died and went to shoe heaven – they are absolutely gorgeous, I want them too !

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