06/08/2009 at 8:36 pm (card making)

…funny old day really. Soz, still have no piccies, no time to mess about with camera this week! Promise will do some soon! Found out last night my cousin has died which is really sad, he was 2 weeks younger than me and we sort of grew up together so it was a bit of a shock. Still, life goes on doesn’t it and it has occurred to me lately that I’ve reached that time of life when funerals become more common because you and everyone around you is much older now.

Anyway, it’s been a weird day. Woke up far too early this morning after a really late night and then discovered a tarantula with a gammy leg in the bath.  It amazes me where they come from. So Frank had to dispose of it in the backyard, it was way too big to bash, I think the cats would’ve just run off, although it did make me wonder if one of ’em had a paw in giving it a bad leg.   Then I got into trouble.  Yesterday the fridge door, today, the crack in the bath which apparently, according to the law of Frank, is my fault.  Note how these things always happen when you are skint.  So we are going to see if Stix2 silicon glue will seal it, as you do!  I still don’t think it’s my fault, ok so my big lardie arse may have contributed but I think the fact the plastic bath has been in there since about 1980 has probably more to do with it.  Well, thats my excuse and I’m sticking to it!  Well, headache is still here so I’m off to watch some tv and get my pc goggle eyes rested a bit.  ttfn xx


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  1. Tip Top said,

    Oh dear. Hope things improve for you…..

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