..ooo betteeee, hnnnn…

03/08/2009 at 7:33 pm (card making)

…some wives do ‘ave ’em.

Me to be precise.  I am living in hell with Frank Spencer. He doesnt look like him, he doesnt talk like him but I swear blind it is him. Which makes me Betty I suppose. Hopefully without the high pitched whiney voice.  Y’see, the old Frankie Spence had the sign of the hanged man hanging over everything he touched. So does mine. And I mean, everything he touches.  Tonight it was the turn of the poor old fridge to be touched by the cursed hands.   Now I love my fridge. It’s big. And although I couldnt afford a nice proper Smeg fridge, this is the next best thing and is a nice big cream and chrome Smeg lookalikey, and it still wasnt cheap.  It’s one of those nice tall fridges that you can get bucketloads of stuff in and it has a big ice compartment the size of a normal fridge. So like, it is BIG.  Old Frankie boy, all he had to do was get the milk out and all of a sudden the fridge decided it had had enough and hey, jack flash, Frank Spencer MKII is stood there in mid kitchen with a bloody fridge door in his hand. Miraculously in some bizarre Final Destination kinda freaky moment it just detached itself from its body.  I mean, you just couldnt make it up could you.  Needless to day, camera batteries weren’t charged or I would’ve run for them straight off to capture the Frank comedy moment.  I bet you don’t know ANYONE else who has suffered a fridge door falling off in their hands.  No, me neither.  Except probably the original Betty. Hey ho it’s like water off a duck’s back in this house, these things are not abnormal anymore.   So, sorry I havent posted any pics lately, as you can see, my time is taken up with sorting Frankie boy and his mishaps out.  x


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  1. Tip Top said,

    Hehehehehehehe. Hope the fridge is feeling better soon!

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