do you ever feel doomed…

26/07/2009 at 3:24 pm (card making)

I do.   I am jinxed where printers and technology are concerned. Printers especially. I currently have 3 printers set up. My very expensive one which was bought just one year ago is broked. My very expensive sooper doop heavy duty one I bought at the beginning of July (yes, less than a month ago) is semi-broked.  My cheapo one bought last week – semi-broked.  WTF?????  I’m not exactly printing like a zillion things out here!!! FFS it’s enough to drive you to murder.  AND why is it so hard to find a decent printer which will also print borderless A4? Surely in the age of the digi camera revolution it should be easy enough.  No! To do that you have to buy a PHOTO printer.  I don’t want a photo printer, I want a normal inkjet printer. Not a photo or a laser, an INKJET. Which can do lots of prints easily and at a reasonable speed.  One thing I would say to anyone about to buy a new printer – whatever you do DO NOT buy a HP F4280!!! Not if you want to be sane that is.  This was the cheapo 40 quid jobbie we got as an emergency last week.  The flipping cartridges are a whopping £20 each nearly and I think I only printed about 20 pages on the colour one before it ran out – what a SWIZZ!  I’m SOOOO p’d off about it.  It also keeps thinking it’s turned off AND you can only do your alignment/cleaning etc on screen through the software installation, not on the printer itself which is really annoying.  I would go so far as to say, in my humble opinion and excuse my rage – what a crock of sh*te it is!  > : (

See that, that’s my printer rage face that is.  So I currently have 2 printers in warranty which I need fixing and am still printerless – so now I’ve had to buy a FOURTH! printer to get me going again, we have a trillion orders to process and I need a printer desperately.  So if your order is late I’m sorry, please blame the dummocks at HP for our tardiness.  BIG sigh, I really have had enough.  And to top it all last week I found a refill kit for one of them which was a bit of a find as it’s a brand new model and they’re not available yet, so I spent ages refilling only to find I’d spilled it all down myself – and a week later I am still showing the signs of black inkspill down my stomach! Won’t come off! No end of scrubbing has shifted the blighter!  right I’m off to go and try doing some more alignment of my cartirdges not that it’s going to work. ciao you print virgins xxx


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  1. julie said,

    hiya, lol I shouldnt laugh at your downfall but I love to hear you rant and rave, what you need is an epson stylus DX8450 cost me about £99 and I get compatible ink cartridges from ebay at about 2.25 a time brilliant. it also prints borderless and is an inkjet
    get on the net and get searchin and I wish you luck ju x

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