like a candle in the wind…

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…flippin ‘eck I’m bushed. What a few days!! What a week, what a month in fact! Have been neglecting my lil blogeroo because of concentration a la challenge blog ( and trying to get sorted for yet another Create & Craft show which was yesterday.  Am having a bit of a breather tonight which hasn’t been acsh, its’ 9.30 already and I’ve just spent 3 hours messing about with artwork which doesnt wanna be messed about wiv and is playing me up good and prop I can tell ya – aaaagh I wanna throw the ‘puter outta the window!

Anyways if I said it had been a poop few days pre-show it would be an understatement, thought I wasnt going to make it due to a really bad back – 12 hours prior to the show I couldnt even stand up, I was bent over like Mrs Overall from Acorn Antiques, in fact worse I think.  And I have to admit in a stinking bad mood not conducive to making demo’s/samples or anything. Well, obviously the adrenalin must’ve kicked in yesterday! But prior to that the last few days have seen: Kris fell over and sprained his thumb, printer broke yet again (3rd one in 2 months, I’m starting to get a paranoid tic about this now, has someone got a voodoo doll out on me or wot?), back went, mojo buggered off somewhere and didnt take me with him, then finally got to the show to discover we’d left LOADS of samples at home – no doubt they were what Kris tripped over when he did his thumb in. Oh well, never mind! So the show went in a flash and looking back at the recording I tittered my head off all the way through and tittered even louder when I watched last night.  You’d think I’d never ever tied a bloomin’ ribbon in my life – that’s what you get for being too mean to cut it off in case you waste it folks! I think sometimes I go in a little trance and forget where I am you know, I seem to go into FooFoo’s World and then have to snap myself out!!! I also seemed unable to string a sentence together yesterday although I don’t know if that has something to do with a nervous runny nose condition I seem to have developed! It’s true, when I start to demo my nose starts leaking snot like 2 candles and  yesterday I didnt have a tissue so I was just waiting and hoping the camera would go off me so I could wipe my boogers on my sleeve!!! Its very off-putting knowing you are on flippin’ TV with 2 candles for a top lip, not nice girls!!! 😀    I’m also not impressed with said fashion worn yesterday I really liked that top till I saw it wobbling every time I laughed, it made me look like my big fat belly was jiggling about – it wasn’t honestly!!! That top has a drawstring round the bottom which kinda weighs it down hence the jiggle and it will NOT be worn again unless I cut the string out maybe! Urgh hideous, and as a consequence had cucumber sarnies for lunch. WIth cheese & onion crisps. Yeah, I know! I WILL try and make more of an effort but cupboard is like Old Mother Hubbards and I aint got the time or inclination to fill it with anything at the mo.  Anyway, what I really wanted to say is that I was so impressed with Stephanie Weightman yesterday, she is so good at her job and I thought she was great, and an absolute pleasure to work with, she just laughs from one cockup to another which is right up my street and makes you feel better when you do make a mistake a-la-ribbon-not-being-tied-in-under-30-mins variety!  Anyway, she has a big charity craft event on at Chesterfield this weekend so if you are around the area make sure you drop in and support the charity – PLEASE! Right, well gotta go go go am going to make another assault on my obnoxious PC and see if it wants to talk to me now. Flip, I am so tired I could fall asleep standing up. Or not, with this back! Right, g’night John-Boy, ttfn xx



  1. Denise said,

    Nik, you were sensational and it was a pleasure to watch the show. Steph Weightman genuinally loved your CD’s and quite rightly so. I think she seemed relieved and excited that there are some CD’s available at last that are unique in their ideas. Lets face it the majority of them on C&C are basically the same but just with different patterned papers The ideas on them don’t vary much. With yours we can do so much more. I can’t wait to get my Candy Doodles CD and have put housework officially on hold for a further 60 months as I know it will keep me busy along with Sugar Birdies. Hope Kriss’s thumb is ok by now. Maybe you could practice ribbon tieing on Kriss’s shoe laces, that way you get practice and it also helps to prevent Kriss from tripping over his shoe laces if they are tied properly HEE HEE HEE HEE (sorry couldn’t resist)
    You are a STAR
    D X

  2. julie said,

    Hi nikki just loved the create and craft hour, you looked so chilled out, I loved your demos and cant wait to get your cds, you do make me laugh your blog is hilarious keep up the good work ju x

  3. Tip Top said,

    hehehehehe! Not yet seen the ribbon episode – hope to get to that bit tonight!

  4. Hayley Goldthorpe said,

    That was such a funny post!!

    As you know Nicky I’m a new PD customer, but enjoying every moment. The show was great, better than great….super great, you didn’t titter….it’s hard to titter with Steph who I’m sure holds the world record for talking without taking a breath….in the nicest possible way 🙂 I also suffer from runny nose syndrome, when I’m eating….not good for now single me if ever I am to meet and go for dinner with Mr Wrong, i say that as after 7 years with Mr Right turned out he wasn’t so it must be Mr Wrong for me?! Heck who knows?!

    As for afore mentioned choice of fashion, I think you looked fine, I’m off the larger persuasion (spelling?!) myself and struggle to find things that don’t make me look like a barrage balloon (spelling again?!) anyway, i had been buying the tops with the tie at the bottom and never wearing them as they seemed to emphasise the balloon effect evry time I caught sight of myself in a window or mirror, but my non porky daughter recently introduced me to the joy of leggings!! Who would have thought I’d be wearing these things again, I’ve not worn dresses for years because of my legs feeling like a balloon being scraped with a wet finger every time I walked by the rubbing together sensation…hated it. But my girl said ‘Mum get yourself some leggings and some dresses’, so off she trotted to town with grandma, visited certain fat shop as it’s lovingly known (sure you know the one) came back with leggings and dress from asda. What freedon I felt!! No longer trussed up with ties and friction sore legs, and even more to my surprise I didn’t look as much like a balloon, ok, I’m not Kate moss, but instead of looking like round balloon I’m more like a long one that has been just slightly over inflated! As my girl says, the dress elongates my body and doesn’t cut me off in the middle. Also looks ok with a short top tied not too tightly under the bustline…you know the ones I mean! I feel free!!!!!

    So that’s my dating and fashion advise/advice (never know which) of the day!! Hope it helps……the fashion bit that is!!

    Just about to craft with my new downloads, can’t wait but had to have a read of your blog today as it makes me laugh so much!!

    H :))

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