busy b…

05/07/2009 at 6:14 pm (card making)

…pheweee I am staaaacked out! We had our first Create and Craft show on Wednesday and I think it was a success as we seem to be piled high with a mountain of orders! So if you ordered through our site I’m sorry if there is a bit of a delay but we are working our way through mount everest as we speak! The design Team did me proud and more with their amazing designs, in fact they saved my proverbial lardie bacon as I havent had time to do any samples and it looks like I’m not going to get time to do any more either as we already have another show scheduled for the 21st July so I am zippededoodahhing another product as we speak. My lips are tightly sealed though…anyway, just want to publicly thank all the girls for their fab creations they were awesome awesome awesome and I love them all dearly.  Right, better get back to the grindstone, ttfn…xx



  1. Fiona S said,

    A BIG well done Nikki, you are such a talented lady and a excellent teacher, you deserve all the success. Any chance of another Craft/Xmas Day in the future pleeeeeeez .

  2. Denise said,

    BOOM: Well you certainly made a big impact on the crafting world. The success you most definately deserve is there for your taking now Nikky. You did yourself and Kriss proud. Well done. I can stake my claim to fame now by boasting that Nikky Hall taught me WELL..

  3. Tip Top said,

    Why, thank you for the thank you!!

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