…stress vent…

22/06/2009 at 8:36 pm (card making)

…I is stressed folks. I mean REALLY.  I don’t often get stressed but I am really feelin’ it this week thanks to a combination of things. So I’m sorry I don’t have any pics to show today but I just need to vent a bit. So vent I shall…

1. New haircut last week is OK if you are a hairdresser but not if you are in a constant rush and  you have mega curls and your GHD’s are starting to go. Oh, and you really need your hair to be good for upcoming TV show. 😡

2. You really don’t need people shouting at you when you’re stressed, speshally when it’s not for a good reason and you realise it’s been going on for about 2 weeks and you have no idea what the problem is and are not inclined to ask either.

3. GHD’s are going, hence unable to straighten curls meaning you are now sporting a curly bob identical to the one you had 20 years ago instead of nice streamlined elegant bob you came out of the salon with.

4. Printer breaks the one week you REALLY need it. You buy new printer at great cost and it has its own problem which you just don’t have time to sort out at the moment due to impending hair doom.

5. Someone seems to have crept into the house undetected overnight and stolen your bankcard and PIN and emptied your bank account and then put your bankcard back in your purse so it just looks like you ran out of money when you really don’t need to run out of money!

6. GHD’s are going. Hair has mind of it’s own.

7. Nails are shot to pieces just in time for upcoming TV show 😡    Cuticles look like a blunt lawn mower has run across them.

8. GHD’s are going. And you can’t buy new ones because of the horrid robber who stole your bankcard and emptied your account. Which means you will have to carry on sporting your Kelly McGinness/Sybil Shepherd from Moonlighting bob from 1990.

9. No amount of looking in the mirror can convince you that the haircut in No. 8 still looks ok on you now, 20 years later. At 42 you cannot get away with this look even if all the young things flitting around town in their skinny jeans could actually make it look mega trendy. You, in your fat jeans, can’t. Ever.

10. It looks like the cat has slept on your black work trousers for at least a week to ensure maximum ginger moult all over them which took at least 30 mins to remove with parcel tape and at which you point you notice a hole near the hem which you don’t have time to repair.

Right then!! Vent over! I feel Soooooooooo much better now! I now realise of course these are all little minor stresses but when you combine them they mount up. I can definitely recommend blog therapy if u are stressed, I feel so much better!

TTFN peeps, thanks for listening, that’s 20 quid for my wisdom, thankyou very much please and thanks. xx



  1. shell said,

    oh hun you poor love…if I lived nearer you
    could have my straightners lol.
    ..hope your not so stressed today

    huge great big hugs shell xx

  2. Tip Top said,

    Blimey. Just come out with some corking one liners on telly and you’ll be fine. Think of a catchphrase and use it where ever possible.

  3. Sue said,

    It will all be fine – you will see.
    Good luck – not that you will need it.

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