…noo barnet…

17/06/2009 at 10:06 pm (card making)

…ooooo I ventured to a new hairdressers tonight. Well, to be honest it is 3 years since I had my hair cut properly I’m ashamed to say, mainly due to a lack of time more than anything else. And my poor barnet was frazzled. I MEAN FRAZZLED FRAZZLED!  This week it seems to have decided to just mat itself into straw bales at the ends.  Anyway, I ventured into a new-ish salon which has just opened up the road, called Kiwi. And, what a wonderful wonderful treat it was!

Now you wouldnt believe it considering it hasnt had a cut for 3 years but I am actually really finicky with my hair. I have mega curls and ringlets which get a bi-weekly GHD blast into oblivion, so as anyone with curls knows, it’s a mare and I’m very fussy where I go and who gets their mitts on me follicles as I can very easily end up looking like Maggie Thatch or Thora Hird, depending on the Eddie Scissorhands in question.  Well, the 2 stylists in the Salon were just fabulous and I am now a converted customer for sure.   FIRSTLY they lavish glasses of wine on you which is a winner in my book, even if I dont drink wine, how bloody lovely is that! Secondly, they were just soooo attentive and lovely and friendly with a bit of banter and a joke, totally made you feel at home.  And thirdly, on top of all that I’d only booked in for a restyle but they FORCED me to have 2 lots of toner added to my gorge locks FREE OF CHARGE! Yes, FREE OF CHARGE! So of course I gave em a nice tip.  So what I thought was going to be a 45 min trip turned into almost 2 hours, and the very cute and fab Leanne did a mega job on getting rid of all the bale-age. All snipped on the floor although she did convince moi to go shorter than I’d planned but I’m an easy touch when I get in that chair, i think it’s the whiff of the bleach sends me all giddy and reckless! Anyway, not convinced whether I love it or not yet but I dont hate it, think it will just take some getting used to. And I’ve had to resign myself to being plaitless until I can grow it again. Think I can still jsut about manage some little mini bunches in there though!! Anyway, if you live anywhere near York you NEEED to go here, it’s truly one of the best ever salons I’ve ever ever been in.  And that is many, my friends! xxx



  1. Shopaholic said,

    Yeah come on… we want to see your lovely new locks! sounds wonderful what a lovely treat, should come on prescription! Michelle x

  2. Sue said,

    So when is the big reveal then – we need to see lol !

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