Friday again…

12/06/2009 at 9:39 pm (card making)

…well its been an up and downie kinda week, don’t know why I’m surprised by that, they generally are I s’pose! DOH.  I need to have a rant now so if you don’t want to be bored stoopid then skip down to the bottom or head off to some other more interesting blog (there are some on my sidebar over there, feel free to nash off I wont be offended).

Doctors.  Need I say more. No. But I will.

I don’t often go, being averse to hypochondria and hating the germ-ridden environment of a surgery with the pink plastic seats (they are obviously for all those who havent heard of Tena and pee themselves cos they’ve waited so long to be seen) and where the people who work seem to think they are better than me and can treat me like something off the sole of their shoe, that is if they even bother to acknowledge you at all when you turn up for the appointment you waited one whole week for. Lets face it, if you are a normal, healthy, working person you could just about bloody die before you get in. Well, at my surgery anyway.

So I managed to get an appointment in the same week I rang and I was damned if I wasn’t going to go, even though I knew by the time I went I would be better. I’ve got bad feet, see.  A very sore lump with a little rash has occurred on the top of each foot and they are killing me, feels like someone’s hit me with a hammer. So NHS Direct told me to head straight down to the GP pronto, don’t delay, could be this that and the other.  As always, being a ladeee of the chunky variety I steeled myself for the usual “lose weight” answer before I even got there and was determined not to get fobbed off as this is not your common or garden water retensh kinda thing.  I mean, you know, dont you.  Well I got a shock today. The slip of a doctor (I must be getting old) shook my hand and said pleased to meet you – WTF???!!!!!!!  Well, still reeling from the shock, I told him about me old plates of meat (of course the swelling HAS gone down today, although it is back again now of course) and he had a little prod in their direction.  Then I was mortified when he commented on the fact my feet are very dry and needed a bit of moisturisation!! What’s this, flipping QVC Beauty hour, mate???! Yes, they are dry cos they hurt and I can’t scrub them very well you eeejit.  So then he asks if I’d like some of this cream and I sorta think, well thats up to you, you’re the doc ainchya? and then he asks if I want some pills, well again, is it too flipping difficult for ya, doc?  So as always, the upshot of all this is I was sent off with a flea in me ear and more or less told to get moisturising and if it doesnt help then go back in a month. Yes, my feet hurt because I don’t moisturise them enough, or I am using the wrong cream (Yes, LOL, it is hysterical, he DID ask me what I used, maybe he was after some product tips??) Oh and that’s not all I need to vent about (sorry).  I told him about something else I needed sorting out, which would’ve been all of a 2 minute convo and was told, very politely, that there wasn’t time to discuss that complaint today, thankyou very much, can you make another appointment to discuss that another day and please close the door on your way out.  Sometimes you are just rendered speechless aren’t you.  The world has gone mad. Or is it just my world. So after a whole what, 4 minutes maybe, off I trotted, or hobbled I should say, armed with me scrip.  I mean, is the NHS on a conveyor belt system now or something?  Are we on time and motion all of a sudden? And then, and then, listen to this,  when I got to the chemists he’d put flipping cream on there which would’ve cost me £7 whatever a prescription is these days so I told the chemist to scrub it off and I would make do with my Molton Brown thankYOU very much you, you, you QUACK!!!!!   Words without expletives escape me right now. Well, I did tell you it was boring.

Anyways, onwards and upwards, things can only get better… so on the old Polka Doodles blog this week there were some bloomin’ awesome awesome fings this week, the girls outdid themselves I think.  Oo hang on I need to kick my birki’s off before they make my feet dry out (!) .  So here is my take on the challenge this week…


Everything on this is from the Sugar Birdies CD and the Lulu Ladybug range.  It was actually a really simple card, just cut the shape then snipped out the inside of a scallop circle, stuck it on and then cut away the card to make the aperture.  I used one of the new Fiskars finger cutters for this.  Thought this was going to be a mega product but to be honest I struggled a bit with it and I dont think I’ll be replacing my scalpel anytime soon.  I do love Fiskars products but I found it didnt really fit my hand very well, it seemed way too big and I have BIG hands for a girl so I think a lot of people will struggle with it, considering it’s supposed to make cutting easier.  Also, they could’ve done with putting a little disgram on the back of how to use the thing too. Anyway, here are some close-ups…nik2nik1

the birdhouse handle is 2 border strips glued together with DST and I made the embellie by fringing one sentiment and distressing it, and then layering it on top of another which was slightly ripped. I added a flower to the centre.  Wire was twisted round a pencil for the coils, and then twisted around the embellishment to keep it in place, and the ladybugs were stuck onto the wires.  The Ladybugs are all finished with Glossy Accents to add shine and extra dimension so they really pop out in real-life.  Finally I did a bit of doodling and a bit of decoration to the inside.

Well, we finally got confirmation about our appearance on Ideal World/Create and Craft this week, so come the 2nd July I will be quaking in my birki’s waiting for my first (hopefully) appearance with the CD and a couple of other goodies too.   So, after 3 years of no profesh haircut, guess where I am going tomorrow…oh noooo a new snipper, I hate it when you have to change hairdressers…

Oh, and I almost forgot, keep your eyes peeled for my new collection which will be out very soon on the PD website, here is a sneaky sneaky peeeeek….




  1. Shell said,

    Oh hun sounds as tho your docs are as bad as ours…..I think they all have a power gone straight to there head complex….their receptionists are the worst….

    I went to see my Rhumatologist consultant 3 weeks ago was poked proded, scanned x-rayed had blood taken,and was told by her that I needed to see a lupus specialist asap…they would fone the next get me in the next week…well three weeks later I still haven’t heard …I did fone after about 7 days and was told they had no record of me ever being seen…WTF!!! is that all about….then the secretary decided to tell me she was about 2 weeks behind typing up her notes….but I am still waiting…lol

    huge hugs and hope your feets feel bettere soon hunny shell xx

  2. Sue said,

    Hi Nikki,
    love the card, loved the Drs story even more though! Sounds rather like what my doctors used to be like before I got M.E. – they have been so much better since then, think theyve had a course of injections of niceness or something. Either that or theyre all on the free sample drugs the reps leave.
    If its not getting better take yourself off to Cuedoc, that will shame them into sorting it out for you. Flippin moisturiser………….what next!!!
    Take care
    Sue x

  3. Lou said,


    You had me in stitches with your Dr’s story ! I know you’re in pain but I did have to laugh. As for presecription costs . . . what are our NI payments for? I suppose we shouldn’t moan because at home in Ireland, you have to pay to go tot he Dr’s & then pay per pill ! ! !

    Our GP’s are the same . . . lucky if you get appointment in the same week. Have to say my biggest bug bearer about Dr’s is when the receptionist asks you to explain what is wrong . . . . say what? . . . when did you become a Dr? That so winds me up. Last time that happened I explained in great detail that I had this pustule that had burst, oozing stuff with an awful smell & it was in a delicate area . . . got an appointment very quickly. When I got to the Dr’s I think he was a little disappointed that I had gone in for something else but I explained to him why I fibbed & he apologised. Have to say, if I phone up now for any of us, they now just give me an appointment without the questions.

    Love you card by the way and how you cleverly made the handle . . will definitely have to borrow that trick. Lulu on her wire coils looks devine as well.

    Not long now until 2nd July . . . yeah . . . bet your excited as well as a wee bit scared? If you need moral support on the day just say – it’s just along the A14 for me.

    Have agreat weekend (& apologies for the L…..O……N…….G reply,


  4. saskia said,

    Hi Nikky!!!

    Lovely, lovely card… so cute and creative!!

    Whow Whow!!!!! That new collections is soooooo sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sweet greetings,
    Saskia 🙂

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