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05/06/2009 at 9:56 pm (card making)

tfi Friday. I think I say that each and every week actually! I bet most of us do!! And what happened to the lovely weather, hahahahah – I’m freezing tonight!! 😀

Well it’s good ol’ BB time again, yaayyyy one addictive TV show ends and another starts to waste more of my preshy time, the TV addict that I am. Acsh when I think about it I think I have probably lived in the bedroom looking at this blinking screen for the last month, just tootling off down the wooden stairs for an odd pee and poo and something to eat. But not in that order usually.  Jeez I am just watching the news on BBC and I think that anchorwoman Sophie whatsit’s mouth is huger than it ever was, haven’t seen her for ages!! You could post 12 x 12 parcels through that! eeek! scary!

Anyways my luvlie peepsicles, over at blog Doodles this week our challenge was another sketch (we is having a sketchy phase you might notice). When I first drew the sketcheroo I had in mind a criss-cross card and I did start out that way but ended up totally off on a tangent. Cardmaking is not easy right now for moi as my house is bulging at the seams from too much stuff in too small a space and I can’t find a bloody thing! My beloved Fiskars nonstick scissors seem to have trotted off since I cut my fringe last Sunday and I am GUTTED. Thinking about posting a lost advert on milk cartons for safe return. I tell ya, once you use a pair of Fiskars NOTHING else will do, call me a total saddo but I actually find the swishy sound the blades make when you cut totally satisfying. Not in that way, tut!  Anyway I think Mr Trebus has actually snaffled them and right now they may be wrapped up in cling film in a freezer somewhere waiting for a council inspector to declare them 20 years past their sell by date.  Yes, the state my house is in right now, Mr Trebus MUST be living here somewhere underneath all the mess! 

Anyway, back to the card, I digress as usual…here it is…nik3
…so, this is using more of the lovely papers from my Sugar Birdies CD (YES, we will be shipping this v.soon, thanks for your patience!) and the sugarlish Polly Polkadoodles who is also on the CD.  I took a black and pink polka border strip and cut it in half, then concertina’d it to make a ruffle for the front.  I cut a slit in the scallop frame and then slotted Polly through so it looks like she is popping out of the frame. A few doodles as usual and the wooden dragonflies were just to hand amongst the stash chaos…here’s what I did with them…

…I cut a thin strip of acetate and folded it into a square and made a little pop up for the dragonfly so it stand out from the card by about an inch – it’s really hard to see on screen but in life it looks mega 3D and the acetate always pops back (use a heavy grade though).

The lovely Kath from Team Doodle has inspired us all to decorate the insides of our cards this week – to be honest I usually do do something, but generally it’s just down the side as I am a meanie and consider it a waste of stash on the inside!! hahahah…so anyways, I put aside my scroogeness and went for it this week …

…so on the inside I did the same pop-up technique for the dragonfly and the birdiehouse too and I cut away part of the back of the card so Polly lines up down the right when the card is closed.  I have to say I do love Polly and you will be seeing LOTS more of her soon, she’s gone down a storm with the teamies and they all have good taste mwahahhahahahahhahaha! Acsh, she is a self-portrait but in a skinnier form hahahahahahah! 

Right its knocking on 11pm and I need to clear all my sheeeeet (ie stash) off the bed so I can get in without waking up the DH who has been snoring his big sneck off the last half hour. Men are unbelievable arent they, he must have been real tired cos he’s lying there surrounded by a big bin bag , 2 cats, a camera, a huge box of files and a load of other stuff. Only a skinny person could’ve got in there, I couldnt have managed it. Acsh, I’m quite worried that when I move it all I might find Mr Trebus is in there instead of my hubbie!!!!!! eeeeeeek the thought is making me vom!  right, that’s it, I’ll see you later, I’m going in………………….



  1. Shell said,

    Oh hun that card is stunning love the colours…..
    hugs shell xx

  2. saskia said,

    Great card, full of lovely details!!!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Sweet greetings,

    The Belgian Choc.

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