…turn it off please…

01/06/2009 at 8:34 pm (card making)

…we’re never satisfied…one minute it’s miserable and cold, the next it’s too bloody warm and I like it cold, me. Yes, I am a freak of nature, I LIKE IT COLD!

So here we are in a mini heatwave and I’m dreaming of ice cream and snowballs and icy snowflakes…ahh well, soon be winter :D. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the sun, just don’t like the heating turned up, I like to keep my bingo wings under wraps thankyou very muchly. So lil ol’ me has been cooped up inside all week finishing off the final bits to my new CD Sugar Birdies which is fine by me. I like to be pale and extra uninteresting, I always do the opposite to everyone else – at least thats what my DH says (why CAN’T you just do as you’re told for once I hear reverberatythingy in my head). Anyway, I have to say I am loving my new Sugar range even if I do say so meself and so it seems are you with the number of pre-orders I have sitting waiting to be posted off. So make sure you check out the polkadoodles blog this week as I think you will see lots more of the new goodies on there now the DT have got there inky sticky mitts on them – and if you’ve pre-ordered, we are hoping to ship the CD’s in the next couple of weeks. Well I am bushed, thanks to the mini migraine this heat has induced today so I am off for an early night (havent been to bed before midnight for about a month eek!) but in the meantime here is Friday’s challenge card which I totally forgot about. mwah and goodnight all. xIMGP2874IMGP2875



  1. Lou said,

    I’m not a sit in the sun person – did my frying myself to a crisp thing when I was younger but do love the sunshine & blue skies. Fab, bright card & love all the different layers.


  2. Shell said,

    Oh hun you must be mad lol…I suffer from hayfever but still prefer the heat to the cold…the cold just makes me sad and grumpy ( not much difference in the sumer lol)
    Love your card must try and order this disc cus from wot I’ve seen of it, it gorgeous

    hugs shell xx

  3. saskia said,

    Sunny weather and sitting inside… just like me! Hay-fever… Why me!?!
    But the good thing is, I had some time to do some crafting…with the papers of your fabulous Sugar Birdies!!! 🙂 I love your bright card!!!!!

    Sweet greetings,
    Saskia 🙂

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