…knock me down with a soggy quiche…

27/05/2009 at 10:27 pm (card making)

…I grew up with Frank Spencer, me. My dad loved him, my mum loved him. I loved him, he was a gem.  

Tonight, there I am having a titchy chatfest with my mate Babs and Joz on Yahoo and I sneaked off for a bit of a graze at the old Quiche Lorraine bar-b-q a la fridge. Now I don’t often buy quiche (or kwitch as my mum calls it, bless) because I am unable to resist its eggy charms, but today I couldnt say no to a Tesco bargain 2 for whatever price. As it was, when I got back to work I ripped the box open and tore a piece off because I was so desperado to get it into my slavvering mush I couldnt possibly wait to go and get a knife or something sensible.

So tonight when I remembered during chat Mr Quicheypoos was sitting in the fridge waiting I had to sneak down for a piece. Acsh, that is a big fat lie as it seemed a shame to leave 2 pieces behind feelin’ all lonely. So I stacked my plate with 3, yes 3 pieces (half in fact) a lovely quiche lorraine (not a huge one though, just normal size (trying to justify myself here)). So up the stairs I plod with my plate carefully balanced on top of my glass of water, eager to get back to my Yahoo buddies and as I get to the bedroom door and step over the lolling furry ginger fat-belly sprawled on the floor (cat, not OH) there it goes, plate-a-bloody-kimbo.  Now, I’m not talking a gentle slide of the plate here, I am talking a super dooper lurching flan fling.  So all 3 wedges of my lovely quiche get flung high in the air and in a slow motion stylee I made the mistake of trying to grab a slice – like you do when you’re desperate – and consequently wished I hadn’t as it squelched in my fingers – how DID I think I could catch soft egg?  Of course, the other 2 slices landed upside down on the pile of dirty sheets which are waiting for the wash.  And what I havent menched is the glass of water which has also gone akimbo and slopped everywhere too, all down me arm and all over the presh quiche.  Nice. Then I look up in dismay to see that there’s chuffin’ eggy stuff all up my cardboard craft drawers and all over a bag of stash which I’m supposed to be sending to my chum Babsie. Nice. It was reminiscent of the phantom fan flinger aka Tiswas in the 70’s.  Anyways, for a split second I think about going and getting a cloth then look at the cat and have to make a decision.  Yep, I scooped it all back up, went back to chat and scoffed it down, removing the hairy bits as I went.  And I enjoyed every last soggy waterlogged mouthful. And yes, I know that’s disgusting, but it was quiche, man! And it was the underneath of the sheet so it’s not like it had had sweaty feet or anything nasty on it. 

What did amaze me was the cat never raised so much as a furry eyebrow and he has no idea how close he came to a personal disaster as it only missed him by an inch – he will be gutted when he realises he’s missed quiche-gate but I left him the eggy remains on the drawers so he can have a passing lick till I get a cloth.  I want the grease mark to stay so its a blunt reminder not to be so bloody greedy next time!! So I think that has to be this week’s Frank Spencer moment.   I generally do have them most weeks.   In fact, I have them most days come to think.  

And to top it all off I have indigestion now too. Perhaps this is Weightwatchers way of telling me it’s time I re-enrolled again!  

xx    oink oink    ;D


  1. Shopaholic said,

    and actually… i dont feel that bad now i have just had a magnum (5 more in the freezer waiting for me) and a big bar of galaxy!

  2. Shopaholic said,

    yeah we want pictures! WHAT IS IT WITH BATTERIES AND MR FOO FOO!

  3. Lou said,

    I nearly wet myself reading this post – what are you like !

  4. Tip Top said,

    Hell. Just snorted my cuppa tea.

  5. nikkyhall said,

    I was going to take pics but sadly the batteries were missing out of the camera at the all important moment. Blame the man of the house for that, just for a change, why oh why are there never any batteries in the camera – I put them in every time I use it and they miraculously seem to disappear! Strange that.

  6. Jozza said,

    Hahahahaha you clumsy loon! I am incredibly disappointed not to have pictures to accompany this post tho! x

  7. Jo said,

    well… must admit.. I’m sat here wetting myself laughing.. lol.. so funny!! Frank Spencer moments? I have them too – do you think it’s a sign of age or something more sinister.. lol…

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