sometimes things get right on my pip…

17/05/2009 at 10:35 pm (crafts)

Well, I haven’t posted properly for a while as I’ve been sooo busy with Polka Doodles and the new Challenge Blog and the Design Team and work and headaches and on top of that, pmt. You just don’t need it do ya.  So apologies but I haven’t made any cards at all this week as I haven’t even managed a sniff of the ol’ glue or a stroke of a paper. Soz.  And now I’m REALLY mad! Mr FooFoo told me to install a registry fixerthingy on my pc and now I can’t get into photoshop and I am SO mad right now I might actually wait up just to give him a piece of my mind!! Meantime I have a stack of work piling up!! grr. Last Sunday a family member passed away and we felt a bit blue on Monday so we decided to go for a ride to the coast and ended up back in my hometown Scarborough. I love Scarborough when I don’t live there! Anyway, I showed Mr FooFoo the mere, which I had to confess I hadn’t visited since I was about 16 myself (probably in the hope of finding some ski-jumping tottie on the lake!).  But I was pleasantly surprised at how much it had changed, mostly for the better.IMGP2809

As you can see, it was a glorious day which for me made it kinda strange considering how pee’d off I was feelin’. It felt like it should have been raining. But I couldn’t resist taking some pics and I was impressed at how well they came out as Mr Sunshine was so bright I couldn’t even see the screen. Now in my day (how old am I) there was a great cafe where you could go and grab a weak milky cup of char and a stale bun but they’ve got rid of that in favour of picnic benches now. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not. But what was REALLY obvious to me was the place had lost all its spookiness as I remembered it. I can remember running as fast as my chubby little legs could go past bushes cos I thought they were in scary dark damp corners and now there is no evidence of this at all – maybe it was just overactive imagination or maybe the man with the strimmer has been busy!IMGP2819

This scary little corner was about as dark as it got!


Just loved the different shapes and colours of these leaves…IMGP2852

and these adorable little fellas scared the living sh*t out of me! lol! How CUTE are they? The parents were keeping a very watchful eye on me getting too close, I was scarily within pecking distance I can tell you…IMGP2817

now, this photo looks a bit mottley in the water but if you look very carefully all those little specks are actually a million gazillion frogspawn with a few newly hatched taddies! I have NEVER seen so much semolina in all my life! We vowed to go back in a week or so to see them all hatched. We did see one patch of lilypads which were adorned with big taddies sunbathing underwater but the pic didnt work…IMGP2826

…and my favourite fleurs the simple gorgeous little common daisy…and I was amazed when this shot came out it was so awesome, the sun was making the lake shine like little glittery diamonds….IMGP2846

and then there were these strange little buggers…all freaky but kinda cute, these are Moorhen babies all nibbling away in the shallows looking for bugs to munch, they were really funny little things with red bald heads and must have only been a day or 2 old cos they were tiny…


…all the way round the mere we kept seeing shells which I thought the seagulls had dropped but it turns out these actually live IN the lake, which is a bit bizarre and makes you wonder how they get there as it is freshwater, was tempted to crack one open and steal the gorgeous pearls which are obviously hidden inside waiting for me…



…and this last pic I had to include for my mate Jozza – this is the landing dock on the island. When we were kids there was a pirate ship which lived on the mere and it used to sail over to the island so all the kids could go and find the hidden treasure. Now this ship was a legend and had it’s own Cap’n Jack (I wish!) but I was way too shy to ever go aboard. And apparently so was Jo, so it seems we both just looked in awe from the side of the lake wishing we could go aboard and find them sparklies! Jo informs me said ship now takes tourists round the harbour so if you are in Scabbie at some point look out for Cap’n Jack!

So after a couple of hours baking in the afternoon sun we then went for the customary fish and chips and I realised being the porcelain white english girl that I am, I’d got a touch of bloody sunstroke with the obligatory headache. And so home to bed we went.



  1. Jozza said,

    Coolio pics old bean!

    Bless the Hispaniola and all who sail in her. x

  2. Lou said,

    Loving all your photo’s and what fab weather you had. Those moorhens look so “WeiRD”! poor darlings – maybe they’ll grow into their feathers.

    Feel for you with sunstroke – not nice. poor Aaron (our youngest) got wind burnt not so long ago which led to sun stroke ! ! Don’t ask . . .


  3. shell said,

    sounds like you had a fab day hun…sorry about your loss xxx

    pics are absolutely gorgeous

    hugs shell xx

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