some things are worth waitin’ for…

02/05/2009 at 10:23 pm (crafts)

..I love Saturdays. You still have a Sunday before you have to go back to work, yaaayy!  I liked today, feels like it was a guuuud day, maybe cos I made 10, yes 10! cards today and I feel like I achieved somethin’. And it’s Chinese night too. And its BGT night – omg I nearly cried with Jamie Pugh “I’m gonna die of stagefright” at the end & he was awesome bless him. Hope he gets more confidence now cos he IS a talent.  Anyway, another talent that walks this earth is my gorgie DH Mr foofoo and he is a true treasure. Many people seem to think he deserves a George Cross for living with me. I probably agree, but I think I need the Purple Cross if thats the case. So off he trots into town this mornin’, asking me if I need anything and I say “hmm well if you is passin’ Betty’s I could use a cake, sweetie” knowing that he is tighter than a gnats chuff and would never ever go into Betty’s to buy an outrageously expensive but outrageously delish cake.  WRONG! Back he comes ages later with a sweet little bag in hand.  Now what most people don’t know is that Mr foofoo is one of those peeps that things happen to. Funny things – if it can go wrong, it will go wrong.  Anyway top & bottom was that in his quest to please his ruling Queen, he spent a whole hour in the queue and it cost him 3 quid.  Then when he got home he realised she’d given him the wrong thing! He’d asked for a fruit HEART and he got a fruit TART! So he was gutted cos he said the heart looked mega and he’d only waited all that time for that one cos it was soooo nice.  BLESS! I tried not to laugh but I didnt succeed and didnt have the heart to tell him I was only joking and no way on earth would I have waited an hour in any cake shop on earth, let alone parted with 3 quid for the pleasure!! Even in Betty’s!! 


…mmmmmmmm still looks good though doesn’t it???…….





…..and thish ish why I lovesh….mmmm…..

…mmm himmm sooo mucsshhhh….























……worth every penny of the 300 hard earned pence he paid….imgp2771






…..ooops!  where did that go???!!!!……

..oops, got a little custard on my bazzill swiss, shucks who cares, for once the cake is more presh than the paper – eeeeeek did I REALLY just say that???!!!!!…


…oh look, is that evidence I can see down your top freddie foo foo??  tsk!…mucky pup!…imgp2769

…so as it took so much effort and just to record the event in history as I’m SURE it will NEVER ever be a repeated event in the life of Mr foofoo (lol) I thought it only right to be photographed so I can look back and remember how yummy yummy yummy it actually was.  For those who have never heard of Betty’s it’s a world-renowned tea shop in York which is generally only frequented by tourists cos the rest of us who live here can’t afford to get addicted to the delish treats on offer!

Anyway, cake-fest aside I also managed to make loadsa cards today so here are a couple…imgp27761

Must say I do really like this one, I made the birdies from leaf shapes cut on my Cricut and then added eyes and wings. The flower is one of my Stackies which you can get as BLOG CANDY (see below) and the border stamp is Blonde Moments which I bought about 4 years ago and, I’m ashamed to say, I just cracked open the packaging today and used every single one.  imgp2777


This one is again using the border stamps and more Stackies.


If you love my Stackie flowers as much as I do, you can win them as BLOG CANDY! Yayy! I’m giving away 2 packs of Stackies to 2 lucky peeps who leave the best comments before the 9th May.  Each pack has 6 sheets jam-packed with printed flowers which are easy to cut out and layer up and is worth £3.99.  So make sure you leave a comment – you gotta be in it to win it! x



  1. Louise said,

    Love those birdies and never thought a leaf shape could be turned in to such a cute birdie . . . will definitely have to have a go at that!

  2. Debbi Robertson said,

    ooo I love the birdies, how cute is that!!

  3. Jozza said,

    I am loving the cards muchly but am most distressed that you are a fan of the overpriced shoite that is Bettys!

  4. Ruth said,

    These are fabs! Cake looks good too but I would have only q’d for an hour if it was free!!

  5. Shopaholic said,

    How kind of Kris was that, hope you enjoyed it. Mmm Bettys Fat Rascals are my fav..! Love the Birdies you are really talented and always get great results from your circuit machine x

  6. thestitchinchicken said,

    I love your cards! How great you got 10 done! And the tart looks nummy!

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