furry choc-fest…

30/04/2009 at 9:38 pm (crafts)

I meant to post a link for you to a few projjies for the blog candy on offer –  i made these ages ago here and I’ve also stolen this pic from my lovely beyatch-chumlie Jozza who made this gorgie card…

jozstack1Lovin’ this one Joz!  So, if you haven’t left a comment yet then you can’t win, so get your name down and all that – best comment wins! Actually, I’m feelin’ VERY generous today so I might actually make 2, yes 2 packs available!! So get scribblin’!!!!

Anyways, you will NEVER guess what happened to me tonight…bloody cat nicked my Cadburys Creme Egg wudjabelieveit, cheekly little monkey!!! There I was, just having a coffee and he was sitting next to me all innocent-like. So I unwrapped the top a little bit, had a tiny nibble, went to put down my cup, turned back to take the rest of the foil off only to find the furry burglar (dressed in a stripey t-shirt with a swag bag over his shoulder) with his gnashers around the top of my egg, licking all the creamy filling out!!!!!!!  SHOCK? I couldnt do anything for laughing at the downright nerve of the 4-legged fiend!  Look, dont lecture me, I know choccie is bad for cats but you try telling him that, he LOVES chocolate and I really didnt have much choice as he pounced whilst I had both hands full, so to speak. 


(Mod on the left, Scooter on the right, pic taken about 5 years ago, dont think either of them will fit their fat backsides into the planters anymore and all those plants have now died from being sat on)

I have to say, this isn’t the first time Mod has stolen food, he has a real sweet tooth.  When he was a kitten he used to steal slices of bread and take kitty-sized bites…one morning last year I came downstairs to find big bites missing from 3 doughnuts we’d left out on the side…and he seems to have turned into a furry Dyson lately, hoovering up any old morsel that gets left behind – I caught him finishing off my ginger & spring onion Chinese takeaway last week.  We have a problem with Scooter being a wide-load feline who is supposed to go to the fat-class at the vets for a monthly weigh-in, but the way Mod is going he will be ballooning soon!  Wish I’d been lucky enough to have batteries in the camera so I could’ve taken a pic of tonight’s choc-fest (note to self, keep batteries charged & loaded at all times, oooer!).  I’m sure I won’t have to wait too long for another opportunity though!  x



  1. Pat Woodruff said,

    Are your Stackies downloads or purchase at the shop??

  2. Pat Woodruff said,

    First time on your blog – came here from Kirsties. You have some beautiful samples on here. I can see I am going to be on here all night!! And you can be sure I will be back!!

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