Watch your Waistlines!…

29/04/2009 at 9:48 pm (crafts)

..well I’ve had a reet poo day today and have had sustained grumpiness and I think I might have inadvertently spread my misery.  So just in case I have, I have decided to give some blog candy to a deserving winner.  One lucky peep will get a pack of my lush Stackie Flowers to play with – 6 sheets of delish fleurs to cut and stack (the colours on this don’t really do these justice they are lush pinks, limes, oranges and blues).  Just add a comment to this post before  9th May and I will select a winner. x




  1. Lainy said,

    Wow! These are fantastic. Would love to be the lucky winner! I have posted a link on my blog to let others know. Hugs, Lainy xxx

  2. Terri said,

    On these are just so gorgeous. I would just love to have a little play with these. Might even tempt Mr Mojo to come home!! Thanks you for being so kind and generous
    Terri XX

  3. shell said,

    Oh hun they are gorgeous wud love the chance to have a play with them…hugs shell xxx

  4. Louise said,

    Ooohhhh, these look so much fun !! Love the layering techniques that can be made by mixing the bold colours – yum!


  5. saskia said,

    Wow… great flowers!!! Thanks for this lovely candy!! Someone, somewhere will be very happy with it…I can only dream it’s me!!!!! 🙂


  6. Debbie said,

    What fab flower and great blog – thanks!

  7. Amanda Cruxton said,

    OMG, I have just found your blog as a link from Kirsty’s Pattie Picklicious blog.

    I love the way you ‘talk’ to us, such a refreshing style.

    I’m so sorry that I have only just ‘found’ you. I love the bright colours of your products and the cards you make. I think I may have come home.

    Your flowers are gorgeous and I would LURVE to be a lucky winner – Pick Me, Pick Me xxxx

  8. Fiona s said,

    Oh lush flowers Nikki, would so love to get my hands on these to go with my CD from Kirsty too!!
    Lots of crumbs (oops luv)
    Fiona X

  9. Ellie said,

    Wow love these stackies….hope your day got better and the week blossomed

  10. Chris said,

    ooohhh Funky Flowers Feed my mo jo , I think I could have a flower-tastic time making cards with these little beauties, hint hint.
    Love reading your blog makes me LOL, keep up the good work. X

  11. Brisa said,

    Hi Freddie love ur blogs and the story about your husband and the cake. 🙂 oh and pick me me me for the stackies!!! 🙂

  12. Shopaholic said,

    Give me, give me, give me a stackie after midnight…… wont somebody help me get my hands on these stackies….


  13. Lauren Mullarkey said,

    beautiful! What great blog candy!

  14. Brandy said,

    I hope your days are improving! These flowers are absolutely gorgeous!! I’ve never seen anything like them and love everything you’ve created with them. They trump all other blog candies!!

  15. eileen said,

    I would really love to get some of your absolutely, fabulously, fantasticly fanciful flowers. Is that enough grovelling???
    BTW your cat and the cream egg made me laugh so much.

  16. Beth said,

    Oooh, these look gorgeous! I love all the bright colours, they would make gorgeous cards! I hope your day picked up! xx

  17. Louise said,

    Love these flowers – they look gorge ! Hope your day had improved and things are now “blooming”!!!


  18. elisabetta said,

    wow… wonderful flowers!!

    hugs from italy

  19. Emma said,

    Just passing by after visiting Kaths blog these look fab,
    would love to be entered to win them !

  20. christine said,

    Super sweet of you!! I hope your day gets better.

  21. Debbi Robertson said,

    sorry you’re having a poo day – and I hope tomorrow’s better
    away to link this now – they look fab xx

  22. Clare said,

    these look wonderful – how come I’ve never seen them before. Will post a link on my blog x

  23. Marion said,

    Hope your day gets better. Lovely candy you are giving away. Got here from Kath’s blog

    Not seen the stackables before.


  24. Jacky S said,

    These look gorgeous…never seen them before…would love some.

  25. Lythan said,

    Sorry abut the reet poo. Hope today is better for you. LOVING the flowers!

  26. rachel said,

    Lovely Candy!!!!
    greetings from Poland!!:)

  27. kath said,

    Hi Freddie Foo.Foo….yummy yummy candy…they are absolutely delish…will post a link on the old blog…can’t believe you are ever grumpy.
    Big Hugs Kath xxxxx

  28. Pat Woodruff said,

    These flowers are stunningly beautiful and so are your samples with them. You are just amazing. They are so different to everyone elses blogs – just beautiful.

  29. Jozza said,

    I really shouldn’t be a greedy beyatch as I already have a set of these so I will just say good luck everyone because whoever wins them will love them! x

  30. Lindsey said,

    Oh fabby, fabby, fabby day! They look gorgeous!!!
    What comes around goes around as they say – lovely gestures beget lovely gestures … No doubt your day will only improve here on!
    I shall be crossing my fingers (maybe not for the full 9 days… they’ll get a tad sore)
    All the best!
    Lindsey x

  31. Linda from Vegas said,

    Hope you day goes better! I love these flowers.

  32. Tip Top said,

    Meeeeeeeeeeeeee!! I am the first so should rightly be the winner!!!


  33. anniefernakerpan said,

    Just arrived at your blog from Kirty Wisemans’ – love the cards you made with her stuff and like the look of your stackable too – what a good idea! Are they easy to cut out?

  34. Michelle said,

    OOh! These are de-lush-ious! Would love to get my hands on these beauties, they would really bring my cards to life!

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