..to blog or not to blog..

27/04/2009 at 8:13 pm (crafts) (, , , , )

..boy I wish I had more time, or more hours in the day, not sure which would be better, hmmm???…to be honest I’m not a big surfer, I get bored very easily by t’interweb thingy, unlike my hubbie & friend Joz who can both surf forever and find no end of interesting things.  Don’t get me wrong, I love t’interweb and I do believe it is the  best thing to happen ever (although it can also be the worst sometimes too) but lets face it, we all waste no end of hours perusing meaningless drivel we don’t really need to know about! However, the one thing I do love is all the mega craft blogs I come across on me little surfie travels – it’s kinda like noseying through people’s front windows when the lights are on and the curtains are open!  There are certainly some very talented crafters out there and I’m going to make an effort to follow more of them and use more links, my blog is waaaay too boring!  Although there are changes afoot and I’m hoping to be able to do more very soonly, time allowing and all that.  So today’s links are to the following 2 blogs which are both mega and I can’t believe the blog candy debbie is offering here – make sure you get your name down for a chance to win! Actually, NO don’t, it’s more competition for me!  Debbie’s Passion For Crafts Blog.  Now, my next truly truly amaaaazing blogger is this one  Mad Imaginations…this is one very talented laydeee indeed and I absolutely think her work is fabuloso beyond words…and it’s not often I’m stuk for words now is it!!!  Make sure you check ’em both out!  x


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