19/04/2009 at 9:00 pm (crafts)

…so another busy week and as usual an equally busy weekend.  At last we seem to have spring today, not that I’ve seen much of it being cooped up trying to come up with projjies for this coming weekend’s classes. imgp2735Must have been somethin’ in the air though as when I got home Mr Foo Foo had taken it upon himself to tidy up the back yard – no mean feat I can tell ya!!  Shame he couldn’t have thrown the neighbours out with the rest of the rubbish too.  Ooo did I really say that? Shock horror! Like millions of other peeps in the UK we don’t like them lot next door as they are sooo petty, selfish and inconsiderate it’s unbelievable. This is all caused by bin day and the millions of BBQ’s they have as soon as the sun pops her head out. Terraced houses with backyards should not be allowed BBQ’s in our opinion as this causes such inconvenience to your neighbours who then have to close all the doors and windows to shut out the noise and smoke.   However, we do smirk with revenge when the cats decide to poop in their Linda Barker plant pots and curl up on their clean washing when they leave their basket outside in the sun! mwaahhahahahah! 😀  Well, they really shouldnt leave their clean washing out if they don’t want it covered in cat fur should they!!!

Anyway, not much to report this week so on with the more interesting stuff (hopefully?)…


This card was made using backing papers from Patti Picklicious and my own Number Templates.








This next card is again using Patti Picklicious (anyone noticed I really like this CD??!!) – I don’t know if it’s the colours or the swirls on this paper but ir really reminds me of neapolitan ice-cream, mmmmmm!   I made a little candle and decorated with pink gems and a scallop sentiment from my own range.imgp2747







At the risk of being REALLY boring, here is another from the CD (Kirsty, I’m gonna start chargin’ an advertising fee here, babe!!x) I absolutely LOVE this card cos I am SO into gingham and black white and red together so this floatsimgp2749


my boat BIG time.  Actually I have to thank Mr Foo Foo for his mega idea – I only had skinny red satin ribbon and he suggested using 2 strips together with the ric-rac inbetween! Nice one Frissy!  This card reminds me of my very very all time fave top I have which is the same black & white gingham – must delve into the ol’wardrobe and find if it still fits.

Ok, now this next card is a little differentimgp2753 and is a little rough round the edges as I was in a bit of a rush to get this done.  I actually made this all with my Cricut machine and needed to get the idea down before I forgot, hence getting a lorra lorra ink everywhere. You can see more info on this on my cricut blog.  In fact, I’ve noticed lately that I’m becoming very messy when stamping, don’t know if this is something to do with the onset of carpal tunnel which I’m suffering with at the moment.  I keep finding I’m getting spacky hands and seem to be constantly blathered in ink…however, those that know me know there is nothing new there! Well, Monday morning looms so I’m off to drool over Marco and his delish pink veal…x



  1. Joyce Heath said,

    Love your work, Freddie. And your furry kids. I have to kittys myself. keebler and Stormy. They are such a blessing. Stormy trys to help me with my projects. Keep up the good work amd am looking forward to seeing more of your cards in the future.

  2. rachel said,

    lovely card, I have a birthdays Maj 2 hi hi hi:)

  3. Jozza said,

    Thanks for that – Marco and his delicious pink veal. Make me wanna spew why dontcha? Yuk!. What do you see in him? Huh?

    Faberoo cards as ever – shame about your taste in chefs!

  4. TipTop said,

    Hehehehehe!! Your comments make me guffaww! Spacky hands!! Not heard that for donkeys!!!

    Love the messy look – so you go girl!!!

  5. kath said,

    Wow…lots of scrummy delicious cards……love the one with the cherry papers and hey thanks for the lovely comment on my blog…..great to hear from you Freddie Foo Foo.
    Big Hugs Kath xxxxx

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