16/04/2009 at 7:34 pm (crafts)

…After such a mega craft fest last week where it seemed I was popping cards out like farts, this week I’m finding myself in a creative desert.  Can’t even find inspiration sat here at the pc. 😦     I think I must have exhausted myself!   I’m hoping it returns within the next 24 hours tho’, I have a demo day on Saturday so I really really need some mojo back for that!  Maybe it’s because I’ve tried to have a French Fancie free week, although FrissyFooFoo has just placed a box in front of my squinty little eyes. Although I have to say I can’t stomach even one at the mo as we had chish and fips for tea and I’m still feeling a little icky from all the lovely greasiness. 

Anyway, prior to my cardmakers block it was my gorgie friend Michelle’s birthday last week and I made her a card which I couldn’t post till now.  Lucky girl was on hollies in Jersey with her family for her b’day and I’m soooo jealous, will someone abroad please adopt me into their family?  I always wanted some family abroad as it seems dead glam to me, so my adoption criteria is:

1. You have to live in either the USA, Canada or a really really cold place that gets tons of snow for at least one third of the year.  And that doesnt include anywhere in the UK!!!

2. I can dream of visiting you whenever I like.

3. You send me a pic of where you live.

4. You do lots of crafting so I can come and stay for craft holidays.

In return I promise to be really really good and send you a crimbo card at least once a year.

Reet, anyways, here is the card I made for Michelle, think she liked it…imgp2698My Ladbybird and Magnolia stamps are already fave acquisitions and I did warn that everything would be covered in Ladybirds.  I’ve also decided I am allowed to use my Fastenator now I’ve had it for at least 4 years and was ashamed at how many staples I’d actually bought for it and never used. I think my unspoken stash rule is that if it’s been there over 3 years I can use it even if it is still presh.imgp2697


My inspiration for this was that Michelle is such a girly girl I thought she’d like these lovely colours and I coloured her little shoes bright red as they reminded me of  my fave red wellies I had when I was little (I think they were mine, maybe they were my sister’s?hmmm must ask). The Ladybird on the seat is actually the same as the others, I just inked carefully and changed the shape slightly with a black pen.  Anyway, I’m freezin my pips off here tonight so I’m gonna tuck up into bed and wait for the delish Marco and 9pm on ITV.  Oooooo what a man!!  Unlike grotty Ken from Corrie who, to coin Peter’s corker last night is strutting about like a geriatric tomcat!!!  Hmmm I just realised I AM able an definitely will use that line at work tomorrow as it’s very applicable to someone there!!  cough cough, no names, ok!!  x



  1. Shopaholic said,

    It is a fantastic card and i love it!Sorry my hols delayed your post, but it was worth the wait…! Am sure my little niece would love to adopt you and have you stay, as long as you take your craft stash, mine always gets raided when I go over to visit! Michelle

  2. Jozza said,

    Popping them out like farts! hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Fab card m’dear. Wish I had that ladybird stamp. It is fabbo. Loving that Tilda stamp too.

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