12/04/2009 at 6:48 pm (crafts)

so, Easter Sunday…hmmm am not impressed that Frissy Foo Foo hasn’t even pretended to think about getting me an egg. Not that I really want one, I’m perfectly capable of buying my own scrumminess but it’s the principle isn’t it, girls?  So I handed over his nice egg and refused a piece myself (yes, it did nearly kill me but instead the little caramel egg I was leaving him has now been devoured) in an attempt to make him feel guilty, but as usual, subtlety passed him by…why DO we bother, eh?what’s the name of that book? Men are from Mars..hmm just fancying  a little Mars right now, hehehe…anyway eventually his conscience got the better of him and he tried to make up with this little corker, to quote his very words, “you’re so lovely you sh*t diamonds”.   I only wish I did, Mr FF, I wish I did!

Anyway, this behaviour isn’t very Easter-ly is it but hey ho, take me as you find me I say! I’m having a pyjama day (I did have a shower tho’ I’m not a total slob) having woken with a headache this mornin so I’ve spent the day at home for a change.  Crikes, I even made a Sunday lunch, wowser, Mr FF couldn’t believe his luck, he nearly beat the 100m record to the shop to get Yorkie Puds.  We then spent the afternoon catching up on our favest TV on the ol’ Sky+ as we’ve got about a trillion progs stored in there.  It was great for Red Dwarf to be back and as always the cat still gets the best lines, my favourite howler being “you couldn’t even make the cover of mingers monthly”…which made me guffaw so loudly I frightened the cat.  My cat that is.  One I will be using from now on I think, as it takes some insult to beat that one…luckily the MIL doesnt watch it so I can use it there.  Oops, my Easterliness has slipped again! tee hee.  Anyway, I couldn’t let the day go by without doing some work so I’ve spent the last 3 hours doing some more design work and as usual his lordship decided to ruin my day by reminding me I need to think about new Crimbo stuff!! eeeek!!!

Well peeps I promised some more of the cards I’ve made over the break and here they are…



As per the previous couple of posts this one is using my Twittie Collection and lots of lovely cute buttons and some bargain ric-rac I snaffled up at Harrogate.                                                                          

This little orange number is using one of Kirsty’s Daisy papers with one of my Stackie flowers and the faberooni sheep is from Sarah’s Penny Black set which she let me stamp last weekend. He is very cute!imgp27061imgp2707





  1. rachel said,

    :)))I’m sory my English is not good, but everything is super!!!:)

  2. TipTop said,

    Ohhhhh! These are very fab!

    Mingers monthly heheheheheh! I’ve yet to watch it – taped it for when I’m feeling pants and need cheering up!

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