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Happy Easter everyone! Well I’ve managed to get away without any choccy eggs although there are 2 snaffled away in the cupboard for Mr FooFoo if he’s a good boy. He keeps dropping hints but he’s not allowed any due to this fact. In fact, I think I’ve been far too kind to him already today, I bought him a bottle of vino and gave him pennies for the footie so I think it’s time he returned the favours, must remind him I saw a nice PB stamp I like!!! Meantime I’m getting a headache with all this kindness maybe one should lie down…

I just have to mention by the way that I think I’ve been obsessed by little cupboards with drawers since I was a very very wee girl…something I just realised because I’m currently watching 100 Greatest Kids TV Shows and Hectors House is on. Whats that got to do with it I hear you say?  Well I loved HH and I’ve just realised why – Hector had a big cupboard thingy with lots of little drawers in it and that was what I loved the most about the prog!! What a revelation! I am obsessed by things with little drawers, my idea of heaven is to have a kitchen full of apocethary’s cabinets, what bliss!!! sigh…one day maybe…

Anyway back to earth (BTW I just realised that I’ve even paused the clip of said chest of little drawers so I can ogle it for longer, it’s been paused on the tv for 15 mins now, hehehe there is no hope!).  So far this weekend I’ve been working hard at the shop, no rest for the beyatches and all that, but I have been busy making some cards so expect a card-fest couple of posts. I’m not sticking them all up together as then I won’t have any for later, mwahaha!


I traced a large oval and then cut halfway, folding it back down the middle for this. I made an incision with a craft knife about 1cm long and then threaded some card through for a floating branch and glued behind the flap.  The sweet little Owl is from my Tweetie Collection and is off the Snippie Sheet, with the matching backing paper on the inside of the card.  The scroll is from the Picnic collection on Patti Picklicious and I’ve added lots of doodles, orange ribbon and brown buttons which I’ve doodled on too.


This next card is also using Kirsty’s CD and again, the Picnic collection. I don’t know about you peeps but I always try to make as many cards from whatever I have out at the time so it cuts down on wastage. I find if I cut into anything and then have big scraps I don’t often use them, so I try to make as much as I can there and then.  Again, I’ve used my Twittie on this and it’s not clear on the piccies but I’ve actually used glossy accents on his big eyes to give them a real glassy 3D finish and they look fab in real life.  I carried this through onto the spots on the borders and I’ve also coated the cute little pears so they are all glossy and look good enough to eat!



…and now for numero twar (pronounced trois if u don’t parlais la francais!) …jee I have a mouth as dry as ghandi’s sandal, I can barely type here…anyway onto numero twar, I was very kindly given a cute little stamp yesterday by the luvverlee Denise who pretended that she thought it was the cat on here that was the wicked one, although I have my doubts somehow. Something to do with the tail pointing at the cat and the similarity to my little Scootie pussk…hmmm will have to think longer methinx…  anyway I love this stamp although if it really was me I would be wearing a long pointy hat and have a broomstick too…


Again I’ve used the same papers and this time one of my Stackie flowers onto a scalloped card. I’ve highlighted little dots of Glossy Accents (haven’t used this in ages as it’s a bit presh but now I’ve found it again there’s no stopping me!) ..


I’ve also rediscovered my fandabedozeee Fastenater and OMG do I love this lil’ mosheen! I bought this about 5 years ago and I’ve hardly used it due to it being another one of my preshous fings, but the other day I found all the luvverlie staples and now I’m feeling I can use it again! These 2 staples were just solid black but I doodled little white dots on ’em.  As you can tell I am totally still esnconced in my stitch, dot, doodle phase (just in case u hadn’t noticed!) Right, now I’m off to water me sandals…x


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