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06/04/2009 at 8:29 pm (crafts) (, , , , )

Well I seem to be totally well and truly in love with birds and owls at the mo. Now this is a bit odd for me cos I’m REALLY NOT a bird person, I duck (no pun intended) for cover every time there are wings overhead, even if it’s butterfly wings!  I think this goes back to a deep-seated fear of being a poop target after my dad’s head was once the bullseye at my cousin’s wedding. Feathers have never had the same meaning for me since!

Anyway, as I say, I’m not a fan of our feathered friends unless its though a TV screen but the current trend for birds of any kind is really making my bingo wings flap at the mo.  So with this inspiration in mind and after this week’s shinnanagins (? where is Oxford when u need it) of nicking everyone else’s owl stamps I decided I had to design my own little feathery blighters.  As my mate Jozza will testify I did this in a creative blur on Saturday night whilst we were on MSN and lo and behold my new babies are born. And I have to say I do loves ’em. 

There’s 2 kewl cutting sheets and then 9 co-ordinating A4 papers in pinks, blues and greens.  Expect to see some sampies here v. soon as I’m itching to use these and hoping to make something fabulous, you can get these from the website! Hope u likey likey!!..owlcomp21owlcomp1



  1. TipTop said,

    Well, a little birdie told me about these. Not sure I should be so nice to you after seeing the photo of moi further down your blog….. hehehe! I do like these owls – you are very clever!

    I am on a use-what-you-have month so I will be back!!

  2. Jozza said,

    These owls are so fab! I lubs ’em. I LUBS ‘EM I TELL YOU!!!

    I want to play with these on our craft night. Oh yes!

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