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Oo I think my creative juices have been unleashed this week and I feel like I’ve got a 6 month build up, all I wanna do all day long is craft craft craft!! You know when u have that craft itch and u just dont want to stop, and the more you itch the worse it gets?  Well I have one mighty mighty itch peeps! So bad in fact I’m feeling disgruntled at his nibs for only putting 24 hours in a day right now.

I had my 2nd weekend of classes this week and I just have to pay tribute to my laydees as they are all faberooni and put up with a lot from me.  They never complain at the projjies I give them even though sometimes I know its probably not up their street and they always have a good old effort at whatever I throw their way. And I’d also like to thank them all for letting me insult them at regular intervals, all in good jest of course, it just adds to our merry mirth and the choccie bickies!

So this weekend we played with Kirsty Wisemans’ Patty Picklicious CD and used the Florabunda collection. I love the sludgey colours on this one and they inspired me to go a bit oriental mental with a moderno twistio and they girlies seemed to likey too…


We did a patchwork effect using the 2 different dots papers and then used the scroll card template to make a mat.  The luscious Geisha is also from the CD coloured in to match the papers and then we added some ribbon and the motifs.







Our second card was again using the lush papers and motifs and this time we used some fab stencils and actually traced the stencil onto the card – I think this one was everyone’s fave as it’s really striking.












I also need to say a big thanks to Michelle and Sarah – both of whom very kindly let me steal the stamp stash they bought at Harrogate to let me stamp some images! Not that they actually had much choice in the matter, I just snaffled Michelle’s Penny Black owl whilst she was talking and then realised after I never even thanked her and didnt even bother to clean the stamp!! LOL! Still what are friends for, and she had bought the stamp I WANTED & forgot to go back for 😦 so it was very kind of her.  And Sarah had also managed to get the Penny Black acrylic set I had coveted.  Needless to say my whining about how I would have bought it if the stand hadnt been spun round so rudely by someone before I could get a really proper skeg at the images did indeed make Sarah feel sorry for me and promptly let me stamp to me ‘earts content! hehehe devious witch that I am!! hahaha.  Anyway I managed to make the little card below during the afternoon class and I do love it,  often the quick ones turn out the best methinks cos you just go with the flowww.  This uses Kirsty’s Florabunda paper again and an awesomely cute ladybird stamp I got from Stamp Addicts which I adore! Expect to see ladybirds-a-plenty this year from moi!  The mega funky Owl is the stolen Penny Black image from Michelle!  (lucky me I have another dozen I can also use LOL!)  imgp2684



oooo I REALLY love this card it’s so cute!





 do you ever feel the need to send a card to yourself cos you love it so much?  heheheh….how vain!!…imgp26851






Anyway, philly on toast is calling so I’m offski…



  1. Jozza said,

    My fingers work faster than my brain!!! hehehe what is talneted???

  2. Jozza said,

    You are too talneted!! STOP IT!

    Hehehe. I love them and in particular the owl and ladybird one. Me wants it! xxx

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