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02/04/2009 at 9:50 pm (crafts)

Having resisted the urge to buy new stash for sooo long my purse finally gave in this week at the Harrogate show, albeit with a limited budget.  I went with a mental list and managed to get it all and a little bit extra too and I even felt slightly smug that I’d been mega good and stuck to my budget. (This is a bit of a hypocritical statement really cos if truth be told I only took cash so I couldnt have spent more if I’d wanted to!!) Strangely enough this seemed to make the hubbie a bit more relaxed than usual!

When I got home I realised this is probably why we all have to buy new stash all the time – for the inspiration!  I have been absolutely chomping at the bit to make cards this week & have been hotfooting it to the shop every night to get cracking.  This mini splurge sure seems to have hauled me from the winter doldrums, something I think a lot of us suffer from at this time of year, probably cos we all get worn out from the mammoth crissy card mountain we have to make and it saps all our creative juices! I think also though its reminded me how important it is to get creative with other peeps too cos we had such a laugh on Sunday its totally got me back in the zone.  As a reminder of a great day I just want to record this spacko moment we had – I seem to be getting the blame for Jozza’s lovely expression here (ok, I confess, I was doing rabbit ears behind her head which is why she turned round and told me where to geroff!) and Jay from Art from the Heart just managed to click it very nicely – cheers Jay!! As usual, a particularly attractive pic of my treble chins which always seem to turn up where they’re not wanted.


Left to right, Kirsty Wiseman, Jozza, moiself, the lovely scottish Kath and the devilish Ruth. A right motley crue!

Anyway, waffling over before my eyes resemble conjuncti-wotsit, here are a couple of cards I’ve made this week…


imgp2674A birthday card for my luvlie baby sister Max, who’s birthday is Sunday (phew, remembered!!!)



….and I was gutted to find out yesterday that one of my lovely ladies Sue from card class is in hospital, so I thought I’d try & cheer her up with a Get Well Card.




Sue is so great, she has such a lot to deal with but has a cracking sense of humour and I always call her “old trout” which makes us both guffaw every time, so I think she might like this one! It’s a bit difficult to capture as it has a short front edge and stands up like a picture frame. 

Hope u like it Sue!



Both cards are made using Kirsty Wiseman’s Patti Picklicious papers (Florabunda collection) from her new fab CD, stamp from Sugar Nellie and flowers are from my Stackies range.  Oh, and Bazzill Swiss card, how could I possibly forget my favest card in the world! (acshally managed to cut into a sheet for these!)


















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  1. Kirsty said,

    that card is friggin lush

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