30/03/2009 at 10:18 pm (crafts)


It’s funny how sometimes you can lose your mojo. One day its there, the next it’s vamooshed quicker than dosh in your pocket at a craft show.  And then, all of a sudden it pops back at ya, quicker than you can find that 12 x 12″ paper you were looking for.  This is why we all need lovely local craft shops which do a fab job at inspiring us all and I wish more crafters out there really appreciated their little indie shopkeepers who work like eejits most of the time to come up with new ideas and find new products to keep inspiring their customers.  OK, so as a shopkeeper I am slightly biased, I will admit, but it’s so true and I get very cross at the big chains who muscle in on our patches without so much as a thought about who they put out of business.  I know from feedback we get that there is this broad perception amongst most of us that we think the big high street chains offer better value for money and better choice.  In truth, if you peel away the layers of marketing and point of sale mastery (buy me, buy me now, i’m cheap, i’m cheap) it’s all a load of billy bullpoo.  True, they do have loss-leaders like the supermarkets loaf of bread or milk but its nearly always the dog ends of stock thats been stuck at the back of some warehouse somewhere that no-one wanted.  Aha but leave it long enough and the fools will forget they saw that 2 years ago and will think it’s a steal! hence we buy rubbish we dont need and never use.  Now, we all buy stuff we never use but if it’s strokeable and lovely then none of us mind, but there’s nothing worse than buying something you thought was going to revolutionise your craftlife and it doesnt. Disappointment doesnt cover it, do it.  And, my chums, we’ve all bloody been there!  Anyway, i digress, what I really was going on about was how you can get inspiration from anywhere and a good old show or your local craft shop is the best possible place you can go. So get in and support your local Mr or Mrs Ben – in this recession they need all your support, believe me! And also, if they’re any good, now’s the time you can probably pick up a true bargain and loads of great ideas and moneysaving tips as they treasure your business rather than just rifling your pockets for every last grubby penny they can squeeze out of ya.

Anyway, I’ve been a bit more inspired this week so here’s a couple of offerings which I made from my templates & cutting sheets…..







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